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2014  Comprehensive Field Study of Swash-Zone Processes. II: Sheet Flow Sediment Concentrations during Quasi-Steady Backwash

2014  Cross-Shore Redistribution of Nourished Sand near a Breaker Bar

2014  Effect of Bed Sand Content on the Turbulent Flows Associated with Clusters on an Armored Gravel Bed Surface

2014  Wave Runup in a Sand Bed Physical Model

2013  A Constitutive Model for Sand Incorporating the Effects of Rotation of Principal Stress and State-Parameter-Dependant Dilatancy

2013  Effect of Gravel-Sand Mulch on Soil Water and Temperature in the Semiarid Loess Region of Northwest China

2013  Lower Columbia River Sand Supply and Removal: Estimates of Two Sand Budget Components

2013  A Poro-Elastic Model for Underwater Sand and Silt

2013  Properties and Applications of Cement-Treated Sand-Expanded Polystyrene Bead Lightweight Fill

2013  Relevant Factors for the Liquefaction Susceptibility of Cyclically Loaded Offshore Monopiles in Sand

2013  Residual Liquefaction of Seabed under Standing Waves

2013  Sand Transport over an Immobile Gravel Substrate

2013  Self-Burial and Potential Hazards of a Submarine Pipeline in the Sand Wave Area in the South China Sea

2012  Beach Erosion and Recovery

2012  Onshore Migration of Emerged Ridge and Ponded Runnel

2012  Seasonal to Decadal Variability of Longshore Sand Transport at the Northwest Coast of Portugal

2011  The 2012 San Diego Regional Beach Sand Project

2011  Coupling High-Resolution Acoustic Sensor Measurements with Analytical and Numerical Porous Media Solute Transport Modeling

2011  The Forecast of Anapa Bay-Bar Coast Evolution and Sand Body Thickness Change

2011  Investigating the Role of Clasts on the Movement of Sand in Gravel Bed Rivers

2011  Longshore Transport of Sand and Beach Nourishment

2011  Model for Mixture Theory Simulation of Vortex Sand Ripple Dynamics

2011  Physical Basis for Quasi-Universal Relationships Describing Bankfull Hydraulic Geometry of Sand-Bed Rivers

2011  Sand Bypassing at Santa Barbara, California

2011  Seawalls, Seacliffs, Beachrock: What Beach Effects? Part 2

2011  USGS Streamflow Data and Modeling Sand-Bed Rivers

2011  Waimea River Mouth to Kekaha Beach, Kauai, Hawaii: Two Distinctive Natural Sands

2010  Bridge Pier Scour in Clay-Sand Mixed Sediments at Near-Threshold Velocity for Sand

2010  Comparison of Underwater MASW, Seismic CPT, and Downhole Methods: Offshore Croatia

2010  Cone Tip Resistance of Highly Compressible Jeju Beach Sand

2010  Effects of Bed Load and Suspended Load on Separation of Sands and Fines in Mixed Sediment

2010  Experimental Study of Sand and Slurry Jets in Water

2010  Local Scour and Development of Sand Wave around T-Type and L-Type Groynes

2010  Modeling the Effect of Flow and Sediment Transport on White Sturgeon Spawning Habitat in the Kootenai River, Idaho

2010  Performance of Plastic Pipes Installed in Dune Sand

2010  Using Flotation to Separate Oil Spill Contaminated Beach Sands

2009  Berm and Dune Erosion during a Storm

2009  Geophysical Investigations at Shishmaref, Alaska

2009  Improvement of Coastal Silty Sand of Saudi Arabia Using Preloading Technique

2009  Suspended Sand Transport along Pier Depression

2009  Toe Scour of Seawall on a Steep Seabed by Breaking Waves

2009  Two-Dimensional Nonequilibrium Noncohesive and Cohesive Sediment Transport Model

2008  Highway Performance Analysis and Construction Quality Control of Fine Sand of the Yangtze River Estuary

2008  Hydraulic Characteristics of the Hurricane Surge in the Mississippi Delta and Implications for Geotechnical Design of Coastal Protections

