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2014  Effect of Naturally Occurring Salts on Tensile and Shear Strength of Sealed Granular Road Pavements

2014  Effect of Saline Water on Decomposition and Landfill Gas Generation of Municipal Solid Waste

2014  Effect of Temperature and Salinity on the Precision and Accuracy of Landscape Irrigation Soil Moisture Sensor Systems

2014  GIS and Artificial Neural Network-Based Water Quality Model for a Stream Network in the Upper Green River Basin, Kentucky, USA

2014  Integrating Water, Nitrogen, and Salinity in Sustainable Irrigated Systems: Cover Crops versus Fallow

2014  Use of Saline Water in Compaction of Engineered Fills

2014  Water Management Trade-offs between Agriculture and the Environment: A Multiobjective Approach and Application

2013  Controlling Salinity: Reverse Complimented by Forward Osmosis

2013  Effects of Pore Fluid Salinity on the Shear Strength of a Soft Clay

2013  Evaluation of the Impact on St. Johns River Circulation and Salinity for the Jacksonville Harbor Deepening Project

2013  Global Sensitivity Analysis of Variably Saturated Flow and Transport Parameters and Its Implication for Crop Yield and Root Zone Hydrosalinity

2013  Integrated Approach to Simulate Stream Water Quality for Municipal Supply under a Changing Climate

2013  Modeling Subsurface Heterogeneity of Irrigated and Drained Fields. I: Model Development and Testing

2013  Modeling Subsurface Heterogeneity of Irrigated and Drained Fields. II: Multivariate Stochastic Analysis of Root-Zone Hydrosalinity and Crop Yield

2013  MODFLOW Modeling to Solve Drainage Problems in the Argaman Date Palm Orchard, Jordan Valley, Israel

2013  Water Vapor Transport in Soils from a Pervaporative Irrigation System

2012  Analytical Solution for Drainflows from Bilevel Multiple-Drain Subsurface Drainage Systems

2012  Application of Artificial Neural Network to Predict TDS in Talkheh Rud River

2012  Assessing the Impact of Irrigation Return Flow on River Salinity for Colorado’s Arkansas River Valley

2012  Consolidation Characteristics of Soft Clays with Saline Water As a Pore Fluid

2012  Corpus Christi Bay Three-Dimensional Hydrodynamics and Salinity Simulations Using Finite-Volume Coastal Ocean Model (FVCOM)

2012  Effect of Flow Depth, Ions, and Salinity on Suspended Sediment Concentration

2012  Evaluating the Performance of Ordinary Kriging in Mapping Soil Salinity

2012  Groundwater Contribution by Safflower (Carthamus tinctorius L.) under High Salinity, Different Water Table Levels, with and without Irrigation

2012  Integrated Salt and Water Balance Modeling for the Management of Waterlogging and Salinization. I: Validation of SAHYSMOD

2012  Integrated Salt and Water Balance Modeling for the Management of Waterlogging and Salinization. II: Application of SAHYSMOD

2012  Regional Assessment of Soil Water Salinity across an Intensively Irrigated River Valley

2012  Responses of Simulated Low Salinity Habitats to the Uncertainties of Gauged and Ungauged Flows in the Myakka River Estuary in Florida

