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2011  Analytical Model for Fracture Grouting in Sand

2011  Numerical Simulation of the Influence of Initial State of Sand on Element Tests and Micropile Performance

2011  Penetrometer-Based Assessment of Spudcan Penetration Resistance

2011  Pipe-Soil Interaction Model Incorporating Large Lateral Displacements in Calcareous Sand

2011  Sand Replacement Method for Determination of Shrinkage Limit of Fine-Grained Soils

2011  Stability of Steep Slopes in Cemented Sands

2011  Sydney Soil Model. I: Theoretical Formulation

2011  Sydney Soil Model. II: Experimental Validation

2011  Transport and Deposition of Suspended Soil Colloids in Saturated Sand Columns

2011  Wave Overtopping and Overwash of Dunes

2010  Behavior of Sand-Rubber Mixtures According to Strain Level

2010  Behavior of Vertical Hydraulic Barriers Composed by Sandy Soil, Bentonite, and Cement Subjected to Alkaline Contaminants

2010  Challenges in Prediction Earthquake-Induced Settlements of Partially Saturated Sands

2010  Clay Subjected to Cyclic Loading: Constitutive Model and Time Homogenization Technique

2010  Controlling Preshear Relative Density in Triaxial Tests and Its Effects on Undrained Behavior of Sand

2010  Discrete Element Modeling of Vicksburg Sand and Lunar Simulant

2010  Effect of Suffusion on Mechanical Characteristics of Sand

2010  Effects of Particle Crushing in Stress Drop-Relaxation Experiments on Crushed Coral Sand

2010  Embankments over Soft Clay Deposits: Contribution of Basal Reinforcement and Surface Sand Layer to Stability

2010  Equivalent Effective Stress in Unsaturated Fine Sand

2010  Experimental Study on the Creep Behavior of the Yangtze River Sand

2010  Experiments on a Calcareous Rockfill Using a Large Triaxial Cell

2010  A Hypoplastic Sand Model Taking into Account Fabric Anisotropy

2010  Impact of Effective Stress on the Dynamic Shear Modulus of Unsaturated Sand

2010  Instability in Granular Materials: Experimental Evidence of Diffuse Mode of Failure for Loose Sands

2010  Investigation of Critical Depth of Liquefaction in Soil Deposits Containing Double Loose Sand Lenses

2010  Measured Soil-Pile Interaction Pressures for Small-Diameter Laterally Loaded Pile in Loose Sand

2010  Model Uncertainties in "Terzaghi and Peck" Methods for Estimating Settlement of Footings on Sand

2010  Modeling of Cyclic Plane Strain Response of Toyoura Sand

2010  Modification of the Hypoplasticity Von Wolffersdorff Equation Using a Bounding Surface and State-Dependent Peak Dilatancy Criterion

2010  A New 2D Failure Mechanism for Face Stability Analysis of a Pressurized Tunnel in Spatially Variable Sands

2010  Numerical Simulation of the Failure of Dense Sands Reinforced with a Smooth Brass Plate in Plane Strain Compression

2010  Settlement Behavior of a Shallow Foundation in Dry Sand under Simulated Earthquake Motion on a Biaxial Shake Table

2010  A Simplified Coupled Soil-Pore Water Pressure Generation for Use in Site Response Analysis

2010  Simulating Rate-Dependent Behavior of Geogrid-Reinforced Sands by FEM

2010  Slurry Induced Piping Progression of a Sand

2010  Static and Dynamic Properties of a Calcareous Sand from Southwest Puerto Rico

2010  Static Fatigue Produces Time Effects in Granular Materials

2009  Comparative Study of Two Standard Septic Tank Drain Fields Using Different Sand with Recirculation for Nutrient Removal

2009  Drained t-z Characterization for Piles/Shafts in Sand

2009  Effect of Sand Columns on the Load Response of Soft Clays

2009  Influence of Confining Micro Piles on the Bearing Capacity of Sand

2009  Investigation of Ground Improvement Effects: Two Case Studies

2009  Large Physical Modeling to Optimize the Geometrical Conditions of Geotextile in Reinforced Loose Sand

2009  Lateral Resistance of Helical Piles in Oil Sands

2009  The Lateral Response of Single Free Headed Piles in Sandy Soils — Methods, Measurements, and Reliability

2009  Load Transfer Behavior of Full-Scale Instrumented Screw Anchors

2009  Measured versus Predicted Shaft Resistance of H- and Closed Ended Pipe Piles in Sands

2009  Modeling Stress-Strain Behavior of Sand-EPS Beads Lightweight Fills Based on Cam-Clay Models

2009  Ultimate Micropile Bond Stresses Observed during Load Testing in Clays and Sands

2009  Undrained Point Load-Point Displacement Response of Piles/Drilled Shafts in Clay and Sand

2008  Behavior of ACIP Piles in Tension and Compression in Very Dense Sand: Load Test and FEM Analysis

2008  Behavior of Strip Footings on Reinforced and Unreinforced Sand Slope

2008  CFD Analysis of Outlet Energy Dissipation Structure at the Big Sand Wash Reservoir — Upalco, Utah

2008  Column Studies on the Capture and Destruction of E. coli from Simulated Urban Stormwater Runoff Using Conventional Bioretention Media and Iron Oxide-Coated Sand

