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2014  Seismic-Isolation Retrofits of School Buildings: Practice in China after Recent Devastating Earthquakes

2013  New K-12 Science, Engineering Standards Unveiled

2013  Partnerships and Experience in Building STEM Pipelines

2013  Students’ Tendency to Walk to School: Case Study of Tehran

2013  Waste Not Thy Hour: The Innovative, Fast-Tracked Reconstruction and Seismic Rehabilitation of Whatcom Middle School

2012  Ambient Vibration Measurements of Dynamic Properties of School Buildings in Montreal, Quebec

2012  Comparative Analysis of Energy Consumption of Green and Non-Green School Buildings

2012  Energy-Saving Techniques for Reducing CO2 Emissions in Elementary Schools

2012  Green Building Policy and School Performance

2012  Library at NC State Designed for Distinction

2012  Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) of Asbestos and Lead Building Materials in Schools: Goal and Scope Definition

2012  Load Testing and Fiber-Reinforced Polymer Reinforcement of 1920s Vintage Chicago Public School Building

2012  NewsBriefs: First Students Graduate in National High School Engineering Program (National Academy Foundation)

2012  Performance of School Buildings in the Joplin, MO, Tornado

2012  Post Occupancy Study for Green School Facilities: Case Study of Reedy Fork Elementary School

2012  Reach Out Today for a Better Profession Tomorrow

2012  Revitalizing Achievement by Using Instrumentation in Science Education (RAISE), a GK-12 Fellows Project

2012  Utilization of Post-Occupancy Evaluations in LEED Certified K-12 Schools

2011  Assessing an Engineering Day Camp for Middle-School Girls

2011  Exploring Teenagers’ Travel Behavior for School and After-School Activities: Implications on Safety

2011  Preparing for the WATERS Network: Engaging Middle-School Science Students in Environmental Engineering

2010  Century-Old School In Washington, D.C., Completes Addition

2010  Education for Sustainable Development and Civil Engineering for Children: Interactive Model Case Study

2010  Integrating Engineering into a General STEM Program for Middle School Girls

2010  LID in New Schools: The LAUSD Example

2010  Outreach to K–12 Teachers: Workshop in Instrumentation, Sensors, and Engineering

2010  Primary Schools’ Territorial Policy and Active Commuting: Institutional Influences in Montreal and Trois-Rivières

2010  Short Takes: Volunteer Helps D.C. Fifth Graders Construct Landfills in Fish Tanks

2010  Using Modern Sensors in High School Science Labs to Promote Engineering Careers

2009  Development of Guidelines and Effective Retrofit Strategies for Public Schools and Hospitals in Istanbul, Turkey

2009  Nonlinear Performance Based Seismic Assessment for Low-Rise Buildings

2009  Observations from California’s Unreinforced Masonry and Public School Programs and the California Multi-Hazard Mitigation Plan

2009  Parametric Evaluation of Seismic Retrofitting Techniques Applied to the Public School Buildings in Istanbul

2009  Performance of Template School Buildings during Earthquakes in Turkey and Peru

2009  Performance-Based Retrofit of School Buildings in British Columbia, Canada

2009  Seismic Assessment on In Situ School Testing in Taiwan Using Methodology of ASCE/SEI 41-06

2009  Seismic Rehabilitation of Extreme Soft-Story School Building with Friction Dampers Using the ASCE 41 Standard

2009  Seismic Risk Reduction for Schools with Stone Slab Roof Systems in Delhi

2008  Comparative Analysis of Project Delivery Systems Cost Performance in Pacific Northwest Public Schools

2008  Correlates of School Disaster Preparedness: Main Effects of Funding and Coordinator Role

2008  High School Engineering Courses in Colorado

2008  The Impact of Biodiesel on Emissions from School Buses

2008  Implementation of Tsunami Disaster Education for Children and Their Parents at Elementary School

2008  An Interactive Educational Module to Introduce Elementary School Students to Water Resources and Environmental Systems Management

