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2009  Bio-Mediated Soil Improvement: Load Transfer Mechanisms at the Micro- and Macro- Scales

2009  Finite Element Model Updating of Scale Bridge Model Using Measured Modal Response Data

2009  Full Scale Model Test on Tensile Anchor Plates in Cable-Girder Anchorage of Guangzhou Dongsha Bridge

2009  Generating Different Scenarios of BMP Designs in a Watershed Scale by Combining NSGA-II with SWAT

2009  Long-Lead Forecasting of Monthly Rainfall Using Large Scale Climate Signals and Statistical Disaggregation Models

2009  Multiple Watershed Scales Approach for Placement of Best Management Practices in SUSTAIN

2009  Old Drilling Elements Combined with Some New Tricks for Secant Pile Construction: A Full Scale Test Program

2009  Parametric Bootstrap for System Identification of a Scaled Reinforced Concrete Bridge

2009  Passenger-Flow Characteristics and Scale of Departure Curbside in Airport Landside

2009  Reckon the Public Debts’ Sustainability of Financing Scale: Based on the Consideration of Railway’s New Development in China

2009  Scale Calculation Method Study of Comprehensive Passenger Transport Hub Facilities

2009  A Scale-Free Evolution Model of Logistics Information Networks

2009  Scale-Measurement Methods on Transfer Facilities for Comprehensive Passenger Transport Hub Based on the Service Level

2009  Spatially Distributed Modeling of Soil Erosion and Sediment Transport at Watershed Scale

2009  Using Watershed Scale Geomorphic Assessment to Improve Urban Stream Restoration Design

2009  Variable Material Length Scale Associated with Nanoindentation Experiments

2009  Wavelet Analysis of Characteristic Length Scales of Permeability in Stationary and Non-Stationary Porous Media

2008  Applications of a Large Scale Coastal Observation Network in Coastal Flood and Erosion Management — Southern England

2008  Bridges: States Approve Scaled-Down Mississippi River Crossing

2008  Comparative Analysis of City Freight Structure Based on Logistics Scale

2008  Comparison of Runoff Parameterization Schemes with Spatial Heterogeneity across Different Temporal Scales in Semihumid and Semiarid Regions

2008  Coupled Longshore and Cross-Shore Models for Beach Nourishment Evolution at Laboratory Scale

2008  Coupled Regional Scale Hydrologic-Atmospheric Model with Spatially Horizontally Averaged Green-Ampt Model

2008  Development Scale of Urban Passenger Traffic Vehicle Considering the Variety of Population Structure

2008  Evaluation of a Bias Aware Ensemble Kalman Filter Using a Scaled Aquifer Transport Experiment

2008  Field Scale Characterization of Fly Ash Stabilized with Lime and FGD Gypsum

2008  Full Scale Test Installation for Reinforced Concrete Pipe

2008  The Hybrid Membrane Biofilm Process for TN Removal from Wastewater: Bench and Pilot Scale Studies

2008  Incentives for Adoption of Low Impact Development Approaches on a Larger Scale

2008  Inexact Chance-Constrained Linear Programming Model for Optimal Water Pollution Management at the Watershed Scale

2008  Influence of Flow Development Time on the Residence Time Distribution and Flow Pattern in a Scale Model of a Water Treatment Plant Clearwell

2008  Intrinsic Length Scales in Tool-Rock Interaction

2008  Inventory and Prioritization of LID Projects at a Sub-Watershed Scale

2008  Modeling of Cr (VI) Transport and In-Situ Remediation with Nano Scale Irons

2008  Multiple Time Scales and Coupled Mathematical Modeling of Turbidity Currents

2008  Need for Direct Measurements of Coupled Microbiological and Hydrological Processes at Different Scales in Porous Media Systems

2008  Optimization Model on Scale of Public Parking Lot Considering Parking Behavior

2008  Simplicity, Scale, and Surprise: Evaluating Structural Form

2008  Small Scale Accelerated Pavement Testing in the Laboratory for the Fatigue Characterization of Hot Mix Asphalt

2008  Study on Competition Equilibrium Analysis and Network Scale Game of Container Port

2008  Temperature Field Analysis of Large Scale Low Temperature Liquefied Natural Gas Tank

2008  Test of a Full Scale Concentrically Braced Frame with Multi-Story X-Bracing

2008  Watershed Scale Variation in Water Quality in Lake Pontchartrain Basin

2008  Will Large Scale Forest Restoration Treatments Provide More Water for Population Growth in the Semi-Arid West: Current Hydrologic Research in Arizona

2008  Wireless Inclinometer Sensor and Its Data Acquisition System for Swing Monitoring of Large Scale Structures

2007  Analysis and Optimization of National Defense Traffic and Transport Networks Based on the Scale-Free Theory

2007  Book Review: Richter’s Scale: Measure of an Earthquake, Measure of a Man by Susan Elizabeth Hough. Princeton, New Jersey: Princeton University Press, 2007

2007  Can Woodframe Structures Be Scaled for Shake Table Testing?

2007  Conditioning a Robust Remediation Design Using the Concept of Scaled Likelihood

2007  Development of an Integrated Surface Water-Groundwater Model for Wetland Restoration and Habitat Evaluation in a Southwest Florida Basin Using MIKE SHE Part II- Development of a Regional Scale Model