2008  Inverse Estimation of Sand Transport Rates on Nourished Delaware Beaches

2008  Laboratory Model Study on Densification of Hydraulically-Filled Fine Sands by Vibro-Compaction

2008  Liquefaction Resistance of Sands Containing Varying Amounts of Fines

2008  Mechanism of Backfilling Sand Discharge from a Gap under Vertical Revetment

2008  Navigating the Regulatory Environment: Beneficial Use of Dredged Sand in New Bedford Harbor

2008  New Approaches to Stability Analysis of Steep Coastal Bluffs

2008  A Study of Nutrient Retention Dynamics in Vegetated and Non-Vegetated Bioretention Mesocosms

2008  Transport of Sand and Partly Cohesive Sediments in a Circular Pipe Run Partially Full

2007  Bathymetric Evolution of a Sandy Bed under Transient Progressive Waves

2007  Beach Stabilization Works Against Wind Blown Sand on Beaches: Experiences from Japan

2007  Case Study: Promoting the Stability of the Óbidos Lagoon Inlet

2007  Change in Longitudinal Profile Using Sand of Mixed Grain Size in Large Wave Tank and its Numerical Simulation

2007  Channel Evolution and Sediment Transport in a Restored Sand Bed Stream

2007  Coastal Structure Design for Shore Protection and Sand Retention: Practical Aspects

2007  Critical Shear Stress of Bimodal Sediment in Sand-Gravel Rivers

2007  Determination of Overfill Factor for Offshore Sand in Barrier Island Restoration on the Louisiana Coast

2007  Development of a New Practical Model for Sand Transport Induced by Non-Breaking Waves and Currents

2007  Development of a Sampler for Measurement of Gas Content in Soils

2007  Effects of Permeability on the Performance of Mixed Sand-Gravel Beaches

2007  Engineering Guidelines for the Siting of Sand Bypassing Discharges

2007  Equilibrium Beach Profile Concept for Delaware Beaches

2007  Evaluation of an Experimental LiDAR for Surveying a Shallow, Braided, Sand-Bedded River

2007  Evaluation of Controlling Effect of Sand Transport by Detached Breakwaters Built on Dynamically Stable Beach

2007  Experimental Study of Fine Sand Particle Settling in Turbulent Open Channel Flows over Rough Porous Beds

2007  Factors Influencing the Long-Term Stability of the Carbonate Sand Beaches of Mauritius

2007  Field Measurement and Modelling of Scour Pit Dynamics in a Sandy Estuary

2007  Field Observations of Step Dynamics on a Macrotidal Gravel Beach

2007  Flow Measurement Using Flying ADV Probes

2007  Geologic Characterization of Shelf Areas Using usSEABED for GIS Mapping, Modeling Processes and Assessing Marine Sand and Gravel Resources

2007  Influence of Changing Management Regimes on the Morphodynamic Response of a Mixed Gravel and Sand Barrier Beach

2007  The Influence of Groundwater on Profile Evolution of Fine and Coarse Sand Beaches

2007  Large-Scale Laboratory Modeling of Suspended Sand Concentration Fluctuations under Irregular Waves

2007  Longshore Current and Sediment Transport on Beaches

2007  Longshore Sand Transport Calculated by Time-Dependent Shear Stress

2007  Longshore Sand Transport Rate Measurements Using Small-Scale Physical Models

2007  Mississippi River Sand for Barrier Island Restoration in Louisiana: Geophysical and Geotechnical Investigations for Sand Mining

2007  Mixed Sand and Gravel Beach Design and Construction for Habitat Restoration

2007  Model for Predicting Beach Changes on Coast with Sand of Mixed Grain Size Based on Bagnold’s Concept

2007  Navigation at the Amazon River Mouth: Sand Bank Migration and Depth Surveying

2007  Quantitative Evaluation of Controlling Effect of Headland on Longshore Sand Transport Using Model for Predicting Changes in Contour Lines and Grain Size

2007  A Rapid Compatibility Analysis of Potential Offshore Sand Sources for Beaches of the Santa Barbara Littoral Cell

2007  A Relic Sand Wave Field in a Tidal Channel

2007  Restoration-Quality Sand from Ship Shoal, Louisiana: Geotechnical Investigation for Sand on a Drowned Barrier Island

2007  Sand Bypassing Restores Natural Processes to Assateague Island, Maryland

2007  Tracking Sediment Particles under Wave-Current Coexisting Field

2007  Two-Dimensional Scour Hole Problem: Role of Fluid Structures

2007  Two-Fraction Formulation of Critical Shear Stresses for Sand and Silt Mixtures

2007  Why Are Shingle Beaches Replacing Sandy Beaches? (Coastal Zone of NW Portugal)

2006  Approach to Separate Sand from Gravel for Bed-Load Transport Calculations in Streams with Bimodal Sediment

2006  Depth of Sand Activation on Protected and Non-Protected Nourished Beaches: A Laboratory Study in a Large-Scale Wave Flume

2006  Erosion of the Sandy Bottom in Front of a Seawall (Véran Site, Gulf of Lions, Mediterranean Coast)

2006  General Methodology for Inlet Reservoir Model Analysis of Sand Management Near Tidal Inlets

2006  High Frequency Data Acquisition System for Field Measurement of Hydraulic Conductivity in a Sand Aquifer

2006  Large-Scale Coastline Dynamics and Sand Waves

2006  Lateral Variations in Suspended Sediment Concentration over Dunes

2006  Measured and Predicted Suspended Sand Transport on a Sandy Shoreface