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2013  Damping of Sands for Varying Saturation

2013  Saturation-Induce Failure: Mechanics of a Class of Unstable Processes

2013  Triggering a Shear Band in Variably Saturated Porous Materials

2012  Utilizing a Velocity Potential Approach to Linearize Richard’s Equation

2011  In-Situ Desaturation Test by Air Injection and Its Evaluation through Field Monitoring and Multiphase Flow Simulation

2010  Behavior of Concrete in Water Subjected to Dynamic Triaxial Compression

2009  Effects of Silt Content and Void Ratio on the Saturated Hydraulic Conductivity and Compressibility of Sand-Silt Mixtures

2008  Density Tests above Zero Air Voids Line

2008  Instantaneous Runoff Coefficient Variation and Peak Discharge Estimation Model

2007  Effective Stress from Force Balance on Submerged Granular Particles

2007  Effects of Pressure and Aging in SATS Test

2007  Induced-Partial Saturation for Liquefaction Mitigation: Experimental Investigation

2007  Intrinsic Sorptivity and Water Infiltration into Dry Soil at Different Degrees of Saturation

2007  Is P-Wave Velocity an Indicator of Saturation in Sand with Viscous Pore Fluid?

2007  Saturation and Preloading Effects on the Cyclic Behavior of Sand

2007  Wave-Induced Pore Pressures — Air/Gas Content

2006  Modeling of Settlement in Saturated and Unsaturated Municipal Landfills

2006  Unsaturated Shear Strength Behavior of a Fine Sand

2005  Biot — Frenkel Poromechanics in Russia (Review)

2005  Comparison of Upscaling Methods in Poroelasticity and Its Generalizations

2005  Impact of Salinity on the Air — Water Partition Coefficient of Gas Tracers

2005  Shaking Table Tests to Investigate Soil Desaturation as a Liquefaction Countermeasure

2004  Scheduled Controllers for Buildings under Seismic Excitation with Limited Actuator Capacity

2004  Soil-Water Characteristic Curve Equation with Independent Properties

2002  Micromechanical Basis of Concept of Effective Stress

2002  Micromechanics of Unsaturated Granular Media

2002  New Tests for Porosity and Water Absorption of Fired Clay Bricks

2001  Implementation of Porous Media Formulation for Geomaterials

2001  Numerical Analysis of Geomaterials within Theory of Porous Media

2001  Time-Dependent Poromechanical Responses of Saturated Cylinders

2000  Bank Instabilities along the Missouri River: The Role of Positive Pore-Water Pressures and Flow Releases

1999  Cyclic Critical Stress States of Sand with Non Frictional Effects

1999  Difluoromethane as Partitioning Tracer to Estimate Vadose Water Saturations

1999  Effects of Water Saturation on Retardation of Ground-Water Contaminants

1998  Controller Designs for Seismic-Excited Buildings with Bounded Actuators

1998  Elastoplastic Deformation Characteristics of Toyoura Sand During Liquefaction

1998  Formulation of Undrained Behavior of Saturated Sands from Drained Rebounded Response

1998  How to Make Concrete That Will Be Immune to the Effects of Freezing and Thawing

1998  Lane Volume and Saturation Flow Rate for Multilane Intersection Approach

1998  Research on Data Stream Coding of Vehicle Saturation in ITS

1998  Undrained Laterally Loaded Pile Responses in Sand

1998  Verification of Variably Saturated Flow Model

1997  Stability of Actively Controlled Structures with Actuator Saturation

1997  A Unique Approach for Physical Model Studies of Nitrogen Gas Supersaturation

1996  Analytical Study and Verification of a Coupled Theory of Mixtures for Application in Cone Penetration and Tunnel Boring in Soils

