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2015  Finite-Element Reliability Analysis of Structures Subjected to Fire

2015  Medium-Term Urban Water Demand Forecasting with Limited Data Using an Ensemble Wavelet-Bootstrap Machine-Learning Approach

2015  Parameter Selection in Finite-Element-Model Updating by Global Sensitivity Analysis Using Gaussian Process Metamodel

2014  Estimation of Concentration and Load of Suspended Bed Sediment in a Large River by Means of Acoustic Doppler Technology

2014  Ground Freezing and Sampling of Pleistocene Sand near Charleston, South Carolina

2014  In Situ Regolith Bulk Density Measurement for a Coiling-Type Sampler

2014  Influence of Spatial Variability on Pavement Responses Using Latin Hypercube Sampling on Two-Dimensional Random Fields

2014  Methodology to Characterize Ideal Short-Term Counting Conditions and Improve AADT Estimation Accuracy Using a Regression-Based Correcting Function

2014  Methods for Accumulating Construction and Material Quality Test Results and Their Effect on Acceptance Decisions

2014  Sampling of Small Regolith Particles from Asteroids Utilizing an Alternative Electrostatic Field and Electrostatic Traveling Wave

2014  Selection of Geotechnical Parameters Using the Statistics of Small Samples

2014  Study of Burst Alarming and Data Sampling Frequency in Water Distribution Networks

2014  Study of MEPDG Sensitivity Using Nonparametric Regression Procedures

2014  Variability and Uncertainty in Consolidation and Settlement Parameters from Different Sampling and Testing Methods

2013  Application of a Sampling Based on the Combined Objectives of Parameter Identification and Uncertainty Analysis of an Urban Rainfall-Runoff Model

2013  Development of High-Speed Ultrawideband Ground-Penetrating Radar for Rebar Detection

2013  Effects of Storage Conditions on Chromium (III) and Chromium (VI) in Two Types of Potable Water

2013  LunarVader: Development and Testing of Lunar Drill in Vacuum Chamber and in Lunar Analog Site of Antarctica

2013  Naturally Frozen Soils from the Field to the Laboratory

2013  Oil-Operated Fixed-Piston Sampler and Its Applicability

2013  Optimal Design of Groundwater-Quality Sampling Networks with Three-Dimensional Selection of Sampling Locations Using an Ensemble Smoother

2013  Performance of Ductile Iron Pipes. II: Sampling Scheme and Inferring the Pipe Condition

2013  Sample Collection into Sterile Vacuum Tubes to Preserve Arsenic Speciation in Natural Water Samples

2013  Sensitivity and Reliability Analysis of a Self-Anchored Suspension Bridge

2013  Use of Water Quality Model Uncertainty Analysis to Develop Sampling Design Criteria for In-stream Carbon

2012  An Application of Wet Grab Sampling to Quality Assurance of DEEP-Mixed Soil

2012  Assessment of Water Quality Sampling Sites by a Dynamic Programming Approach

2012  Comparison of Hollow-Fiber Ultrafilters with Pleated Capsule Filters for Surface and Tap Water Samples Using U.S. EPA Method 1623

2012  Complex Stiffness Gradient Estimation of Field-Aged Asphalt Concrete Layers Using the Direct Tension Test

2012  Conversions of Surface Grain-Size Samples Collected and Recorded Using Different Procedures

2012  Effects of Stress Path Rotation Angle on Small Strain Responses

2012  Electrostatic Regolith Sampling from Asteroids

2012  Evaluating the Performance of Ordinary Kriging in Mapping Soil Salinity

2012  Exploring and Sampling on Mars with NASA’s 2012 Curiosity Rover

2012  Extreme Impact Contamination Events Sampling for Real-Sized Water Distribution Systems

2012  Hierarchical Sampling for Efficient and Comprehensive Community Connectivity Analysis: A Michigan Case

2012  Identifying Sampling Interval for Event Detection in Water Distribution Networks

2012  Preliminary Laboratory Tests to Study the Increase of Strength in Samples of Soft Soils with Cement, for Treatments Using Dry-Mix System

2012  A Research Framework for Work Sampling and Its Application in Developing Comparative Direct and Support Activity Proportions for Different Trades

2012  Rotary Percussive Sample Acquisition Tool

2012  Skip-Lot Acceptance Sampling Plans for Highway Construction and Materials

2012  Spinning Landers for Solar System Exploration: An Update

2012  Study on Average Travel Speed in Road Network Calculated by Floating Car Data in Different Samples

2012  Tailored Extended Finite-Element Model for Predicting Crack Propagation and Fracture Properties within Idealized and Digital Cementitious Material Samples

2012  Using ASTM E1155 to Determine Finished Floor Quality: Minimum Sampling Requirements Used to Establish Compliant Floor Flatness and Levelness

2012  Variance of Discharge Estimates Sampled Using Acoustic Doppler Current Profilers from Moving Platforms

2012  Water Contamination Impact Evaluation and Source-Area Isolation Using Decision Trees

2011  Activity Analysis for Direct-Work Rate Improvement in Construction

2011  Adjoint-Based Probabilistic Characterization of Contaminant Sources in Water Distribution Systems under Realistic Flow and Sampling Conditions

