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2015  Effective Soil Density for Small-Strain Shear Waves in Saturated Granular Materials

2015  Thermomechanical Constitutive Model for Saturated Clays Based on Critical State Theory

2014  The φ = 0 Concept: Review of its Theoretical Basis and Pragmatic Issues with Implementation

2014  Accuracy, Uncertainty, and Reliability of the Bearing-Capacity Equation for Shallow Foundations on Saturated Clay

2014  Consolidation of Soils

2014  Effect of Initial Partial Saturation on Collapse Behavior of Glacial Sand with Fines

2014  Effect of Soil Mineralogy and Pore-Water Chemistry on the Electrical Resistivity of Saturated Soils

2014  Experimental Study on the Effects of Initial Conditions on Liquefaction of Saturated and Unsaturated Sand

2014  Influence of Void Ratio on Static Soil-Structure Frictional Resistance of Dry and Saturated Sand

2014  Instability of Saturated and Unsaturated Coarse Granular Soils

2014  Laboratory Study of the Effect of Electromagnetic Waves on Airflow during Air Sparging

2014  Lateral Vibration of Pile Groups Partially Embedded in Layered Saturated Soils

2014  Measurement of Hydraulic Conductivity of Partially Saturated Soils

2014  Nondestructive Visualization and Quantification of 3-D Microstructure of Granular Materials and Direct Numerical Simulations

2014  Reassessment of Soil Suction at the Evaporation Rate Reduction Point for Saturated-Unsaturated Soil Surfaces

2013  Empirical Methodology to Estimate Seismically Induced Settlement of Partially Saturated Sand

2013  Experimental Validation of Suction Stress Characteristic Curve from Nonfailure Triaxial K0 Consolidation Tests

2013  Formulation and Characterization of Freezing Saturated Soils

2013  An Improved Cap Model for Partially Saturated Soils

2013  Influence of Cyclic Loading History on Small Strain Shear Modulus of Saturated Clays

2013  Liquefaction Response of Partially Saturated Sands. I: Experimental Results

2013  Liquefaction Response of Partially Saturated Sands. II: Empirical Model

2013  Localization of Shear in Saturated Granular Media: Insights from a Multi-Scaled Granular-Fluid Model

2013  Poro-Elasto-Plastic Modeling of Saturated Granular Soils Subjected to Blast Loading

2013  Postliquefaction Undrained Shear Behavior of Sand-Silt Mixtures at Constant Void Ratio

2013  Rotating Block Method for Seismic Displacement of Slopes of Saturated Clay

2013  The Scattering of Transient Plane SH Waves by Deep Buried Cylindrical Lined Cavity in Saturated Soil

2013  Seismic Response Characteristics of Saturated Sand Deposits Mixed with Tire Chips

2013  Specific Surface and Hydraulic Conductivity of Fine-Grained Soils

2013  Theoretical Solution for Dynamic Responses of Saturated Soils

2012  Centrifuge Evaluation of the Impact of Partial Saturation on the Amplification of Peak Ground Acceleration in Soil Layers

2012  Energy Dissipation in Nearly Saturated Poroviscoelastic Soil Columns during Quasi-Static Compressional Excitations

2012  Forensic Evaluation on the Bearing Capacity of Partially Saturated Soils—A Heuristic Approach

2012  Interaction between Electromagnetic Waves and Transport in Saturated Media

2012  Numerical Simulation of Interactions between the Shield-Supported Tunnel Construction Process and the Response of Soft Water-Saturated Soils

