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2014  Geocharacteristics of Tabuk Expansive Shale and Its Links to Structural Damage

2014  New Saudi Airport Terminal to Launch First Phase of Expansion

2013  Construction of a Metro Line Serving the Holy Sites of Makkah in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

2013  Pipeline Infrastructure Coordination in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

2012  Comprehensive Study of Water Reuse Role in Integrated Water Resources Management—Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

2012  Critical Success Factors for Different Organizations in Construction Projects

2012  Effect of Temperature on the Heavy Metal Retention Characteristics of Semi-Arid Soils of Saudi Arabia

2012  Quadrangle Downscaling of Global Climate Models and Application to Riyadh

2011  NewsBriefs: Saudi Building Fitted With World’s Largest Media Façade (Citiled)

2011  Off-Site Construction in Saudi Arabia: The Way Forward

2011  Subtractive Clustering-Based K-means Technique for Determining Optimum Time-of-Day Breakpoints

2011  World’s Tallest Building Must Be More Than Tall

2010  Faceted facades distinguish a hotel in the King Abdullah Financial District

2010  Short Takes: Construction Management Course Connects Students with Saudi Arabia

2010  Slope Stability with Permanent Rock Anchors

2010  Use of Rigid Foundation System on Expansive Soils

2009  Design Synthesis and Analysis of a Solar Chimney at KAUST

2009  Improvement of Coastal Silty Sand of Saudi Arabia Using Preloading Technique

2009  Predicting Pavement Condition Deterioration for the Saudi Inter-Urban Road Network

2008  Groundwater Flow from Fractured Layer to Porous-Media Blind Variable Large Diameter Well

2008  NewsBriefs: Saudi Arabian School Partners with U.S. Universities

2007  Al Khaleej, Arabian Peninsula: Ground Improvement Based on Field Observations

2007  Effect of Gravel Size, Type, and Mold Size on the Carrying Capacity of Calcareous Fines-Gravel Mixes

2006  Contractors’ Views of the Potential Causes of Inconsistencies between Design and Construction in Saudi Arabia

2006  NewsBriefs: Saudi Arabia Announces Plans for $26.6-Billion City (

2006  Volume Change Behavior of a Fissured Expansive Clay Containing Anhydrous Calcium Sulfate

2005  San Control Measures and Sand Drift Fences

2004  Characteristics of Fiberglass Pipes

2003  Volume Change Behavior of Arid Calcareous Soils

2002  Effectiveness of Stone Columns: Field Assessment

2002  Pile Driving in Coral Deposits: A Case Study along the Red Sea

2001  Modeling Resilient Modulus and Temperature Correction for Saudi Roads

2001  Quality of Pavement Construction in Saudi Arabia

2001  Reusing the Drainage from Urban Watersheds in Saudi Arabia

2000  First Skyscraper in Saudi Arabia Incorporates Concrete and Steel

2000  Jeddah City with and without Sewerage: Cost Comparison

2000  Recharging Aquifers in Saudi Arabia with Secondary Effluents through Amended Sand

1999  Environmental Impact Assessment of Wadi Fatima Dam and Ikrema Dam

1999  Introducing and Managing Quality Scheme for RMC Industry in Saudi Arabia

1999  ISO 9000 Quality Standards in Construction

1998  Impact of Land Use on Travel Behavior in Arriyadh

1998  Saudi Arabian Skyscraper to Be Tallest in Middle East

1997  Architectural Engineering Program At King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals

1997  Business Operations in the Middle East

1997  Markov Analysis of Saudization in Engineering Companies

1997  The Use of Aquifers in Saudi Arabia to Reclaim and Store Wastewaters

1996  Assessment of Work Performance of Maintenance Contractors in Saudi Arabia

1996  Contractor Prequalification in Saudi Arabia

1996  Evaluation of Logit and Probit Models in Mode-Choice Situation

1996  Occupational Hazards Scheme of Social Insurance in Saudi Arabia: Overview

1996  Value Engineering in the Assessment of Exterior Building Wall Systems

1995  Advances in Pipelines for Desalinated Water in Saudi Arabia

1995  Causes of Delay in Large Building Construction Projects

1995  Estimation and Possible Utilization of Moisture in Sand Dunes

1995  Estimation of Peak Discharge Using GIUH Model in Saudi Arabia

1995  Infiltration Characteristics and Soil Moisture Variability in a Sand Dune Area

1995  Interface Problems Between Owners and Maintenance Contractors in Saudi Arabia

1995  Suitability of Wastewater Effluents to Recharge Groundwater Aquifers in Saudi Arabia

1995  Water-Resources Management System for Saudi Arabia

1994  Asphalt Pavement Temperature Related to Arid Saudi Environment

1994  Building Construction Detailed Estimating Practices in Saudi Arabia

1994  Management of Recharge Dams in Saudi Arabia

1993  Airfield Pavement Management System

1993  Drainage Water Disposal, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

1993  Flood Hydrograph Estimation for Ungaged Wadis in Saudi Arabia

1993  Infiltration in Two Sand Dune Areas in Saudi Arabia

1993  Oil in the Intertidal and Subtidal Sediment of the Saudi Arabian Coast One Year After the Gulf War Oil Spill

1993  Population Estimation of City from Aerial Photographs: Riyadh Case

1993  Portland Cement Concrete Apron Pavement Design Study for King Fahd International Airport in Saudi Arabia

1993  Treatment of Calcareous Expansive Clays

1993  Urban Traffic Noise in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia: Perceptions and Attitudes

1992  Owner Involvement in Construction Projects in Saudi Arabia

1992  Surface and Subsurface Drainage of Metropolitan City in Arid Zone

1991  Dynamic-Node-Numbering Concept in Channel Network Model

1990  Arabian Desert Challenges Airport Builders

1990  Assessment of Damage to Concrete Girder-Slab Bridges in Saudi Arabia

1990  Categorization of Damage to Concrete Bridge Decks in Saudi Arabia

1990  Geomorphologic Rainfall-Runoff Model: Incorporating Philip’s Infiltration Expression

1990  Optimal Planning and Operation of Multiaquifer System

1990  Saudi Standards

1990  Water Use in Saudi Arabia: Problems and Policy Implications

1989  Contractor Financing, Public Works in Saudi Arabia

1988  Carbon Monoxide From Traffic in Riyadh

1988  Managing Multinational Staff in Saudi Arabia

1988  Techniques of Artificial Recharge from an Ephemeral Wadi Channel Under Extreme Arid Conditions

1987  Appraisal of Resources in the Saudi Arabian Gulf

1987  A Coastal Management Program for the Saudi Arabian Red Sea Coast

1987  Evapotranspiration Estimates in Extremely Arid Areas

1987  A Geomorphologically-Based Runoff Prediction Model: Case Study of Two Gauged Watersheds in Saudi Arabia

1987  Satellite-Tracked Buoy Activities in Saudi Arabia

1987  Study of Water Transportation to Saudi Arabia

1987  Wastewater Criteria for Irrigation in Arid Regions

1986  Saudi Petrochemical Plant Noise Control

1985  Residential Real Estate Development in Saudi Arabia

1985  Saudi’s Begin to Train Their Own Engineers

1984  Taj Mahals in the Desert

1983  Construction Industry in Saudi Arabia

1981  Geotechnical Considerations for Construction in Saudi Arabia

1981  Problems with Drip Irrigation in Saudi Arabia

1981  Reservoirs in the Tihama Area of Saudi Arabia