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2015  Corrosion Performance of Epoxy-Coated Bars in Four Bridge Decks Subjected to Deicing Salts: 30-Year Perspective

2015  Effects of Deicing Salts on the Scaling Resistance of Concrete

2015  In Situ Characterization of Damaging Soluble Salts in Wall Construction Materials

2015  Investigation on the Properties of Asphalt Mixtures Containing Antifreeze Fillers

2014  Desalinization of Field Soil Using Radial Electromigration and Electroosmosis

2014  Effect of Naturally Occurring Salts on Tensile and Shear Strength of Sealed Granular Road Pavements

2014  Effects of Brackish, Salt, and Fresh Water on Very High Moisture Content Cement-Stabilized Fine-Grained Soil

2014  Passive Wireless Detection of Corrosive Salts in Concrete Using Wire-Based Triggers

2014  Study on the Salt Scaling Resistance of Pavement Cement Concrete

2014  Transport and Retention of Water and Salt within Pervious Concrete Pavements Subjected to Freezing and Sand Application

2014  Winter Effluent Quality from Partial-Infiltration Permeable Pavement Systems

2013  Confinement During In-Pore Crystallization

2013  Desalinization of Kaolin Soil Using Radial Electromigration and Electroosmosis

2013  Effect of New Composite Cement Containing Volcanic Ash and Limestone on Mechanical Properties and Salt Scaling Resistance of Concrete

2013  Influence of Salt Freezing on Asphalt Mortar’s Stiffness Modulus

2013  Integrated Modeling and Sedimentation Management: the Case of Salt Ponds Inlet and Harbor in Virginia

2013  Poromechanics of Salt Nucleation within an Unsaturated Reservoir Rock

2013  Pressure from Crystallization in Pore Channels

2013  Road Surface Wetness Variations: Measurements and Effects for Winter Road Maintenance

2013  The Thermodynamic and Poromechanic Crystallization Pressure of Sodium Sulfate Heptahydrate: an NMR Study

2012  Cementitious Grout Infilling Of Deep, Brine-Filled Salt Mines in Northwich, UK

2012  Effect of Salt Concentrations on the Electrical Resistivity of Cement-Treated Soils

2012  Environment-Assisted Subcritical Debonding of Epoxy-Concrete Interface

2012  Holistic Approach to Decision Making in the Formulation and Selection of Anti-Icing Products

2012  Impacts of Deicing Salts on Soil Structure and Infiltration Rate

2012  Integrated Salt and Water Balance Modeling for the Management of Waterlogging and Salinization. II: Application of SAHYSMOD

