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2015  Experimental and Numerical Simulation on Hexavalent Chromium Migration Characteristics by Permeable Fine-Grained Sand Barrier Filters

2014  Modeling Phosphorus Treatment Capacities of On-Site Wastewater Lateral Flow Sand Filters

2013  Design, Operation, and Analysis of a Biological Sand Filter Using Copper as a Disinfectant

2013  Heterogeneous Nitrification in a Full-Scale Rapid Sand Filter Treating Groundwater

2013  Modeling Sedimentation-Filtration Basins for Urban Watersheds Using Soil and Water Assessment Tool

2013  Novel Fluidic Control System for Stacked Rapid Sand Filters

2013  Proteinate-Capped Silver Nanoparticle Transport in Water-Saturated Sand

2012  Infiltration and Clogging by Sand and Clay in a Pervious Concrete Pavement System

2012  Productive Experimental Research on Treating the Yellow River Reservoir by GAC-Sand Filter

2012  Stacked Filters: Novel Approach to Rapid Sand Filtration

2012  Use of Bottom Ash In Lieu of Sand As Filter in Ash Dyke Embankment

2011  Arsenic(III) Adsorption by Mixed-Oxide-Coated Sand: Kinetic Modeling and Desorption Studies

2011  Effects of Hydraulic Loading Rate and Filter Length on the Performance of Lateral Flow Sand Filters for On-Site Wastewater Treatment

2011  Heterogeneity of Rapid Sand Filters and Its Effect on Contaminant Transport and Nitrification Performance

2011  Removal of Cryptosporidium-Sized Polystyrene Microspheres from Swimming Pool Water with a Sand Filter with and without Added Perlite Filter Media

2010  Bridging Process Threshold for Sediment Infiltrating into a Coarse Substrate

2010  Effect of Sand Columns on the Undrained Load Response of Soft Clays

2010  Impact of Storm-Water Runoff on Clogging and Fecal Bacteria Reduction in Sand Columns

2010  Modeling the Removal of Arsenic by Iron Oxide Coated Sand

2010  Modeling Urban Storm-Water Quality Treatment: Model Development and Application to a Surface Sand Filter

2010  Swine Wastewater Treatment Using Submerged Biofilm SBR Process: Enhancement of Performance by Internal Circulation through Sand Filter

