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2015  Scientific Discourse: Climate Change and Sea-Level Rise

2014  Identifying FDOT’s Physical Transportation Infrastructure Vulnerable to Sea Level Rise

2014  Probabilistic Methodology for Quantifying Regional Risk Profiles from Sea Level Rise

2014  Revisiting the Concepts of Return Period and Risk for Nonstationary Hydrologic Extreme Events

2014  Sea Level Rise and Climate Change Impacts in Coastal Areas: Case Studies from Greater Boston Area

2013  Coastal Inundation due to Tide, Surge, Waves, and Sea Level Rise at Naval Station Norfolk

2013  Global Sea Level Projections to 2100 Using Methodology of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change

2013  Is the Intensifying Wave Climate of the U.S. Pacific Northwest Increasing Flooding and Erosion Risk Faster Than Sea-Level Rise?

2013  Managing Flooding Risk in Response to Sea Level Rise

2013  Matching Mean Sea Level Rise Projections to Local Elevation Datums

2013  Methodology for Combining Coastal Design-Flood Levels and Sea-Level Rise Projections

2013  Probabilistic Projection of Mean Sea Level and Coastal Extremes

2013  Realization of Sea Level Rise Using Climate Variables Considering Climate Change Scenarios

2013  Sea-Level Rise Effects on Storm Surge and Nearshore Waves on the Texas Coast: Influence of Landscape and Storm Characteristics

2013  Sea-Level Rise Impact on a Salt Marsh System of the Lower St. Johns River

2012  Assessment of the Effectiveness of a Sea-Level Observing Network for Tsunami Warning

2012  Defining Coastal Science Needs of the Engineering Community for Meeting the Challenge of Sea Level Rise

2012  Dynamic System Model to Predict Global Sea-Level Rise and Temperature Change

2012  Effect of Climate Change on Performance-Based Design of Caisson Breakwaters

2012  Exploration for Impact of Radiative Forcing on Global Warming and Sea-Level Rise

2012  Is the Rate of Sea Level Rise Increasing? An Analysis Based on U.S. Tide Gauges

2012  Letters

2012  NewsBriefs: Artwork Shines Spotlight on Sea Level Rise (

2012  NewsBriefs: Groundwater Pumping May Contribute to Rising Sea Levels (Popular Science)

2012  Parameter Estimation and Vulnerability Assessment of Coastal Unconfined Aquifer to Saltwater Intrusion

2012  Quantifying Regional Risk Profiles Attributable to Sea Level Rise

2012  Response to Sea Level Rise in Coastal Communities: A Virginia Case Study

2012  Sea Level Changes Results from the IPCC 2007 Report and Subsequent Results

2012  Sea Level Rise and Coastal Infrastructure, Prediction, Risks, and Solution

2012  Sea Level Rise and the Impact of Lesser Storms

2012  Semi-Empirical Modeling of Spatial Variations in Sea Level Rise

2012  Shore Protection against Sea Level Rise and Tropical Cyclones in Small Island States

2012  Summary of Breakout Session Discussion: Potential Solution Tracks, Research Needs, and Directions

2012  A "Toolkit" for Sea Level Rise Adaptation in Virginia

2012  The U.S. Navy’s Approach to Climate Change and Sea Level Rise

2012  Vulnerability and Governance for Adapting to Sea Level Rise

2011  Back Matter

2011  Catastrophic Inundation from Sea Level Rise and its Policy Implication

2011  Climate Change and Sea Level Rise

2011  Coastal Structures and Sea Level Rise: Adaptive Management Approach

2011  Development of Spatial Risk Profiles Resulting from Sea Level Rise

2011  Development of Spatial Risk Profiles Resulting from Sea Level Rise: What Predictions of Future Sea Level Rise Mean for the Built Coast

2011  Estimation of Extreme Sea Levels in a Tide-Dominated Environment Using Short Data Records

2011  Extreme Total Water Levels for Twin Lakes Beach, Santa Cruz, CA

2011  Front Matter

2011  Improvements in Hurricane Surge Response Functions: Incorporating the Effects of Forward Speed, Approach Angle, and Sea Level Rise

2011  The Need for a Tidal Flood Stage to Define Existing and Future Sea Level Hazards

2011  New Mapping Tool and Techniques for Visualizing Sea Level Rise and Coastal Flooding Impacts

2011  NewsBriefs: Rising Sea Level Linked to Increase in Global Temperatures (Science Daily)

2011  NOAA Multi-Hazard Sea Level Monitoring in the Caribbean: Resolving Engineering Challenges to Meet the Needs of a Region

