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Found 50 Records with the keyword term of "Sea state conditions"

2001  Prediction of Waves and Sea Surface Roughness in Restricted Coastal Waters

2001  Wave Run-Up on Sloping Seadykes and Revetments

2000  Joint Distribution of Wave Heights and Periods in Waters of Any Depth

1999  Duration of Wave Climate Analysis

1999  Oil Spill Detection in the Norwegian Sea Using Spaceborne Synthetic Apeture Radar (SAR) Imagery

1999  Response of Moored Vessels in Buffington Harbour

1999  Wave Propagation Directions Under Real Sea State Conditions

1998  Eight Years Wave Hindcast at the Coastal Area of the East China Sea and Estimation of Wave Climate

1998  Inter-Calibration of Satellite and Buoy Wave Data

1998  Parametric Modeling of Storm Wave Fields Over the Irish Sea, 1955-1993

1998  Statistical Analysis of Long-Term Sea States

1998  Statistics for Wave Crests in Heavy Seas

1998  WaMoS II: An Operational Wave Monitoring System

1998  What Happens if Your Design Conditions Ignore Swell?

1998  Wind and Wave Climate of the Black Sea: Progress of the NATO TU-WAVES Project

1997  Sea State Parameterisation Using Empirical Orthogonal Functions

1997  Specialty Seminar S.1 Multidirectional Waves and Their Interaction with Structures

1996  Neptune--An Integrated Approach to Determining NW European Coastal Extremes

1995  A Regression Model for Estimating Sea State Persistence

1994  Breaking Wave Measurement by a Void Fraction Technique

1994  Case Studies of Extreme Wave Analysis: A Comparative Analysis

1994  Effects of Sea Surface Movement on Offshore Structures

1994  On Hurricane-Generated Seas

1993  Eight Years Wave Hindcast and Analysis of Wave Climate

1993  An Experiment at Sea on Mechanics of the Wave Groups

1993  New Approach for Estimating the Severest Sea State from Statistical Data

1991  Application of Lognormal Truncated Distribution to Prediction of Long Term Sea State Using Visual Wave Height Data

1991  An Efficient Method for the Reproduction of Non-Linear Random Waves

1991  Estimation of Directional Spectrum Expressed in Standard Form

1991  Extreme Waves and Wave Counts in a Hurricane

1991  Full-Scale Measurements of Wave Run-Up at Sea Dykes

1991  On the Fitting of Jonswap Spectra to Measured Sea States

1991  Sensitivity Analysis for Multi-Element Wavemakers

1991  Statistical Approach of Duration of Extreme Storms: Consequences on Breakwater Damages

1989  CLEO Beach Observations and an Application

1989  Directional Sea State Near the Island of Sylt

1989  Some Results from the Labrador Sea Extreme Waves Experiment

1989  Statistical Properties of the Maximum Run of Irregular Sea Waves

1989  Storm Statistics in the North Sea

1989  Wave-Induced Shock Pressures Under Real Sea State Conditions

1988  Duration of Extreme Wave Conditions

1988  Towards a Better Simulation of Sea States for Modelling of Coastal Structures

1987  Data Base of Maximum Sea States During Hurricanes

1987  Estimation of Extreme Sea Severity from Measured Daily Maxima

1987  Grouping Waves and Their Expression on Asymptotic Envelope Soliton Modes

1987  Inlet Dredging Production as a Function of Sea State

1987  Long-Term Statistics of Maximum Sea States During Hurricanes

1985  Description of Natural Sea States—Requirements to the Reproduction in models

1985  On the Sequential Behaviour of Sea-States

1985  Shoaling Properties of Bounded Long Waves