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2015  Concrete Surface Topography as a Function of Freeze-Thaw Exposure and Abrasive Blasting

2014  Dependence of the Material Properties of Lightweight Cemented Soil on the Curing Temperature

2014  Effect of a Sand Mix Interlayer on Thermal Cracking in Overlays

2014  Effect of Plant-Induced Calcite Precipitation on the Strength of Sand

2014  Laboratory Evaluation of Utilizing Waste Heavy Clay and Foundry Sand Blends as Construction Materials

2014  Rational Procedure for Composition of Screed Mortar with Recycled Sand at a Construction Site

2014  Sand Impact Tests of a Half-Scale Crew Module Test Article

2014  Synthesis and Characterization of Fly Ash Geopolymer Sand

2013  Influence of Fungus on Properties of Concrete Made with Waste Foundry Sand

2013  Interface Behavior of Woven Geotextile with Rounded and Angular Particle Sand

2013  Shear Strength Characteristics of an Artificially Cemented Sand-Gravel Mixture

2013  Soil Stabilization in the Fill Project of the Olympic Rowing-Canoeing Park in Beijing

2013  Triaxial Testing on Saturated Mixtures of Sand and Granulated Rubber

2013  Use of Recycled Sand Produced at Construction Sites in Bedding Mortars

2012  Comparison of Laser-Based and Sand Patch Measurements of Pavement Surface Macrotexture

2012  Effect of Geocell Type on Load-Carrying Mechanisms of Geocell-Reinforced Sand Foundations

2012  Effects of Fly Ash and Foundry Sand on Performance of Architectural Precast Concrete

2012  Particle Shape Estimates of Uniform Sands: Visual and Automated Methods Comparison

2012  Prediction Method of Long-Term Mechanical Behavior of Largely Deformed Sand Asphalt with Constant Loading Creep Tests

2011  Artificial Beach Construction with Sand/Gravel Made by Crushing Rock

2011  Comparison of Predicted Cyclic Resistance Ratios from CPT, DMT, and Shear Wave Velocity Tests in Griffin, Indiana

2011  Continuous Stiffness Monitoring of Cemented Sand through Resonant Frequency

2011  Determination of Elastic Constants of Frozen Rubber-Sand Mixes by Ultrasonic Testing

2011  Effect of Recycled Sand Content on Characteristics of Mortars and Concretes

2011  Hydraulic Conductivity of Bentonite Grouted Sand

2011  Mechanical-Cement Stabilization of Laterite for Use as Flexible Pavement Material

2011  Micromechanical Analysis for Interparticle and Assembly Instability of Sand

2011  Study on Strength Developing Regularity of Concrete with Proto-Machine-Made Sand

2011  Swell Mitigation with Granulated Tire Rubber

2011  Use of A¯=0 as a Failure Criterion for Weakly Cemented Soils

2011  Variables Controlling Strength of Artificially Cemented Sand: Influence of Curing Time

2010  Characteristics of Rubber-Sand Particle Mixtures according to Size Ratio

2010  Characterizing Resilient Behavior of Naturally Occurring Bituminous Sands for Road Construction

2010  Experimental Study on Flexural Testing of Compacted Soil Beams

2010  Investigation of Tire Chips-Sand Mixtures As Preventive Measure against Liquefaction

2010  Micromechanical Modeling for Inherent Anisotropy in Granular Materials

2010  Modified Schapery’s Model for Asphalt Sand

2010  Observations on Sand Jets in Air

2010  Shear Strength of Fiber-Reinforced Sands

2010  Stiffness of Sand Mastic versus Stiffness of Asphalt Binder Using Three-Dimensional Discrete Element Method

2010  Study on Cement-Treated Yangtze Hydraulic Sand Mixed with Expanded Polystyrenes (EPS) Beads as Backfill Material in Highway Embankments