2009  Comparison of Stratified Sand Filters and Percolation Trenches for On-Site Wastewater Treatment

2009  Impact of Salinity on MS-2 Sorption in Saturated Sand Columns—Fate and Transport Modeling

2009  Rainfall Infiltration Pattern in an Unsaturated Silty Sand

2009  Study of Low Dosage Pre-Ozonation on Sand Filtration Efficiency

2008  Effects of Sand Depth of Domestic Wastewater Renovation in Intermittently Aerated Leachfield Mesocosms

2008  Karl Terzaghi: From Theory to Practice in Geotechnical Filter Design

2008  Performance and Hydraulics of Lateral FLow Sand Filters for On-Site Wastewater Treatment

2008  Study of Pre-Ozonation on Sand Filter Efficiency

2007  Arsenic Removal by a Colloidal Iron Oxide Coated Sand

2007  Degradation of Microcystin-LR through Biological Sand Filters

2007  Enhanced Sand Filtration for Storm Water Phosphorus Removal

2007  Nitrogen Removal in Recirculating Sand Filter Systems with Upflow Anaerobic Components

2006  Arsenic Removal from Water by Moving Bed Active Filtration

2006  Bioreduction of Hexavalent Chromium in Flow-Through Quartz Sand Columns

2006  Deterministic-Based Model of Slow Sand Filtration. I: Model Development

2006  Deterministic-Based Model of Slow Sand Filtration. II: Model Application

2006  Enhanced Sand Filtration for Storm Water Phosphorus Removal

2006  Iron Oxide Coated Sand for Arsenic Removal: Investigation of Coating Parameters using Factorial Design Approach

2004  Bioclogging of Sand due to Biodegradation of Aircraft Deicing Fluid

2004  Migration of Heavy Metals in Saturated Sand and Bentonite/Soil Admixture

2003  Passive Slow Sand Filter Amendments for Clay Removal and Corrosion Control

2003  Performance, Cost, and Maintenance Requirements of Austin Sand Filters

2002  Filter Sand-Phosphate Buffer Effect on 2,4-Dinitrotoluene Ozonation

2002  Mathematical Modeling of Encapsulated Buffer Performance in Sand Columns

2002  Rapid Sand Filtration

2002  Slow Sand Filtration

2002  Water Resources: Air Bubbles Surface as an Unexamined Problem in Drinking Water Treatment

2001  A Preliminary Assessment of the Cost, Maintenance Requirements and Performance of Sand Filters

2001  Slow Sand Filtration

2000  Enhanced Ripening of Slow Sand Filters

2000  Plant Uses Sand for Faster Treatment

2000  Recharging Aquifers in Saudi Arabia with Secondary Effluents through Amended Sand

1999  Condition Survey of CSP Detention and Sand Filter Stormwater Management Systems

1999  Removal of Arsenic from Ground Water by Manganese Dioxide–Coated Sand

1998  Bench-Scale Investigation on Vibrorecovery of NAPL Ganglia from Sands

1998  Pulverized Glass as an Alternative Filter Medium

1998  Removal of Selenium in Drinking Water by Manganese Greensand, Iron Oxide-Coated Sand and Ion-Exchange Resin

1998  Testing the Delaware Sand Filter’s Effectiveness for Treating Stormwater Runoff

1997  Water Quality Retrofit of an Existing Drainage Basin Using a Sand Filter Design

1996  Recreational Impoundments Retrofit of Existing and Design of New Facilities

1995  Dynamics of Deep-Bed Filtration: Velocity, Depth, and Media

1995  Treatment of an Urban River by Sidestream Nitrification

1995  Treatment of an Urban River Using Rotating Biological Contactors and Sand Filters

1994  Filtration and Backwashing Performance of Biologically-Active Filters

1994  Sand Filter Backwast Pit Criticality Analysis

1994  Vapor Adsorption of Trichloroethylene on Quartz Sands of Varying Grain Size

1994  Washing of Bentonite in Laboratory Hydraulic-Conductivity Tests

1993  Prediction of Filtrate Turbidity by Parameter Estimation

1993  Slow Sand Filtration of Secondary Effluent

1993  Washout of Grains from Filtered Sand and Gravel Materials

1992  Basic Properties of Sand and Gravel Filters (Paper introduced by James R. Talbot)

1991  Biological and Physical Mechanisms in Slow Sand Filtration

1991  Construction, Operation, and Maintenance Costs

1991  Microorganism Removals by Slow Sand Filtration

1991  Operation and Maintenance

1991  Pilot Plants for Slow Sand Filters

1991  Slow Sand Filter Design

1991  Slow Sand Filtration: Present Practice in the United States

1991  Source Water Quality and Pretreatment Options for Slow Sand Filters

1990  Virus Removal by Sand Filtration of Septic Tank Effluent

1989  Comparison of Preozonation and Prechlorination in the Treatment of Several Raw Water Supplies

1989  Design and Construction of Slow Sand Filters

1989  A Method for Design and Evaluation of Rapid Sand Filters Treating Secondary Effluents

1987  Drinking Water Treatment Using Slow Sand Filtration

1987  Optimal Design of Rapid Sand Filters for Water Supply Treatment

1987  Piping Susceptibility and Filter Criteria for Sands

1987  Seasonal Effects on Total Bacterial Removals in a Rapid Sand Filtration Plant

1987  Slow Sand Filtration of Tropical Source Waters

1986  Radium Removal from Groundwater Using Sorption to Filter Sand

1986  Slow Rate Sand Filtration Using a Zeolite Surface Amendment

1985  Earth Dam Seepage Control, SCS Experience

1984  Basic Properties of Sand and Gravel Filters

1984  The Performance of Two Intermittent Sand Filters

1983  Lagoon Effluent Polishing with Intermittent Sand Filters

1983  Rapid Sand Filtration of Giardia Cysts

1983  Removal of Microorganisms by Slow Rate Sand Filtration

1983  Slow Rate Sand Filtration for Providing Drinking Water for Small Communities

1982  UV Disinfection for Onsite Filter Effluent

1981  Greywater Management for Isolated Northern Communities