2012  Road Salt Impact on Lake Stratification and Water Quality

2012  Using Disjunctive Kriging as a Quantitative Approach to Manage Soil Salinity and Crop Yield

2011  Agricultural Evaporation Basins

2011  Agricultural Salinity Assessment and Management

2011  The Chemistry Of Salt-Affected Soils And Waters

2011  Chemistry of Trace Elements in Soils and Groundwater

2011  Conceptual Irrigation Project Hydrosalinity Model

2011  Conceptual Water Flow and Salt Transport for Flux-Limited and Ponded Infiltration

2011  Coupled Reactive Transport Model for Heat and Density Driven Flow in CO2 Storage in Saline Aquifers

2011  Diagnosis of Salinity Problems and Selection of Control Practices: An Overview 27

2011  Drip Irrigation and Salinity

2011  Effects of Magnetized Water and Irrigation Water Salinity on Soil Moisture Distribution in Trickle Irrigation

2011  Effects of Soil Water Salinity on Field Soil Hydraulic Functions

2011  Field Sampling Of Soil, Water, And Plants

2011  Institutional And Salinity Issues On The Upper Rio Grande

2011  Irrigation Water Quality Assessments

2011  Laboratory and Field Measurements

2011  Leaching and Rootzone Salinity Control

2011  Leaching Requirement: Steady-State Versus Transient Models

2011  Long-Term Regional-Scale Modeling Of Soil Salinity

2011  Management of Dryland Saline Seeps

2011  Microeconomics Of Salinity And Drainage Management

2011  Modeling Transient Rootzone Salinity (SWS Model)

2011  Multi-Year Optimal Management of Quantities and Salinities in Water Supply Systems

2011  Nature and Extent of Agricultural Salinity and Sodicity

2011  On-Farm Irrigation And Drainage Practices

2011  Plant Responses To Saline And Sodic Conditions

2011  Plant Salt Tolerance

2011  Project-Level Salinity Management Options

2011  Reclamation Of Saline, Sodic, And Boron-Affected Soils

2011  Saline Intrusion Due to the Accelerative Sea Level in the Red River System in Vietnam

2011  Salinity and Pollutant Stratification at the Margin of San Diego Creek and Upper Newport Bay, California

2011  Salinity Assessment of Irrigation Water Using Watsuit

2011  Salinity Effects from Evaporation and Transpiration under Flood Irrigation

2011  San Joaquin Valley, California: A Case Study

2011  San Joaquin Valley, California, Drainage Management Options

2011  Soil Response to Saline and Sodic Conditions

2011  Spatially Distributed Solute Balance in a California Water District

2011  Statistical Models For The Prediction Of Field-Scale And Spatial Salinity Patterns From Soil Conductivity Survey Data

2011  Study on the Development Characteristics of the Strength of Inorganic Binder Modified Saline Soil

2011  Transgenic Strategies toward the Development of Salt-Tolerant Plants

2011  Use Of Saline Drainage Waters For Irrigation

2011  Using Indicator Kriging Technique for Soil Salinity and Yield Management

2011  Viability Of Irrigated Agriculture With Expanding Space And Time Scales

2011  Vulnerability Assessment of Climate Change Impact on Groundwater Salinity in the Nile Delta Coastal Region—Egypt

2011  Water Level, Salinity, Temperature, and Current Forecast Guidance Evaluation from Real Time Ocean Forecast Systems

2010  Assessment of Flocculation Kinetics of Cohesive Sediments from the Seine and Gironde Estuaries, France, through Laboratory and Field Studies

2010  Comparison of Ordinary Kriging, Regression Kriging, and Cokriging Techniques to Estimate Soil Salinity Using LANDSAT Images

2010  Evaluation of a Dielectric Sensor for Measurement of Soil-Water Electrical Conductivity

2010  An Examination of Seasonal Mean Circulation and Salinity Distributions in the Pearl River Estuary of China Using a Nested-Grid Coastal Ocean Circulation Model

2010  Modeling the High Salinity Discharge from Creation of a Salt Cavern

2010  Optimal Spacing in an Array of Fully Penetrating Ditches for Subsurface Drainage

2010  River GeoDSS for Agroenvironmental Enhancement of Colorado’s Lower Arkansas River Basin. I: Model Development and Calibration

2010  River GeoDSS for Agroenvironmental Enhancement of Colorado’s Lower Arkansas River Basin. II: Evaluation of Strategies

2010  Sustainable Root Zone Salinity and Shallow Water Table in the Context of Land Retirement

2010  Watershed and Estuarine Modeling of the Effects of Excess Freshwater Flows Resulting from Agricultural Land Use and Other Watershed Alterations on the Salinity Characteristics of the Lower Myakka River Estuary, Florida

2009  Applying MODFLOW Model for Drainage Problem Solution: A Case Study from Jahir Irrigated Fields, Israel

2009  Desalination Concentrate: Bay vs. Ocean

2009  Desalination of Brackish Groundwater and Deep Well Injection of Concentrate in El Paso, Texas

2009  Developing Artificial Neural Networks to Represent Salinity Intrusions in the Delta

2009  Effects of Different Levels of Irrigation Water Salinity and Leaching on Yield and Yield Components of Wheat in an Arid Region

2009  Future Water Supply Desalination Technology: Forward Osmosis Co-Located with Power Generation

2009  Ground Treatment of Airport by Heavy Cover Technique in Sulphate Saline Soil Region

2009  Impact of Salinity on MS-2 Sorption in Saturated Sand Columns—Fate and Transport Modeling

2009  Managing Salinity in the Upper Santa Clara River System of California

2009  New Strategies for Managing Desalination Concentrate with Zero Liquid Discharge from Two WRF Research Projects

2009  Synopsis of National Research Council’s Report on Desalination

2009  Tidal Circulation and Salinity Distribution in the Mandovi and Zuari Estuaries: Case Study

2008  Assessing Uncertainty in Mass Balance Calculation of River Nonpoint Source Loads

2008  Desalination of Bay Water

2008  Development of a Hydrodynamic and Salinity Model in the Caloosahatchee Estuary and Estero Bay, Florida

2008  Development of a Hydro-Salinity Simulation Model for Colorado’s Arkansas Valley