2008  Compaction and Testing Method of Wind-Blown-Sand Subgrade

2008  Comparison of Recently Developed Liquefaction Analysis Methods at Two Fluvial Sand Sites

2008  Components of Dynamic Subgrade Reaction on Pile in Saturated Sand

2008  Cyclic Response of a Sand with Thixotropic Pore Fluid

2008  Degradation of Naphthalene in Aqueous Phase of Saturated Ottawa Sand Using Alternating and Direct Currents

2008  Development of Buried Sensors for Stiffness Measurements of Soft Clays Using Bender Elements

2008  Effect of Acid Effluent on the Characterization and Physio-Chemical Behaviour of Clayey and Sandy Soil

2008  Effect of Fines on Sand Residual Strength after Liquefaction

2008  Effect of Non-Plastic Fines on Cyclic Behaviour of Sandy Soils

2008  Effect of Sand Gradation and Fines Type on Liquefaction Behaviour of Sand-Fines Mixture

2008  Effects of Fines on Undrained Behaviour of Sands

2008  Effects of Mica Content on Cyclic Resistance of Poorly-Graded Sand

2008  Effects of Permeability on Liquefaction Resistance and Cone Resistance

2008  Experimental and Analytical Investigation of Geogrid MSE Walls

2008  Experimental Investigation of Drainage in Fractionally-Wet Sands in mm- and cm-Scale Columns

2008  Increase in Cyclic Liquefaction Resistance of Sandy Soil Due to Installation of Drilled Displacement Piles

2008  Influence of Mineral Composition on the Simple Shear Response of Sands: Experimental Study

2008  Laboratory Tests on Two Remolded Carbonate Soils from the Arabian Gulf Shore

2008  Low Cost Roads Construction by Soil Stabilization using Bituminous Materials in Al-Anbar Gypseous Sandy Soil

2008  Low Strain Shear Modulus of Sand-Clay Mixtures

2008  Mitigation of Liquefaction Potential of Silty Sands

2008  Modeling of Agglutinates and its Mechanical Properties

2008  Moisture and Nitrate Variation in Electrochemically-Controlled Drip Irrigation System in Sandy Soil

2008  Numerical and Physical Modeling of Liquefaction Mechanisms in Layered Sands

2008  Numerical Simulation of Seismic Ground Motion Isolation Using Fully Coupled Nonlinear Response in Saturated Sands

2008  Observations on Sand Boils from Simple Model Tests

2008  Passive Reactive Berm to Provide Low Maintenance Lead Containment

2008  Post-Liquefaction Shear Behavior of Bonneville Silty-Sand

2008  Probabilistic Analysis of Soil Water Characteristic Curves from Sandy Clay Loam

2008  Sand Aging Field Study

2008  Sand Slurry Injection: An Alternative Remediation for Special Projects

2008  Shaking Table Test on a Large Specimen of Mailiao Silty Sand

2008  Shearing Behavior of Sands in Terms of Compressibility Mechanisms

2008  Site Characterization Philosophy and Liquefaction Evaluation of Aged Sands — A Savannah River Site and Bechtel Perspective

2008  Stability Analyses of a Levee on Deep-Mixed Columns, Plaquemines Parish, Louisiana

2008  Stability of Levees over Soft Soil Improved by Deep Mixing Technology

2008  Static Cone to Compute Static Settlement over Sand

2008  Study on Uplift Behaviour of Plate Anchor in Geogrid Reinforced Sand Bed

2007  Development of the UWA-05 Design Method for Open and Closed Ended Driven Piles in Siliceous Sand

2007  Effect of Injection Pressure on Permeability and Strength of Microfine Cement Grouted Sand

2007  Effect of Wall Thickness on Plugging of Open Ended Steel Pipe Piles in Sand

2007  Hardness and Modulus of Individual Sand Particles Using Nanoindentation

2007  Lateral Load Tests on Bored Piles and Pile Groups in Sand

2007  Liquefaction Induced by Auger-Cast Piles: How Common?

2007  Meso-Scale Modeling of Deformation Banding in Saturated Dense and Loose Sands