2012  Scattering of Harmonic Plane SV-Wave around an Unlined Pipeline in a Half-Space of Saturated Soil

2012  Settlement Estimation of Shallow Footings of Saturated and Unsaturated Sands

2011  Experimental Investigation of the Desiccation Cracking Behavior of Soil Layers during Drying

2011  Experimental Study of Wellbore Instability in Clays

2011  Finite Difference Method for Computation of 1D Pollutant Migration through Saturated Homogeneous Soil Media

2011  In Situ Experimental Study on SDC Grouting in Shanghai Saturated Soft Clay

2011  Interaction of Saturated Granular Soils with Pile Foundation: A Micro-Mechanical Study

2011  Rational Approximation for Uni-Dimensional Consolidation Differential Equation of Saturated Soil

2011  A Realistic Theory of Soils Consolidation

2011  Shaking Table Tests on Dry and Saturated Sand with Large Embedded Objects

2011  Transport and Deposition of Suspended Soil Colloids in Saturated Sand Columns

2010  Analytical Solution for Biot Flow–Induced Damping in Saturated Soil during Shear Wave Excitations

2010  Application of Effective Cone Factor for Strength Characterization of Saturated Clays

2010  Challenges in Prediction Earthquake-Induced Settlements of Partially Saturated Sands

2010  Dynamic Response of Pile Foundation in Partially Saturated Soils

2010  Effect of Cyclic Loading Frequency on Dynamic Properties of Marine Clay

2010  Influence of Soil Saturation on the Free Field Responds of Liquefiable Soils

2010  One-Dimensional Consolidation of Saturated Clays under Time-Dependent Loadings Considering Non-Darcy Flow

2010  Simple Modeling of Stress-Strain Relation for Unsaturated Soil

2009  Coupled Analyses of Excavations in Saturated Soil

2009  Cross-Well Radar. I: Experimental Simulation of Cross-Well Tomography and Validation

2009  Cross-Well Radar. II: Comparison and Experimental Validation of Modeling Channel Transfer Function

2009  Impact of Salinity on MS-2 Sorption in Saturated Sand Columns—Fate and Transport Modeling

2009  Vertical Vibration of a Flexible Foundation Resting on Saturated Layered Soil Half-Space

2008  Artificial Ground Freezing of Fully Saturated Soil: Viscoelastic Behavior

2008  Components of Dynamic Subgrade Reaction on Pile in Saturated Sand

2008  Dynamic Properties of Saturated Compacted Soils

2008  Dynamic Stress Concentrations in Lined Twin Tunnels within Fluid-Saturated Soil

2008  Effective Soil Density for Propagation of Small Strain Shear Waves in Saturated Soil

2008  Estimation of Soil Permeability Using an Acoustic Technique

2008  Hydraulic Conductivity Measurement from On-the-Fly uCPT Sounding and from VisCPT

2008  Improved Approach to Construct Constitutive Surfaces for Stable-Structured Soils Covering Both Saturated and Unsaturated Conditions

2008  Pore Fluid Induced Damping of Saturated Soil in Resonant Column Tests

2008  Postshaking Shear Strain Localization in a Centrifuge Model of a Saturated Sand Slope

2008  Yielding of Saturated Clays at Elevated Temperatures

2007  Investigation of 1-G Similitude Laws by "Modeling-of-Models" Exercise

2007  Modeling and Simulation of Saturated Geomaterials

2007  Postfailure Mechanics of Landslides: Laboratory Investigation of Flowslides in Pyroclastic Soils

2007  Soil Reactions in Saturated Sand Caused by Impulsive Loads

2007  Vertical Vibration of a Flexible Plate with Rigid Core on Saturated Ground

2007  Water Flow through Random Crack Network in Saturated Soil

2006  Cavity Expansion Theory and the Cone Penetration Test in Unsaturated Sands

2006  A Comprehensive Shear Strength Model for Saturated and Unsaturated Soils

2006  Cyclic Stress-Strain Behavior of Partially Saturated Soils

2006  Degree of Saturation and Liquefaction Resistances of Sand Improved with Sand Compaction Pile

2006  Determination of the Soil-Water Characteristic Curve Using the Evaporation Technique

2006  Effect of Cement and Saturation on the Stress-Strain Behavior of a Silty Clay

2006  Effects of Partial Saturation on Liquefiable Ground Response

2006  An Elasto-Plastic Model for Unsaturated Soils

2006  Elasto-Plastic Modeling of a Young Gneiss Residual Soil in Saturated and Non-Saturated Conditions

2006  Equivalent Stress for Unsaturated Soils

2006  Hydraulic Damping of Saturated Poroelastic Soils During Steady-State Vibration

2006  Influence of the Suction on the Stiffness at Very Small Strains

2006  An Initial Study on the Viscous Behaviour of a Partially Saturated Kaolinite Clay Based on Triaxial Tests

2006  Interaction between Trees and Buildings on Shrinkable Soils: A Detailed Field Study

2006  Modeling Soil Suction and Temperature Changes in Field Conditions

2006  Non-Monotonic Compression Test Study on Xiaoshan Saturated Soft Soils

2006  Numerical Simulation of Soil Densification Using Vibro-Stone Columns

2006  Preparation and Cyclic Testing of Partially Saturated Sands

2006  Propagation Characteristics of Rayleigh Waves in a Partially Saturated Ground

2006  Relating Damping to Soil Permeability

2006  A Simplified Formula for Estimating Real-Time Pore Water Pressure of Anisotropically-Consolidated Saturated Sands under Random Earthquake Loads

2006  Simulation of Dynamic Compaction Processes in Saturated Silty Soils

2006  Stress State Variables for Saturated and Unsaturated Soils

2006  A Study on the Shear Strength Envelope of an Unsaturated Colluvium Soil