2012  Long-Term Performance of GFRP Tubes Filled with Concrete and Subjected to Salt Solution

2012  Outline of the Ministère des Transports du Québec’s Approach to the Environmental Management of Road Salts

2012  The Pinch of Salt: Monitoring Analysis and Winter Maintenance Strategies within the Long Creek Watershed

2012  Reduced Road Salt Spillage Owing to Indoor Delivery and Loading

2012  Simple Model of Changes in Stream Chloride Levels Attributable to Road Salt Applications

2012  Test Method for Soluble Salt of Coarse Grained Saline Soil Based on Engineering Properties Test

2012  Use of Complex Resistivity Tomography for Moisture Monitoring in a Flooded Masonry Specimen

2011  Chloride Ion Penetration in Stressed Concrete

2011  Creep Numerical Analysis of Bedded Rock Salt Gas Storage

2011  Heterogeneity of Rapid Sand Filters and Its Effect on Contaminant Transport and Nitrification Performance

2011  Hydraulic Conductivity of Kaolin Permeated with Salt Solution

2011  The Influence of Injection Conditions and Soil Types on Soil Improvement by Microbial Functions

2011  Modern Protection Systems to Prevent Corrosion of Structural Steel Elements Due to Deicing and Roadway Salts

2011  Reliability Analysis of Completion Casing in Salt Cavern Gas Storage

2011  Study on the Deformation of Completion Casing for Salt Cavern Gas Storage

2010  Evaporation, Unsaturated Flow, and Salt Accumulation in Multilayer Deposits of "Paste" Gold Tailings

2010  Explanation for Anomalous Readings during Monitoring of a Best Management Practice

2010  Freeze-Deicer Salt Scaling Resistance of Concrete

2010  Removal of TDS from Cooling Tower Water by Using EDTA-Modified Bagasse Fibers

2010  Research on the Mechanism of Melting Ice on Storage-Salt Roads

2010  Statistical Analysis of Flow Exchange and Salt Loading between the Rio Grande and Underlying Aquifers

2010  Sustainable Root Zone Salinity and Shallow Water Table in the Context of Land Retirement

2010  Treatment of Collapsible Soils by Salts Using the Double Consolidation Method

2009  Effect of Inorganic Salts on Frost Resistance of Concrete

2009  Effects of Road Salts on Heavy Metal Mobility in Two Eastern Washington Soils

2009  The Estimation to the Service Life of Casing in Salt Formation

2009  A New-Type Environmental Protection De-Icing Agent

2009  Snow Characterization at a City Snow Storage Facility

2008  Cold Climate Issues for Bioretention: Assessing Impacts of Salt and Aggregate Application on Plant Health, Media Clogging, and Groundwater Quality

2007  Evaluation for Biological Reduction of Nitrate and Perchlorate in Brine Water Using the Hydrogen-Based Membrane Biofilm Reactor

2006  Osmotic Suction in Unsaturated Soil Mechanics

2006  Salt Encrusted Desert Flats (Sabkha): Problems, Challenges and Potential Solutions

2006  The San Joaquin Valley Westside Perspective

2005  Dilatational and Compacting Behavior around a Cylindrical Cavern Leached Out in a Solid–Fluid Elastic Rock Salt

2004  Double Diffusive Effect on Desalination Discharges

2004  Salt Balance in the Rio Grande Project from San Marcial, New Mexico to Fort Quitman, Texas

2004  Strategies to Mitigate Salt Runoff from Salt Storage and Salt Truck Maintenance Facilities

2003  Evaporite Karst in Michigan

2002  Experimental Assessment of Bacterial Storage Yield

2002  Influence of Supplemental Acetate on Bioremediation for Dissolved Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons

2002  Materials: Double Mat of GFRP Debuts on Vermont Bridge

2001  Design and Management of Subsurface Horizontal Drainage to Reduce Salt Loads

2001  Field Observations of Sea-Salt Quantity Transported Landward by Winter Monsoon

2001  Hydraulic Conductivity and Swelling of Nonprehydrated GCLs Permeated with Single-Species Salt Solutions

2001  Slurry-Phase Experiments as Screening Protocol for Bioremediation of Complex Hydrocarbon Waste

2000  Border Irrigation Field Experiment. II: Salt Transport

2000  Effect of HRT on Mesophilic Acidogenesis of Dairy Wastewater

2000  Improving Efficiency of Desalinization with Subsurface Drainage

2000  Intracellular Polymers in Aerobic Sludge of Sequencing Batch Reactors

2000  Mathematical Model to Predict the Salt Conditions in the Pereira de Miranda Reservoir-State of Ceara-Brazil

2000  Movement of Moisture and Dissolved Salts from Soils into Concrete Foundations

2000  Rationalization of Water by Considering the Phenomenon of Diffusion

2000  Simulating Spatially Distributed Water and Salt Balances

1999  Acetate Limitation and Nitrite Accumulation during Denitrification

1999  Disposal of Oil Field Wastes and NORM Wastes into Salt Caverns

1999  Experience in Underground Storage of Crude Oil in Salt

1999  Flooding-Induced Mine Subsidence at Retsof, New York

1999  Methanogenic Characteristics of Formate-Utilizing Sludge

1999  Non-Halites and Fluids in Salt Formations, and Effects on Cavern Storage Operations

1999  Risk Assessment and Safety Criteria for Underground Caverns

1998  Brackish Groundwater Desalination & Brine Utilization

1998  Impact of Confining Pressure on Long-Term Performance of Chemical Grout in Salt Water

1998  Maximum Penetration of Vertical Round Dense Jets at Small and Large Froude Numbers

1997  Better Salt Storage

1997  Calculation of Density and Permeability of Compacted Crushed Salt Within an Engineered Shaft Sealing System

1997  Controlling Brine to Improve Reclaimed Water Quality

1997  Long-Term Brine Migration Through an Engineered Shaft Seal System

1997  Study of Tertiary Creep of Rock Salt

1997  Sulfate-Reducing Bacteria in Anaerobic Propionate Systems

1996  Agroforestry as a Method of Salt and Selenium Management on Irrigated Land in the San Joaquin Valley

1996  California’s Visions of Groundwater: A Water Source and a Salt Sink

1996  Concentration Effects on Chlorinated Aliphatic Transformation Kinetics

1996  Control of Stacking Loads in Final Waste Disposal According to the Borehole Technique

1996  Degradation and Toxic Effects of Acrylic Acid on Anaerobic Systems