2008  NewsBriefs: New National Academy to Be Created (Steering Committee to Create the National Academy of Environmental Design)

2008  NewsBriefs: New Study Combats Stereotypes

2008  NewsBriefs: Saudi Arabian School Partners with U.S. Universities

2008  NewsBriefs: Testing Sees Higher Math Prowess in U.S. (National Center for Education Statistics)

2008  Overview of the Bridging Guidelines for the Seismic Retrofit of BC Schools

2008  The Process Is the Product: Collaborative Design in Four Silicon Valley Schools

2008  Structural Engineering: Crystalline Structure to Star as Hong Kong Media School

2008  Structures: Modular Classrooms Feature Seismic, Wind Stability

2007  Attitudes and Concerns of Drivers with Respect to School Zone Safety and Speed Compliance: Results of an Opinion Survey of Drivers

2007  Avoiding Change Orders in Public School Construction

2007  NewsBriefs: Improvement Needed in Science Education (The New York Times)

2007  Research Experience for Teachers (RET): The Art of Formal Education

2006  Construction Delivery Systems: A Comparative Analysis of Their Performance within School Districts

2006  Court Decisions: School District Cannot Collect Fees Refunded to Contractors

2006  Field Evaluation of the Effect of Speed Monitoring Displays on Speed Compliance in School Zones

2006  Influence of School Accessibility on Housing Values

2006  Soils Magic: Bringing Civil Engineering to the K-12 Classroom

2005  Developing Marine Science Curricula and Teacher Enhancement: Island Explorers Case Study

2005  Outside the Budget Box — Public/Private Partnership as a Creative Vehicle for Finance and Delivery of Public School Facilities

2005  Teaching Lessons Learned: Shock and Awe in the Civil Engineering Classroom

2004  A Digital Image CD-ROM and Website for Environmental and Water Resources Engineering Curricula and K-12 Education

2004  Structures: New Detroit High School under Construction

2004  Teaching Lessons Learned: Organizing and Delivering Classroom Instruction

2004  Understanding K-12 Engineering Outreach Programs

2003  Hands-on Experiments for Teaching Children about Erosion, Watershed Management, and Water Resources

2003  Stormwater Management and Education at the K-8 Penn New School

2003  Sustainability in Public Facilities: Analysis of Guidance Documents

2003  United States Bureau of Reclamation’s Contribution in K-12 Education

2002  Court Decisions: Insurer Must Cover Subcontractors’ Mistakes

2002  Safety Program Guidelines for Public School Facility Construction and Operations

2002  Study of Traffic Environment Awareness among Elementary Schoolers in Japan, and a Program to Raise It

2002  Teaching Lessons Learned

2002  Urban Air Pollution Impact of Modal Shift in School Transportation in Kuwait

2001  Ambiguous Arbitration Clause Not Upheld By Court

2001  ASCE Volunteers Bring Christmas in April to Florida School

2001  Infrastructure: New Report Card Reveals Little Improvement in Infrastructure

2001  School Construction Bill

2001  School District May Reject Irregular Bid

2001  Teaching Lessons Learned: I am a Good Teacher—Or Am I?

2001  Washington Supports Math and Science Education

2000  Analyzing Rectangular Classrooms

2000  Board Cannot Exclude Contractor

2000  Celebration, USA: Living in Disney’s Brave New Town by Douglas Frantz and Catherine Collins

 Delivering Quality School Projects

2000  Designing New Classroom Buildings

2000  Folding Bleacher Collapse: An Accident Waiting to Happen

2000  From Citizen Scientists to Engineers

2000  Funding Needs Exceed $400 Billion

2000  Geotechnical Engineering for Elementary School Students

2000  Math and Science Education Get a Boost

1999  Sustainable Growth: Administration Pursues ‘Livability Agenda’

1998  ASCE Gives Poor Grades to Nation’s Infrastructure

1998  ASCE Gives Poor Grades to Nation’s Infrastructure

1998  Balancing Needs

1998  A Failing Grade for Infrastructure

1998  Illinois School Finishes First in Future City Contest