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2015  Effects of Relative Column Width and Pile-Cap Elevation on Local Scour Depth around Complex Piers

2015  Evaluating Bridges With Unknown Foundations for Susceptibility to Scour: North Carolina Applies Risk-Based Guidelines to Over 3,750 Bridges

2015  Finite-Element Analysis on the Stability of Geotextile Tube-Reinforced Embankments under Scouring

2015  Hybridization of Finite-Element Method and Support Vector Machine to Determine Scour Bridge Safety Level

2015  Hydrodynamic Characteristics of a Suspended Curtain for Sediment Trapping

2015  Neuro-Fuzzy GMDH to Predict the Scour Pile Groups due to Waves

2015  Predicting Equilibrium Scour Depth at Bridge Piers Using Evolutionary Radial Basis Function Neural Network

2014  Analysis of Laterally Loaded Piles in Sand Considering Scour Hole Dimensions

2014  Application of the Observation Method for Scour to Two Texas Bridges

2014  Behavior of Laterally Loaded Piles under Scour Conditions Considering the Stress History of Undrained Soft Clay

2014  Bottom Profile Evolution of a Perched Nourished Beach

2014  Case History Analysis of Bridge Failures due to Scour

2014  Computational Modeling of Bed Material Shear Stresses in Piston-Type Erosion Rate Testing Devices

2014  Estimating Final Scour Depth under Clear-Water Flood Waves

2014  Estimation of Pipeline Scour due to Waves by GMDH

2014  Evaluation of Existing Equations for Local Scour at Bridge Piers

2014  Evaluation of Flood-Resistant Capacity of Scoured Bridges

2014  Flow and Scour Patterns around Bridge Piers with Different Configurations: Insights from CFD Simulations

2014  Flow Patterns and Turbulence Structures in a Scour Hole Downstream of a Submerged Weir

2014  Forensic Diagnosis on Flood-Induced Bridge Failure. I: Determination of the Possible Causes of Failure

2014  Forensic Diagnosis on Flood-Induced Bridge Failure. II: Framework of Quantitative Assessment

2014  Influence of Cohesion on River Bed Scour in the Wake Region of Piers

2014  Local Scour around a Model Hydrokinetic Turbine in an Erodible Channel

2014  LRFD Calibration of Bridge Foundations Subjected to Scour

2014  Morphological Evolution of Dune-Like Bed Forms Generated by Bridge Scour

2014  Performance of a Highway Bridge under Extreme Natural Hazards: Case Study on Bridge Performance during the 2009 Typhoon Morakot

2014  Pressure Flushing of Cohesive Sediment in Large Dam Reservoirs

2014  Roughening Elements as Abutment Scour Countermeasures

2014  Scour Caused by 2D Horizontal Jets

2014  Scour of Clear Water Rock W-Weirs in Straight Rivers

2014  Scour Related Vermont Bridge Damage from Tropical Storm Irene

2014  Screening Tool to Assess Adequacy of Bridge Timber Pile Bents during Extreme Scour Events

2014  Seismic Behavior of Bridges with Deep Foundations under Effects of Scouring

2014  Statistical, Risk, and Reliability Analyses of Bridge Scour

2014  Time Development of Scour around a Cylinder in Simulated Tidal Currents

2014  Vermont Bridge Scour Rating Analysis: Looking Toward Utilizing Geomorphic Stream Data

2014  Wisdom of Ancient Engineering Practice in China

2013  1-g Scale Hydraulic Flume-based Soil-Fluid-Structure Model Testing and Evaluation of Surging and Scouring Effects

2013  3D Flow and Sediment Dynamics in a Laboratory Channel Bend with and without Stream Barbs

2013  Analytic Solution to the Modified Mild-Slope Equation for Reflection by a Rectangular Breakwater with Scour Trenches