2011  Planning Level Assessment of the Impacts of Sea Level Rise to the California Coast

2011  Prediction of Short-Term Operational Water Levels Using an Adaptive Neuro-Fuzzy Inference System

2011  Saline Intrusion Due to the Accelerative Sea Level in the Red River System in Vietnam

2011  Sea Level Changes along the Peninsular Malaysia and Sabah and Sarawak Coastlines for the 21st Century

2011  Sea Level Rise and the Geo-Professional

2011  Sea Level Rise Impact Assessment and Mitigation Alternatives Development for Balboa Island and Little Balboa Island, City of Newport Beach, California

2011  Sea Level Rise Impacts to Military Installations in Lower Chesapeake Bay

2011  Sea Level Trends and Accelerations Based on U.S. and Global Tide Gauges

2011  Shaping Sea-Level Rise Adaptation Policy through Science: The North Carolina Sea Level Rise Risk Management Study

2011  Solutions to Coastal Disasters 2011

2011  "The Great Wall of Louisiana" Protecting the Coastline from Extreme Storm Surge and Sea Level Rise

2010  Climate Links and Variability of Extreme Sea-Level Events at Key West, Pensacola, and Mayport, Florida

2010  Clustering Time Series of Sea Levels: Extreme Value Approach

2010  Direct Joint Probability Method for Estimating Extreme Sea Levels

2010  Robust Optimization Using a Variety of Performance Indices

2009  Numerical Simulations of Coastal Floods and Morphological Changes Due to Sea Level Rise and Hazardous Storm

2008  Application and Integration of Science in South Carolina’s Grand Strand Renourishment Project

2008  Assessment of International Coastal Flood Protection Levels for Disaster Mitigation

2008  Bringing Sea-Level Rise into Long Range Planning Considerations on Maui, Hawaii

2008  Coastal Vulnerability to Sea Level Rise on Tahiti Island, French Polynesia

2008  Considering Sea Level Rise as a Coastal Hazard

2008  Current and Future Vulnerability of Sarasota County, Florida, to Hurricane Storm Surge and Sea Level Rise

2008  Evaluation of Sea Level Rise for FEMA Flood Insurance Studies: Magnitude and Time-Frames of Relevance

2008  Flood Protection: Netherlands Makes Way for Rising Waters

2008  Geologic Effects and Coastal Vulnerability to Sea-Level Rise, Erosion, and Storms

2008  A Practical Approach to Mapping Extreme Wave Inundation: Consequences of Sea-Level Rise and Coastal Erosion

2008  Recommendations for Responding to Sea Level Rise: Lessons from North Carolina

2008  Risk Analysis: U.S. Ports among Those Deemed Most Vulnerable to Rising Sea Levels

2008  Sea Level Trends, Inundation Analysis, and Exceedance Probability: Results and Applications from Long-Term NOAA Tide Stations

2008  Sea-Level Extremes and Challenges to Manage the Risk of Coastal Hazards in the Vicinity of Hawaiian Islands

2007  Impacts of Rising Sea Level to Backbarrier Wetlands, Tidal Inlets, and Barrier Islands: Barataria Coast, Louisiana

2007  Modeling Barrier Island Response to Sea-Level Rise in the Outer Banks, North Carolina

2007  Modeling Future Coastal Wetland Transition Induced by Relative Sea-Level Rise

2007  Morphological Interactions within UK Estuaries: A Preliminary Analysis of Critical Rates of Sea-Level Rise

2007  Variable Shoreline Responses to Sea-Level Rise and Climate Change

2006  Development of a Continuous Bathymetric/Topographic Unstructured Coastal Flooding Model to Study Sea Level Rise in North Carolina

2006  Factors Controlling Tidal Flat Response to Sea Level Rise: Roberts Bank, British Columbia, Canada

2005  California’s Retreating Coastline: What Next?

2005  Early Results and Historical Data from NEOCO (Network for Environmental Observations of the Coastal Ocean)

2005  Economic Impact of Sea Level Rise on Coastal Structures in California

2005  Identifying Vulnerable Wetland Systems: Modeling The Impect of Sea-Level Rise on Large-Scale Wetland Response

2005  On Sea-Level Variability on the Eastern Seaboard of the United States

2005  Sea Level Rise Response Planning in the State of Maryland: Lessons Learned

2005  Socio-Economic Devastation of Orissa Coast, India: Caused by Unprecedented Sea Level Rise during October 1999 Super Cyclone

2004  Annual Variations of Tide Level and Mudflat Profile

2003  Integrated Impacts of Climate Change-Induced Sea Level Rise in Metro Boston and Adaptation Strategies

2003  Vulnerable Shores of the Metropolitan New York Area: Preparing for Sea Level Rise

2002  Climate Change Impacts on the Coastal Regions of Germany

2002  Implications of Climate Change for Modeling Coastal Hazards

2002  Modeling the Response of an Intertidal Bar to “Medium Energy” Events