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2014  Prediction Flutter Boundaries of Laminated Cylindrical Shells Using Scaling Laws

2014  Suitability of Half-Scale Burnt Clay Bricks for Shake Table Tests on Masonry Walls

2011  Small-Scale Modeling of Reinforced Concrete Structural Elements for Use in a Geotechnical Centrifuge

2008  Case Study: 17th Street Canal Breach Closure Procedures

2008  Comparison of Computation Fluid Dynamics Simulation against Tracer Data from a Scale Model and Full-Sized Waste Stabilization Pond

2007  Performance Characteristics of Horizontal Interlaced Multilayer Moored Floating Pipe Breakwater

2007  Scale Modeling of the 96th Floor of World Trade Center Tower 1

2007  Two-Dimensional Physical and Numerical Modeling of a Pile-Supported Earth Platform over Soft Soil

2006  Case Study: Refinement of Hydraulic Operation of a Complex CSO Storage/Treatment Facility by Numerical and Physical Modeling

2006  Evaluation of the Micromodel: An Extremely Small-Scale Movable Bed Model

2005  Predication of Peak Acceleration of One Degree of Freedom Structures by Scaling Law

2004  Case Study: Particle Velocimetry in a Model of Lake Ogallala

2004  Scaling Laws for Centrifuge Modeling of Capillary Rise in Sandy Soils

2002  Development of a New Design Approach for Composite Slabs

2001  Impact of Turbidity Currents on Reservoir Sedimentation

2000  Calibrating the VonHoff/Helweg Model

2000  Comparison of Numerical and Physical Model Results: Velocity Distribution on a Well Screen

2000  Effects of Grout Composition, Depth and Injection Rate on Compaction Grouting

2000  Experimental Study on Bed Load Control in Torrents by Open Slit Dams

2000  Long-Term Behavior of Continuous Precast Concrete Girder Bridge Model

2000  Overload and Ultimate Load Behavior of Posttensioned Slab Bridge

2000  Physical Model Testing of Compaction Grouting in Cohesionless Soil

2000  A Study of the Properties of Scale Invariance as Applied to Intensity-Duration-Frequency Relationships of Heavy Storms