2011  Applying Dynamic Surrogate Models in Noisy Genetic Algorithms to Optimize Groundwater Remediation Designs

2011  Approximate Importance Sampling Approach Based on DSmT in Structural Reliability Analysis

2011  Approximation Techniques for Transportation Network Design Problem under Demand Uncertainty

2011  Characterization of Petroleum-Hydrocarbon Fate and Transport in Homogeneous and Heterogeneous Aquifers Using a Generalized Uncertainty Estimation Method

2011  Determining the Small Sample Size of Probe Vehicles Based on Micro-Simulation

2011  The Effect of Pavement Condition Data Sampling on Project Boundary Selection

2011  Evaluation of a Centrifuge Consolidation Technique for Preparation of Direct Simple Shear Samples

2011  Expected Building Damage Using Stratified Systematic Sampling of Failure Triggering Events

2011  Optimal Drought Management Using Sampling Stochastic Dynamic Programming with a Hedging Rule

2011  Optimization of Sampling Plan and Sufficiency for Long-Term Monitoring Plan at Vance AFB Using MAROS Model

2011  Research on Parameter Estimation for Small Sample Censored Data

2011  Sample Treatment of Uncertainties in Earthquake Portfolio Risk Analysis

2011  Sampling and Analysis Methods for Estimation of Average Vehicle Occupancies

2011  Sampling and Condition Assessment of Ductile Iron Pipes

2011  Sediment Monitoring Bias by Automatic Sampler in Comparison with Large Volume Sampling for Parking Lot Runoff

2011  A Sequential Monte Carlo Method to Update the Conditional Solute Concentration in a Three Dimensional Contaminant Transport Model

2011  Spectral Sampling Method for Uncertainty Propagation in Long-Wave Runup Modeling

2011  Structural Reliability Applications of Nonstationary Spectral Characteristics

2011  Study on Travel Time Reliability of Probe Vehicle System Based on Minimum Sample Size Analysis

2011  Theoretical Analysis and Research on Soil Disturbance by Sampling Penetration in Soft Soil Area

2011  Uncertainty Analysis of Creep and Shrinkage Effects in Long-Span Continuous Rigid Frame of Sutong Bridge

2010   "Kriging Assistant": A Geostatistical Analysis and Evaluation Tool

2010  Deep Drilling and Sampling via Compact Low-Mass Rotary-Hammer Auto-Gopher

2010  Development of a Laboratory Based Stormwater Sampling and Test Facility Utilizing Natural Stormwater Runoff

2010  Effect of Adaptive Cluster Sampling Design on Accuracy of Sediment Rating Curve Estimation

2010  Effects of Offshore Sampling and Testing on Undrained Soil Shear Strength

2010  Extreme Impact Contamination Events Sampling for Water Distribution Systems Security

2010  Flow-Sequential Sector-Specific Lumped Algorithm for Water Network Calibration

2010  Observations on Limit Equilibrium–Based Slope Reliability Problems with Inclined Weak Seams

2010  An Overview of the Mars Science Laboratory Sample Acquisition, Sample Processing, and Handling Subsystem

2010  Precision Subsampling System for Mars and Beyond

2010  Record Length Requirements for Annual Maximum Flood Series

2010  Research Validation: Challenges and Opportunities in the Construction Domain

2010  Risk-Based Sensor Placement for Contaminant Detection in Water Distribution Systems

2010  Role of Stream Restoration on Improving Benthic Macroinvertebrates and In-Stream Water Quality in an Urban Watershed: Case Study

2010  Sample Return: What Happens to Samples on Earth?

2010  Sampling Schemes for Uncertainty Assessment of a Hydrologic Simulation Model

2010  Stress-Strain Responses of Block Samples of Compressible Chicago Glacial Clays

2010  Volumetric Filtration of Rainfall Runoff. I: Event-Based Separation of Particulate Matter

2009  Accurate Sampling of Suspended Solids

2009  Continuous Plume Monitoring Using Wireless Sensors: Proof of Concept in Intermediate Scale Tank

2009  Cost-Effective Automated Water Quality Monitoring Systems Providing High-Resolution Data in Near Real-Time

2009  Development of Sampling Procedure for Rigid Pavement Strength Evaluation

2009  Efficient Evaluation of Reliability for Slopes with Circular Slip Surfaces Using Importance Sampling

2009  Efficient Link Travel Time Estimation for Signalized Link by Small Size Probe Reports

2009  Estimating Infrastructure Condition from a Biased Sample

2009  Optimal Sampling of Infrastructure Condition: Motivation, Formulation, and Evaluation

2009  Sampling Issues in Urban Runoff Monitoring Programs: Composite versus Grab

2009  Sampling of Residential Water Use for Leak Control via Water Budgets

2009  Sampling Protocol for Condition Assessment of Selected Assets

2009  Sediment Monitoring Bias by Autosampler in Comparison with Whole Volume Sampling for Parking Lot Runoff