2010  Time Effects Relate to Crushing in Sand

2010  Using Foundry Sand in Green Infrastructure Construction

2009  Contraction, Dilation, and Failure of Sand in Triaxial, Torsional, and Rotational Shear Tests

2009  Creating Artificially Cemented Sand Specimen with Foamed Grout

2009  Granular Lightweight Fill Composed of Sand and Tire Scrap

2009  Load Transfer Mechanisms of Tip Post-Grouted Drilled Shafts in Sand

2009  Particle Network Model for Simulating the Filtration of a Microfine Cement Grout in Sand

2009  Pendular Element Model for Contact Grouting

2009  Properties of Thermoplastics Reinforced with Foundry Sand Waste

2009  Study on Rebound Deformation Behavior of Sand-Gravel Material

2009  Utilizing Waste Recycled Glass as Sand/Cement Replacement in Concrete

2008  Accurate Measurement of Vertical Stress Distribution Underneath Sand Columns

2008  Cell Size Effects in Characterizing Dry Quartz Sand Particles

2008  Colloidal Silica Gel and Sand Mixture Dynamic Properties

2008  Density and Strength Properties of Sand-Expanded Polystyrene Beads Mixture

2008  Density Effects on the Aging Behavior of Sands and the Anisotropy of Aging-Induced Stiffness Increases

2008  Development of a P-Wave Measurement System for Laboratory Specimens

2008  Dynamic Performance of Toyoura Sand Reinforced with Randomly Distributed Carpet Waste Strips

2008  Effect of Moisture on the Peak Shear Stress and Compressibility of a Carbonate Cemented Sand of Southern New Mexico

2008  Effects of Cyclic Rotation of Principal Stress Axes and Intermediate Principal Stress Parameter on the Deformation Behavior of Sands

2008  Evaluation of Dynamic Properties of a Calcite Cemented Gravely Sand

2008  Instrumentation for the NEESR Sand Aging Field Experiment

2008  Investigating the Critical State Using Laboratory Ring Shear Tests

2008  Transport of Lactate-Modified Nanoscale Iron Particles in Sand Columns

2007  Behavior of a Sodium Silicate Grouted Sand

2007  Behavior of Interlocking Grouted Stabilized Sand — Fly Ash Brick Masonry under Uniaxial Cyclic Compressive Loading

2007  Borehole Preparation Technique for Pressuremeter Testing in Sand Gravel and Cobbles

2007  Cementation Effects on Rigid-Soft Particle Mixtures

2007  Creep of Sand – Rubber Mixtures

2007  Distribution of Horizontal Distance Traveled by Saltating Sand Grains in Air

2007  Effect of Testing Geometry on Measuring Fatigue of Asphalt Binders and Mastics

2007  Modeling Internal Erosion in Porous Media

2007  Relationship between Grain Size and Shape of Natural and Crushed Sand

2006  Arching Prediction in Granular Materials with a Nonlinear Yield Condition

2006  Biological Clogging in Compacted Mixtures of Ottawa Sand and Kaolinite

2006  Characterization of Healing in Sand Asphalt Mixtures Using a Thermomechanical Framework

2006  Closed-Form Functions for the Soil Water-Retention Curve of Sand Fractions and Sand Mixtures

2006  Detrmination of Honeycomb Material Properties: Existing Theories and an Alternative Dynamic Approach

2006  Drained and Undrained Strengths of Sand in Axisymmetric Tests at High Pressures

2006  Effect of Plastic Fines on the Undrained Behavior of Sands

2006  Effect of Pore Water Pressure on Stress- Strain Characteristics of Dense Sand

2006  Elasto-Plastic Constitutive Model for Bonded Sand over a Wide Stress Region

2006  Experimental Observation of Shear Deformation Patterns in Sands using Digital Photogrammetry

2006  High Volume Fly Ash Concrete for Pavement Applications with Gap Graded Aggregates: Marginal and Fine Sands

2006  How to Swim in Sand

2006  Laboratory Study on the Mechanical Behavior of Tire Chip-Sand Mixture

2006  Metallic Characterization of Foundry By-Products per Waste Streams and Leaching Protocols

2006  A Model for Large Scale Near-Real Time Simulation of Granular Material Flow

2006  Modeling the Freezing in Coarse Grained Sands on a Microstructural Level

2006  Modeling Turbulent Mixing and Sand Distribution in the Bottom Boundary Layer

2006  Parameters Influencing the Design of Reinforcement in Sands

2006  Rate-Dependent Behavior of Sands Subjected to Cyclic Loads

2006  Rate-Type Model for Bituminous Mixtures and Its Application to Sand Asphalt

2006  Static Cone Penetration Resistance of Cemented Sands: A Laboratory Investigation

2006  Temperature Effects on Suction Characteristic Curve of Bentonite-Sand Mixtures

2006  Unified Sand Model Based on the Critical State and Generalized Plasticity

2005  Change in Multiple Yield Surfaces of Dense Toyoura Sand with Shearing in a p’-Constant Plane

2005  Cyclic Behavior of Sand Under Very Low Effective Stresses

2005  Effects of Initial and Induced Anisotropy on Initial Stiffness of Sand by Triaxial and Bender Elements Tests