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2014  In Situ Localization and Quantification of Sediment Deposits after Dredging and Disposal Interventions in Sydney Harbour, Canada, Using a Dynamic Penetrometer

2014  Simplified Approximation of Wave-Induced Liquefaction in a Shallow Porous Seabed

2014  Tilting While Lifting a Large Object from a Rigid Porous Seabed

2013  AIMS Array Design and Construction

2013  A Constitutive Model for Sand Incorporating the Effects of Rotation of Principal Stress and State-Parameter-Dependant Dilatancy

2013  Detailed Simulation of Tsunami-Induced Currents in California Ports and Harbors

2013  Laboratory Measurement of Seabed Shear Stress and the Slip Factor over a Porous Seabed

2012  Critical Suspended Length of an Inshore Pipeline under Wave Conditions

2012  Estimates of Bed Stresses within a Model of Chesapeake Bay

2012  Numerical Simulation of the Tidal Flow and Suspended Sediment Transport in the Qiantang Estuary

2012  Pore Pressure, Stress Distributions, and Instantaneous Liquefaction of Two-Layer Soil under Waves

2012  Response of Porous Seabed to Nature Loadings: Waves and Currents

2011  Model for Mixture Theory Simulation of Vortex Sand Ripple Dynamics

2010  Dynamic Analysis of Free-Falling Penetrometers in Soil Deposits

2010  Evaluating Soils and Hazards in the Mississippi Canyon

2010  Mechanics of Drag Embedment Anchors in a Soft Seabed

2009  Local Scour and Self-Burial of a Submarine Pipeline on Cohesive Seabed

2009  NewsBriefs: Seafloor Seismic Station Linked to Monitoring Network

2009  Seafloor-Riser Interaction Model

2009  Toe Scour of Seawall on a Steep Seabed by Breaking Waves

2009  Wave Attenuation over a Rigid Porous Medium on a Sandy Seabed

2009  Zero-Radius Bend Method to Trigger Lateral Buckles

2008  Researchers to Monitor Offshore Seismic Zone near Japan

2007  Examining the Contribution of Sediment Stratification to the Evolutionof Seabed Morphology

2007  Flotation to Trigger Lateral Buckles in Pipelines on a Flat Seabed

2007  Large-Scale Scour of the Sea Floor and the Effect of Natural Armouring Processes, Land Reclamation Maasvlakte 2, Port of Rotterdam

2007  Numerical Modeling of Flow and Hydrodynamic Forces around a Piggyback Pipeline near the Seabed

2007  Ocean Currents-Induced Pipeline Lateral Stability on Sandy Seabed

2007  Simple Mathematical Model for Assessment of Seismic-Induced Liquefaction of Soils

2007  Simplified Analytical Approximation for Pore-Water Pressure Buildup in Marine Sediments

2007  USGS Advances in Integrated, High-Resolution Sea-Floor Mapping: Inner Continental Shelf to Estuaries

2007  Wave Evolution on Fluid Mud Bottom

2006  The Application of Underwater Pressuremeter Test to In-Situ Testing of Bridge Foundation

2006  Experimental and Numerical Studies on Wave-Induced Instability in Suction Caisson Foundation Founded in the Seabed

2006  Integral Transform Analysis of the Wave-Induced Response in Seabed and Its Application

2006  An Optical System for Monitoring Seabed Evolutions at a Coastal Structure

2006  Stability of Submarine Pipelines on Liquefied Seabeds

2005  Archaeology and History Beneath the Sea: The Preservation, Management and Interpretation of California’s Heritage Resources

2005  Impact Burial of Cylinders in Soft Marine Sediments

2005  Measuring Sea Bed Properties using Static and Dynamic Penetrometers

2005  Modeling of Seabed Interaction of Oceanographic Moorings in the Frequency Domain

2005  Seafloor Habitat Mapping Nearshore San Diego County

2005  Using Remotely Sensed Data to Describe Spatial and Temporal Habitat Distributions of the Giant Kelp, Macrocystis Pyrifera

