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Found 39 Records with the keyword term of "Scaffolds"

2015  Semiautomated Scaffolding Planning: Development of the Feature Lexicon for Computer Application

2014  Multiscale Modeling of Elasticity and Fracture in Organic Nanotubes

2013  Above and Beyond: Access Techniques for the Assessment of Buildings and Structures

2013  Analysis of Construction Equipment Safety in Temporary Work at Height

2010  Certifying That Existing Suspended Scaffold Structural Support Elements and Lifeline Anchorages Comply with Federal OSHA Requirements

2009  A Case Study of Failure Due to Inappropriate Usage of Forming Scaffold System

2009  Scaffolding on High-Rise Buildings

2008  Scaffolding: Safety, Design, and Construction Issues

2001  Construction: Stack Removal Requires Unique Scaffolding System

2000  4 Times Square Hoist Collapse: The Handling of a Potential Disaster

2000  Access Scaffold System for the Evaluation and Restoration of the Washington Monument Facade

2000  The Forensic Engineer’s Role as a User of Scaffolding

2000  The Times Square Scaffold Collapse

1999  Conflicts in Codes Applicable to the Job Site

1999  Design Issues for Temporary Containment Structures in the Ship Building and Repair Industries

1999  Monumental Appeal

1999  Monumental Appeal

1999  Monumental Appeal

1999  Scaling the Monument

1999  Taking Metric too far?

1998  Safety Means Staying Alert

1998  Scaffolding—What Can We Do? (Available only in Structural Engineering Special Issue)

1998  Supporting Site Safety

1997  Construction Planning of Hi-Rise Buildings with an Object-Oriented Solid Geometry Model

1997  Performance of Scaffold Frame Shoring under Pattern Loads and Load Paths

1997  “The Willow Island Cooling Tower Scaffold Collapse—America’s Worst Construction Accident”

1996  Larew, Richard E.

1996  A Monitoring System for High-Clearance Scaffold Systems during Construction

1995  Creative Scaffolding Aids Hospital Smokestack

1993  Let the Games (and Building) Begin

1991  FHWA’S Bridge Temporary Works Research Program

1991  Liabilities in Temporary Structures Failures—Representative Case Histories

1991  Temporary Structures for Protection and Access

1989  Some Design Considerations During Construction

1987  Scaffolds Large and Small: A Focus on Problem Areas

1985  Saving the Lady

1981  Proof-Loading of Scaffolding

1980  West Virginia Cooling Tower Collapse Caused by Premature Form Removal

1975  Fifty Years of Aluminum in Construction