2007  Development of an Integrated Surface Water-Groundwater Model for Wetland Restoration and Habitat Evaluation in a Southwest Florida Basin Using MIKE SHE Part III: Application of the Regional Scale Model

2007  Economy of Scale and Routes Optimization of Large Containerships

2007  Evaluating Optimal Detention Pond Locations at a Watershed Scale

2007  Evaluation of Facilities Alternatives for Spreading Stormwater Flows Overland to Promote Large Scale Wetlands Rehabilitation

2007  Geomaterial Characterizations of Full Scale Pavement Test Sections for Mechanistic Analysis and Design

2007  Grading Optimization Model of Empty Car Distribution on Large Scale Railway Network

2007  Large Scale Tests and Micromechanics-Based Models to Characterize Ultra Low Cycle Fatigue in Welded Structural Details

2007  Modeling the Spatial Distribution of Fish Communities at the Watershed Scale

2007  Performance of a Large Scale Two-Span Bridge Model under Design Earthquake Motions

2007  Prediction of Monsoon Rainfall Using Large Scale Climate Signals: A Case Study

2007  Reevaluation of Equilibrium Beach Profile Scale Parameter

2007  Relation between Saffir — Simpson Hurricane Scale Wind Speeds and Peak 3-s Gust Speeds over Open Terrain

2007  Scale and Scope Economies Based on Net Characteristic of Railway Transportation and Its Application

2007  Sensitivity of a Distributed Watershed Simulation Model to Spatial Scale

2007  Temporal and Spatial Scales of Profile and Planform Adjustment on a Nourished Beach

2007  Uncertainty of Large Scale Project Logistics Based on the Decision Network Planning Technique

2007  The Use of HydroWAMIT and WASP for Modeling Large Scale Watersheds in New Jersey

2007  Using Wavelet Analysis to Identify Dominant Scales of Subsurface Flow and Transport

2007  Vehicle Classification Using Acoustic Energy Signature in Wavelet Scale Space and Neural Network

2007  Vehicle Train Lateral Stability Based on the Scale Model

2006  Analysis of Frictional Characteristics between Different Types of Geosynthetics by Small Scale Shear Tester

2006  A Bench Scale Model for Developing of an Integrated In-Situ Remediation for Heavy Metals Using EKG Electrodes

2006  Economic Optimization of Conjunctive Use of Surface Water and Groundwater at the Basin Scale

2006  Effect of Heterogeneity Correlation Scale on Pump-and-Treat Remediation Design

2006  Effect of Ozone on Filamentous Bulking in a Laboratory Scale Activated Sludge Reactor using Respirometry and INT-Dehydrogenase Activity

2006  Equivalent Static Wind Loads on Low-Rise Buildings Based on Full Scale Measurements

2006  Evaluation of Bench Scale SBR for Removal of Nutrients from Domestic Wastewater

2006  Grain Scale Processes Associated with Shear Banding in Sands

2006  The Importance of Length Scale in Computational Modeling of Granular Materials

2006  Injecting Particle Scale Physics into Continuum Models of Granular Materials for Large-Scale Applications

2006  Investigation of Beach Profile Variability at Different Scales Using a Wavelet Technique

2006  Large Scale Numerical Simulation via Parallelization and Reconfigurable Computing Hardware

2006  A Model for Large Scale Near-Real Time Simulation of Granular Material Flow

2006  Modeling Nearshore Morphological Evolution at Seasonal Scale

2006  Optimal Reservoir Operations for Irrigation using a Three Spatial Scales Approach

2006  Scale Independent Linear Behavior of Alluvial Channel Flow

2006  Separating Bedforms of Different Scales in Echo Sounding Data

2006  Shaking Table Test of a 1:20 Scale High-Rise Building with a Transfer Plate System

2006  Simulation of Thermo-Hydro-Mechanical (THM) Coupled Behaviour of a Full Scale In-Situ Test Prototype Repository

2006  The Use of the AGS-M Electronic Data Transfer Format for Large Scale Instrumentation Schemes

2006  Wind Engineering in Large Scale Urban Design

2005  Climate Change Impacts on Missouri River Basin Water Yields: The Influence of Temporal Scales

2005  Comparative Study on Vibration Control of a Scaled Bridge using Fail-Safe Magneto-Rheological Fluid Dampers

2005  Comparison Between Model and Full Scale Pile Capacity Gain in the Boston Area

2005  Composite Material Behavior Using a Homogenization Double Scale Method

2005  Determining the 2-D Surface Velocity Field around Hydraulic Structures with the Use of a Large Scale Particle Image Velocimetry (LSPIV) Technique

2005  Experimental Study of Drag and Lift Forces on Prototype Scale Models of Large Wood

2005  Finite Element Analysis of 3D Full Scale Tunnel Excavation Using Subloading tij Model

2005  Implementation of a Pilot Scale Evapotranspiration Landfill Cover for Use in Cold Regions

2005  Implementation of FAO-56 Penman-Monteith Evapotranspiration in a Large Scale Irrigation Scheduling Program