2005  Validation of a Foundation Stability Model for Soft Clay

2005  Wave Induced Uplift Forces Acting on Half-Buried Submarine Pipeline in Sandy Seabed by Numerical Methods

2002  Analytical Model for Response of Seabed beneath Composite Breakwater to Wave

2002  Estimates of Reynolds and Bottom Stress from Fast Sample ADCPs Deployed in Continental Shelf Seas

2002  Modeling Nearshore Bed Topography with Principal Oscillation Patterns

2002  Simplified Solutions for Wave-Induced Response on Anisotropic Seabed

2001  Analytical Model of the Response of a Composite-Type Caisson Breakwater and Seabed to Waves

2001  Assessing Bed Stability at Coastal Structures with External Turbulence

2001  A Beach Profile and Sea-Bottom Interface Observation under Stormy Conditions

2001  Bed Friction in Combined Wave-Current Flows

2001  Determining Water Depths from Surface Images Using Boussinesq Equations

2001  Energy: Tidal Turbines to Capture Ocean’s Energy

2001  N-Type Sediment Bed Response under Standing Wave

2001  Numerical Prediction of Bottom Topographical Change around Coastal Structures Using Quasi-3D Nearshore Current Model

2001  Numerical Simulation of Sand Wave Evolution in Shallow Shelf Seas

2001  Wave Runup of Random Waves on a Small Circular Pier on Sloping Seabed

2000  Short-Crested Wave-Induced Liquefaction in Porous Seabed

1999  Boundary-Layer Theory for Anisotropic Seabed Response to Sea Waves

1999  Correlating Oceanographic Processes with Seabed Change: Mouth of the Columbia River, U.S.A.

1999  Depth of Erosion under Storm Conditions

1999  Influence of Steep Seabed Slopes on Breaking Waves for Structure Design

1999  Nonlinear Wave, Composite Breakwater, and Seabed Dynamic Interaction

1999  Sand Transport Through and Around the Main Breakwater at East London

1999  What Happens at the Seabed off a Headland during a Tropical Cyclone

1998  Application of SASW Method Underwater

1998  Field Observations of Nearshore, Wave–Seabed Interactions

1998  Installation of a Seafloor Earthquake Monitoring System

1998  Morphodynamic Modeling of Shoreface Bars

1998  Patterns in the Water: Patterns in the Sand?

1998  Reliability Characteristics of a Platform in the Mississippi River Delta

1997  Ashdod Port’s Effect on the Shoreline, Seabed and Sediment

1997  Bragg Reflection of Shallow-Water Waves on a Sloping Beach

1997  Bridge Pier Scour Assessment for the Northumberland Strait Crossing

1997  A Comparison of Field Observations and Quasi-Steady Linear Shear Instabilities of the Wave Bottom Boundary Layer

1997  Effect of Wave-Induced-Pressure on Seabed Configuration

1997  Measurements of Wave Generated Bedforms

1997  Predicting Large-Scale, Cross-Shore Sediment Movement from Orbital Speeds

1997  Response in Seabed of Finite Depth with Variable Permeability

1997  Seabed and Foundation Response to Wave Loading

1997  Sediment Movement and Stress Condition in Sea Bed

1997  Soil Response in Cross-Anisotropic Seabed due to Standing Waves

1997  A Uniform Mild-Slope Model for Waves over Varying Bottom

1996  Influence of Seabed Topography and Roughness on Longshore Wave Processes

1996  Morphological Impact Assessment of Artificial Islands for the Øresund Link Between Denmark and Sweden

1996  Reliability Analysis of Pipeline on Elastic Seafloor

1996  Shear Stresses and Hydrodynamics of Combined Waves and Currents

1996  Statistical Analyses of Acoustical Wave Velocity in Porous Seafloor

1996  Stochastics of Sediment Transport, Shore Evolution and Their Input

1995  Analytical Solution for the Wave-Induced Excess Pore-Pressure in a Finite-Thickness Seabed Layer

1995  Effects of Southern California Kelp Beds on Waves

1995  Half-Life Period of Sedimentaion - Model Test on a Scale 1:1

1995  Incipient Fluidization of Fine Sands in Deep Seabed

1995  Microtunneling Meets Mother Nature

1995  Numerical Evaluation of the Breakout Force of Embedded Objects in Cohesive Seafloor Soils

1995  Plane Design of “SPAC”; Countermeasure Against Seabed Scour Due to Submerged Discharge and Large Waves

1995  Seismic Assessment for Offshore Pipelines

1995  Standing Wave Induced Soil Response in a Porous Seabed