1996  Development of Localization in Undrained Deformation

1996  The Effect of Saturation on the Mechanical Properties of Tuff at Yucca Mountain

1996  Hydraulic Conductivity of Frozen Granular Soils

1996  Inelastic Strains of Porous Saturated Media

1996  Localization of Inelastic Deformation in Elasto-Plastic Pore Solids Saturated by Liquid

1996  Model of Shear Wave Speed as a Function of Depth in Water-Saturated Sand

1996  Modulated Waves in Porous Media Saturated by Liquid and Gas

1996  On Calibration of the UZ Site-Scale Model of Yucca Mountain

1996  Plane Waves and Pore Pressure in a Saturated Sand

1996  Probabilistic Solutions to Geotechnical Problems

1996  Relative Humidity in the Near-Field Environment

1996  Seismic Signatures of Patchy Saturation

1995  Experimental and Numerical Aqueous Flow Through a Partially Saturated Fracture

1995  Hydrothermal Analyses at the Waste-Package Scale for a Potential High-Level Waste Repository at Yucca Mountain

1995  Measurement of Oxygen Solubility in Non-Ideal Systems

1995  Plane-Strain Instability of Saturated Porous Media

1995  Prediction of Dissolved Gas Supersaturation Below Spillways

1995  Settlement of Clay Cover on Saturated Garbage

1994  Constraining Local 3-D Models of the Saturated-Zone, Yucca Mountain, Nevada

1994  Frost Susceptibility of Concrete in Near-Saturated States

1994  Hydration of Aluminate Cements

1994  Modeling a Ponded Infiltration Experiment at Yucca Mountain, NV

1994  Modeling Flow in Variably-Saturated Porous Media

1994  Modeling Infiltration Into a Tuff Matrix From a Saturated Vertical Fracture

1994  Saturation and Gas Migration Within Clay Buffers

1994  Saturation Levels and Trends in the Unsaturated Zone, Yucca Mountain, Nevada

1993  Dynamic Tests of Pipe Pile in Saturated Peat

1993  Mathematical Modeling of Saturated-Unsaturated Flow to Drains

1992  Dynamics of Saturated Rocks. IV: Column and Borehole Problems

1992  Harmonic Excitation of an Unconstrained Saturated Particle Bed

1992  Hydraulic Properties of a Fine-Grained Soil Under Various Capillary Pressures and Loadings

1992  Review of Wetting-Induced Collapse in Compacted Soil

1992  Saturation Flow and Capacity of Shared Permissive Left-Turn Lane

1992  Swell versus Saturation for Compacted Clay

1991  Effects of Saturation and Back Pressure on Sand Liquefaction

1991  Microwave Measurements of the Water Content of Bentonite

1991  Seismic Analysis of Gravity Dams. I: Modeling of Sediments

1991  Seismic Response of Gravity Dams. II: Effects of Sediments

1990  Accurate Method for Calculation of Saturation DO

1990  Point Sink Fundamental Solutions for Subsidence Prediction

1989  Axisymmetric Vibration of Disk Resting on Saturated Layered Half-Space

1989  Bearing Capacity of Shallow Foundation on Granular Column in Weak Clay

1989  Composite Infinite Element for Modeling Unbounded Saturated-Soil Media

1989  Density Tests Above Zero Air Voids Line

1989  Dynamics of Saturated Rocks. I: Equations of Motion

1989  Dynamics of Saturated Rocks. II: Body Waves

1989  Dynamics of Saturated Rocks. III: Rayleigh Waves

1989  Effect of Length on Fatigue Life of Long Thin Continuous Components

1989  An Interactive Microcomputer Program for One-Dimensional Solute Transport in Saturated Soil-Water Systems

1989  Modeling of Nitrate Transport Coupled Dentrification in the Saturated Zone

1988  Application of Variably Saturated Flow Theory to Clay Cover Liners

1988  Can CAM-Clay Model Be Generalized?

1988  Performance of Foundations Resting on Saturated Sands

1988  Shear Strength and Volume-Change Behavior of Copper Tailings Under Saturated Conditions

1986  Effects of Clay-Solution Interactions on Water Retention