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2015  Efficient Failure Analysis of Laminated Composites and Sandwich Cylindrical Shells Based on Higher-Order Zigzag Theory

2014  Continuously Stiffened Composite Web Shear Links: Tests and Numerical Model Validation

2014  Development of an Efficient Zigzag Model with Variable Representation of Displacements across the Thickness

2014  GFRP-Balsa Sandwich Bridge Deck: Concept, Design, and Experimental Validation

2013  Extension of the Strain Energy Updating Technique to a Multilayered Shell Model with Adaptive Displacements and Fixed DOF

2013  FRP-Balsa Composite Sandwich Bridge Deck with Complex Core Assembly

2013  Modeling of Interactive Buckling in Sandwich Struts with Functionally Graded Cores

2013  Performance of Composite Structural Insulated Panels after Exposure to Floodwater

2012  Behavior of Full-Scale Railway Turnout Sleepers from Glue-Laminated Fiber Composite Sandwich Structures

2012  Bio-Building Materials for Load-Bearing Applications: Conceptual Development of Reinforced Plastered Straw Bale Composite Sandwich Walls

2012  Explicit Analytic Solutions for the Accurate Evaluation of the Shear Stresses in Sandwich Beams

2012  Modeling of Buckling and Wrinkling Behavior in GFRP Plate and Sandwiches Subjected to Biaxial Compression-Tension Loading

2011  Behavior of Honeycomb FRP Sandwich Structure under Combined Effects of Service Load and Low Temperatures

2011  Contribution to Shear Wrinkling of GFRP Webs in Cell-Core Sandwiches

2010  Design Limits for Precast Concrete Sandwich Walls Subjected to External Explosions

2010  A Model for Rockfall Protection Structures Based on a Multi-Scale Approach

2010  Thermomechanical Behavior of Multifunctional GFRP Sandwich Structures with Encapsulated Photovoltaic Cells

2009  On the Flexural Analysis of Sandwich and Composite Arches through an Isoparametric Higher-Order Model

2008  Development of Structural Insulated Panel Standards

2008  Field Investigation of a Sandwich Plate System Bridge Deck

2008  Impact Mechanics and High-Energy Absorbing Materials: Review

2008  Non-Destructive Investigation & FEA Correlation on an Aircraft Sandwich Composite Structure

2008  Quasi-Static Indentation Behavior of Honeycomb Sandwich Materials and Its Application in Impact Simulations

2008  Structural Concept, Design, and Experimental Verification of a Glass Fiber-Reinforced Polymer Sandwich Roof Structure

2008  Wrinkling and Edge Buckling in Orthotropic Sandwich Beams

2007  Global and Local Buckling of a Sandwich Beam

2007  Measurement of the Timoshenko Shear Stiffness. I: Effect of Warping

2007  Measurement of the Timoshenko Shear Stiffness. II: Effect of Transverse Compressibility

2007  Structural Evaluation and Construction of Fiber-Reinforced Polymer Composites Strengthening Systems for the Sauvie Island Bridge

2007  Transverse Shear Including Skin Effect for Composite Sandwich with Honeycomb Sinusoidal Core

2006  Durability of FRP Composite Bridge Deck Materials under Freeze-Thaw and Low Temperature Conditions

2006  Dynamic Characteristics and Effective Stiffness Properties of Honeycomb Composite Sandwich Structures for Highway Bridge Applications