1999  Application of Physical Model in Long Wave Studies for The Port of Long Beach

1999  Design of Scour Protection for the Bridge Piers of the Øresund Link

1999  Dynamic Testing of Cable-Stayed Bridges

1999  Experimental Study of Vibration Mitigation of Bridge Stay Cables

1999  The First Berm Breakwater in Hong Kong

1999  Integrated Design Optimization for a Tropical Land Reclamation: Bali Turtle Island Development

1999  Microbial Reductive Dechlorination in Large-Scale Sandbox Model

1999  Misuse of Term ’Model’

1999  Nautical Design Studies Haifa Port Extensions

1999  Perpetual Pilots

1999  River Replication

1999  Scale-Model Studies of Mixing in Drinking Water Storage Tanks

1999  Stratification in Laboratory Simulations of Water Hyacinth Ponds

1999  Wave Propagation Modeling for Pusan New Harbor

1999  Wave Run-Up and Overtopping: Prototype Versus Scale Models

1998  Breakwater Effects in Piraeus Port Wave Climate

1998  Carriage Position Adjustment of Triangular Running Skyline System

1998  Composite Modeling of an Offshore Breakwater Scheme in the UKCRF

1998  Control of Sediment Deposition at the Amir-Kabir Pump Station Using a Physical Hydraulic Model

1998  Effects on Runup of Onshore Winds and Wave Grouping

1998  Experimental Study of Small Scale Dam Models

1998  Hydraulic Modeling of Bed Load Transport in the Gravel-Bed Laba River

1998  Newmark Analysis of a Shaking Table Slope Stability Experiment

1998  Numerical Verification of Scaling Laws for Smoke Movement in Room-Corridor Structure

1998  Numerical Wave Model Evaluations Using Laboratory Data

1998  Performance of Profiled Concrete Shear Panels

1998  Physical Modeling of Hydrodynamic Separators Operating with Underflow

1998  Polypropylene FRC Bridge Deck Slabs Transversely Prestressed with CFRP Tendons

1998  Quantification of Incident Wave Conditions in a Laboratory Model Basin

1998  Shear Distribution in Simply-Supported Curved Composite Cellular Bridges

1998  Small Physical Scale Models for the Study of Mixing in Water Distribution Reservoirs

1998  Small-Scale Accelerated Pavement Testing

1998  Time to Scour Experiments as an Indirect Measure of Stream Power Around Bridge Piers

1997  Aging and Stability of Placed Block Revetments

1997  Application of TELEMAC 2D Software to Dimensioning Hydraulic Structures: Case of the Mesce Dam

1997  Calculation of Flow in Combining Manifolds for Final Settling Tanks

1997  Centrifuge Modelling of Masonry Arch Bridges

1997  Comparison of Water Surface Profiles from Physical and Numerical Models in Mixed Regime Flow

1997  The Effect of Groundwater on Scour Near Structures

1997  Effects of the Spillways Operation on the Fishes Habitat: Study of Solutions

1997  A First Attempt of Analysis of Coastal Physical Models by Means of Numerical Model

1997  Hydraulic Investigations Associated with Fish Passage at Red Bluff Diversion Dam, California

1997  The Importance of the Point of Operation of a Kaplan Turbine on Fish Survivability

1997  An Improved Design Method for the Riprap of Earthfill Dams of Large Reservoirs

1997  Large Model Spread Footing Load Tests on Geosynthetic Reinforced Soil Foundations

1997  Linking Kinematic and Physical Hydraulic Models

1997  Mathematical and Physical Modeling of Beach Nourishment Projects

1997  The Need for Research on Scour at Bridge Crossings

1997  Physical and Computational Modeling of Bridge Scour at Oregon Inlet, North Carolina

1997  Physical Modeling of Constructed Wetlands for Wastewater Treatment

1997  Prototype Measurements of Wave Pressures on a Wave Screen: Comparison to Physical and Analytical Models

1997  Pseudodynamic Testing of Scaled Models

1997  Scaling Laws for Hydrodynamic Separators

1997  Sedimentologic Modeling Selection Based on Study Scale

1997  Simplified Tidal Barrage for Small-Scale Applications

1997  Soil Plugging and Relaxation in Pipe Pile during Earthquake Motion

1997  Solution of Sediment Problems for Hydro Cascade on Mountain River

1997  Statics Experiments on an Elastic Catenary

1996  A Combined Physical and Mathematical Modeling Scheme for Kapichira Hydropower Project, Malawi

1996  Comprehensive Modal Tests of a Space Truss Model for Damage Assessment

1996  Compression Bending of Scale-Model Reinforced-Concrete Walls

1996  Dam Foundation Erosion Study: Pit 4 Scale Model Simulation

1996  Dam Foundation Erosion Study: The Design of a Sidewall Orifice for Simulation of a Free Trajectory Overtopping Jet

1996  Damage Evaluation in Steel Box Columns by Pseudodynamic Tests

1996  A Dynamic Submerged Breakwater

1996  Filling and Emptying System Model Study for the Innovative Lock Design

1996  Hydraulic Model Study of the Prado Dam Spillway

1996  On Calibration of the UZ Site-Scale Model of Yucca Mountain

1996  Physical Modeling to Determine Head Loss at Selected Surcharged Sewer Manholes

1996  Plate Anchor Groups Pulled Vertically in Sand

1996  Wave Induced Reaction Forces and Tension in TLP Tendons

1996  Wind Loads for Low-Rise Buildings on Escarpments

1995  Behavior and Rehabilitation of Older RC Bridge T-Joints

1995  Dynamic Characterization of Vertically Loaded Foundations on Granular Soils

1995  GA-4 Half-Scale Cask Model Fabrication

1995  Inverse Modeling as a Step in the Calibration of the LBL-USGS Site-Scale Model of Yucca Mountain

1995  Large-Scale Model Test of Leachate Pipes in Landfills Under Heavy Load