2013  Backfilling of a Scour Hole around a Pile in Waves and Current

2013  Clear-Water Scour at Comparatively Large Cylindrical Piers

2013  Clear-Water Scour at Pile Groups

2013  Design of Stable Riprap around Aligned and Skewed Rectangular Bridge Piers

2013  Determining Propeller Erosion at the Stern of a Berthing Ship

2013  Effect of Land Use on Scouring Flow Hydraulics and Transport of Soil Solute in Erosion

2013  Effects of Bed Compaction on Scour at Piers in Sand-Clay Mixtures

2013  Effects of Pile Cap Thickness on the Maximum Scour Depth at a Complex Pier

2013  Exact Solution to the Modified Mild-Slope Equation for Wave Scattering by a Cylinder with an Idealized Scour Pit

2013  Experimental and Numerical Study of the Flow Structure around Two Partially Buried Objects on a Deformed Bed

2013  Experimental Investigation on Scour under a Vibrating Catenary Riser

2013  Experimental Study of Local Scour around Twin Piles in Oscillatory Flows

2013  Flow Structure around Bridge Piers of Varying Geometrical Complexity

2013  Hydraulic and Contraction Scour Analysis of a Meandering Channel: James River Bridges near Mitchell, South Dakota

2013  Impacts of Climate Change on Scour-Vulnerable Bridges: Assessment Based on HYRISK

2013  Limits on Coastal Scour Depths due to Tsunami

2013  Load Rating of Pile-Supported Bridges Susceptible to Scour

2013  Local Scour of a Large-Size Steel Cofferdam in Strong Tide Area

2013  Mechanics of Three-Dimensional Pipeline Scour in Unidirectional Steady Current

2013  Numerical Simulation of Deformation Characteristics of Hydraulic Pipeline Protection Retaining Wall in River Bend under Flood Scouring

2013  Observation Method for Estimating Future Scour Depth at Existing Bridges

2013  Posthandover Housing Defects: Sources and Origins

2013  Real-time TDR Field Bridge Scour Monitoring System

2013  Reliability-Based Calibration of Load and Resistance Factors for Design of RC Bridges under Multiple Extreme Events: Scour and Earthquake

2013  Reliability-Based Dam Erodibility Assessment

2013  Research on the Lateral Load Capacity of Offshore Platform Piles under Scour Conditions

2013  Scour Caused by a Propeller Jet

2013  Suction Effects on Bridge Pier Scour under Clear-Water Conditions

2013  Turbulence and Vorticity in a Laboratory Channel Bend at Equilibrium Clear-Water Scour with and without Stream Barbs

2012  Bridge Scour and Sediment Analysis for River Restoration Projects

2012  Bridge Scour Risk Assessment and Countermeasure Design

2012  Calculating the Potential Effects of Large Woody Debris Accumulations on Backwater, Scour, and Hydrodynamic Loads

2012  Clear-Water Local Scour around Pile Groups in Shallow-Water Flow

2012  Coupled Field Monitoring and Structural Analysis to Assess Scour Conditions

2012  Effects of Climate Change on Bridge Scour

2012  Effects of Scouring on Performance of Caisson Foundation

2012  Equilibrium Scour Downstream of Three-Dimensional Grade-Control Structures

2012  Estimation and Measurement of Bed Material Shear Stresses in Erosion Rate Testing Devices

2012  Evaluation of Flow-Altering Countermeasures against Bridge Pier Scour

2012  Experimental Investigation of Scour Depth at the Edge of Different Submerged Vane Shapes

2012  Experimental Investigation of Time-Dependent Clear Water Scour around Bridge Pier Due to a Trapezoidal Hydrograph

2012  Experimental Study on Scour around a T-Shaped Spur Dike in a Channel Bend

2012  Experimental Study on the Scour around a Monopile in Breaking Waves

2012  Houfeng Bridge Failure in Taiwan

2012  Modeling of Scour-Inducing Ice Effects at Melvin Price Lock and Dam

2012  Modeling Particulate Matter Resuspension and Washout from Urban Drainage Hydrodynamic Separators

2012  Monitoring Technique for Local Scour around Bridge Pier

2012  Multiscale Modeling of Flood-Induced Scour in a Particle Bed

2012  Numerical Investigation of the Scouring Effect on the Lateral Response of Piles in Sand

2012  Numerical Modeling of Tsunami Wave Run-Up and Effects on Sediment Scour around a Cylindrical Pier

2012  Rational Alternative to Positive Discovery of Pile-Supported Bridges with Unknown Foundation Depth

2012  The Role of Bridge Scour in Relation to Stream Restoration

2012  Study of Scour around Submarine Pipeline with a Rubber Plate or Rigid Spoiler in Wave Conditions

2012  Suction Removal of Sediment from between Armor Blocks. III: Breaking Waves

2012  Temporal Variation of Scour around Circular Compound Piers

2012  Three-Dimensional Flow Characteristics within the Scour Hole around Circular Uniform and Compound Piers

2012  Three-Dimensional Scour at Submarine Pipelines

2012  Two-Phase Simulation of Wave-Induced Tunnel Scour beneath Marine Pipelines

2012  Vibration-Based Method and Sensor for Monitoring of Bridge Scour

2012  Wet Soil Mixing for Bearing Capacity, Liquefaction Mitigation, and Water Cutoff for Scour Protection for a New Bridge Abutment