2006  FEA of Complex Bridge System with FRP Composite Deck

2006  Impact Response of Autoclave Aerated Concrete/FRP Sandwich Structures

2006  Impact Response of Elastic and Elastic-Plastic Sandwich Beams

2006  Modeling and Failure Analysis of Elastic-Plastic Sandwich Beams

2006  Nonlinear Response of Double-Wall Cylindrical Shell Vibrations under Random Excitation

2006  Probabilistic Structural Evaluation of Uncertainties in Radiator Sandwich Panel Design

2006  A True Innovation: Steel Plates with a Structural Elastomer Core

2006  Use of Inorganic Polymer to Improve the Fire Response of Balsa Sandwich Structures

2006  Vehicle-Induced Dynamic Performance of FRP versus Concrete Slab Bridge

2005  Analytical Study of Bifurcation and Nonlinear Behavior of Sandwich Columns

2005  Mechanics of Composite Sinusoidal Honeycomb Cores

2005  Planar Bending of Sandwich Beams with Transverse Loads off the Centroidal Axis

2004  Adhesively Bonded and Translucent Glass Fiber Reinforced Polymer Sandwich Girders

2004  Impact Analysis of Composite Sandwich I-Lam System

2004  Stability of Composite and Sandwich Struts by Mixed Formulation

2003  Control of Wave Propagation in Sandwich Plate Rows with Periodic Honeycomb Core

2002  Bi-Steel Steel-Concrete-Steel Sandwich Construction

2002  Embossed Steel Plate-Concrete Composite Member Subjected to Bending and Shear

2000  Solution of Circular Sandwich Ring under Two Forces Acting along Diameter

2000  Thermoelastic Stability of Two Bonded Half Planes

1999  Membrane Analogy of Buckling and Vibration of Inhomogeneous Plates

1998  Lateral Extrusion Analysis of Sandwiched Weak Soil in Slurry Trench

1997  Elasticity Solutions for Hertzian Loaded Composite Sandwich Plates

1997  Shear Strength Prediction of Steel-Concrete Sandwich Beams

1996  Developments in Sandwich Beam Theory and Practice

1996  Dynamics of Highly Deformable Sandwich Frame Structures

1995  Effects of Fabrication Process on Prestressed Composite Arches

1995  Nonlinear Transient Finite Element of Stressed Sandwich Composite Arches

1995  Performance of New Sandwich Tube Under Axial Loading: Analysis

1995  Performance of New Sandwich Tube Under Axial Loading: Experiment

1994  High-Order Bending of Sandwich Beams with Transversely Flexible Core and Nonparallel Skins

1994  Thermoelastic Theory of Cylindrical Sandwich Shells with Piezoelectric Sensors or Actuators

1993  Buckling and Postbuckling of Prestressed Sandwich Arches

1993  Double Skin Composite Construction for Submerged Tube Tunnels

1993  High-Order Behavior of Sandwich Beams with Flexible Core and Transverse Diaphragms

1993  High-Order Buckling Analysis of Sandwich Beams with Transversely Flexible Core

1993  Inelastic Buckling of Prestressed Sandwich or Homogeneous Arches

1993  Single-Shell Shotcrete Method

1993  Stability of Prebuckled Sandwich Elastica Arches: Parametric Study

1993  Stiffness Matrix for Exact Solution of Sandwich Beam and Frame Systems

1992  High-Order Theory for Sandwich-Beam Behavior with Transversely Flexible Core

1992  Structural Studies of Two Aerobrake Heatshield Panel Concepts

1991  Bending of Nonsymmetric Sandwich Beams with Transversely Flexible Core

1991  Sandwich-BarrellShell Construction by Inflation

1988  Point Concentrations in Thick-Faced Sandwich Beams

1984  Sandwich Plates with Interlayer Slips

1983  Sanwich-Panel Assemblies: Analytical Model

1983  Stability Investigations of Variable Core Sandwich

1982  Sandwich Bean-Columns with Interlayer Slips

1981  Deep and Multilayered Beams

1981  Forced Vibrations of Cylindrical Sandwich Shells

1981  Frequency-Response Functions of Orthotropic Sandwich Plates

1981  Superplastic Cone-Shaped Sandwich Cores

1980  Flexure of Laminated Beams

1978  Pneumatically Formed Sandwich Shell Roof Structures

1978  Superplastically Formed New Sandwich Cores

1978  Thermal Gradient Deflections and Stresses in Structural Sandwich Insulating Panels

1977  Analysis of Trussed Core Sandwich Plates

1977  Curved Multilayered Element for Axisymmetric Shells

1977  Thermal Buckling in Sandwich Panel Skins

1976  Minimum Reinforcement of Nonuniform Plates

1975  Optimally Reinforced Axisymmetric Plates

1974  Sandwich Plate Structure Analysis by Finite Element

1973  Lagrangian Formulation of Sandwich Shell Theory

1972  Nonlinear Sandwich Shell and Cosserat Surface Theory

1972  Plastic Sandwich Buckle-Shell Structures

1972  Shear-Flexible Orthotropic Plates Loaded in Plane

1971  Nonlinear Buckling Analysis of Sandwich Arches