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2014  Acceleration and Deflection Analysis for Class C Edge Protection Systems in Construction Work

2014  Accurate Application and Second-Order Improvement of SAC/FEMA Probabilistic Formats for Seismic Performance Assessment

2014  Antecedents of Health and Safety Issues Relating to Plant Trailer Wheels

2014  Articulated Concrete Block Stability Assessment for Embankment-Overtopping Conditions

2014  Capacity Assessment of the Titus Tunnel Bridge Using Analytical and Numerical Techniques

2014  Client Safety Roles in Small and Medium Construction Projects in Australia

2014  Comparative Study of Motion Features for Similarity-Based Modeling and Classification of Unsafe Actions in Construction

2014  Construction Research Congress 2014, Construction in a Global Network

2014  Detection of High-Speed Railway Subsidence and Geometry Irregularity Using Terrestrial Laser Scanning

2014  Determination of Critical Slip Surfaces Using Mutative Scale Chaos Optimization

2014  Enhancing Construction Hazard Recognition and Communication with Energy-Based Cognitive Mnemonics and Safety Meeting Maturity Model: Multiple Baseline Study

2014  Enhancing Construction Hazard Recognition with High-Fidelity Augmented Virtuality

2014  Exploratory Study to Identify Perceptions of Safety and Risk among Residential Latino Construction Workers as Distinct from Commercial and Heavy Civil Construction Workers

2014  Exploring Complex Spatial Arrangements and Deformations in Virtual Reality

2014  Factor of Safety in Slopes under Earthquake Loading

2014  Highway Access Safety Program Evaluation with Uncertain Parameters

2014  Influence of Person-Organizational Fit on Construction Safety Climate

2014  Influence of Spatially Variable Geotechnical Properties of MSW on Stability of Landfill Slopes

2014  Information Retrieval Framework for Hazard Identification in Construction

2014  Introduction to the Guideline for the Structural Design, Evaluation, and Testing of Permanent Building-Supported Facade Access Equipment, and Commentary

2014  Mining the Characteristics of Secondary Crashes on Highways

2014  Modeling the Beam Deflection of a Gantry Crane under Load

2014  Modeling Tower Crane Operator Visibility to Minimize the Risk of Limited Situational Awareness

2014  Occupational Risk Index for Assessment of Risk in Construction Work by Activity

2014  Pinpointing Safety Leadership Factors for Safe Construction Sites in Trinidad and Tobago

2014  Preserve and Protect

2014  Quantitative Solution of Overseas Project Risk Management by Knowledge Engineering

2014  Recent Advances in Material, Analysis, Monitoring, and Evaluation in Foundation and Bridge Engineering

2014  Reliability Assessment of Bolting Systems for Steel Frames Connected to Reinforced Concrete Structures

2014  Reliability-Based Design Criteria for Infrastructure Systems--A New Look

2014  Safety Issues in Building Design to Cope with Extreme Events: Case Study of an Evacuation Process

2014  Safety Management in Repair, Maintenance, Minor Alteration, and Addition Works: Knowledge Management Perspective

2014  Safety of Maglev Trains Moving on Bridges Subject to Foundation Settlements and Earthquakes

2014  Safety-Optimal Linearized Impulsive Rendezvous with Trajectory Uncertainties

2014  Software Integration of Safety Analysis of Reinforced Concrete Structure Considering Temperature during Construction

2014  Sympathetic Detonation Wave Attenuation Using Polyurethane Foam

2014  Trench Stability under Bentonite Pressure in Purely Cohesive Clay

2014  Using Grounded Theory Methodology to Explore the Information of Precursors Based on Subway Construction Incidents

2013  Above and Beyond: Access Techniques for the Assessment of Buildings and Structures

2013  Analysis of Construction Equipment Safety in Temporary Work at Height

2013  Analysis of Incidents on Emergency Escape Ramps and Legal Risk Aversion

2013  Analysis on Vehicle Motion Parameters of Distracted Driving

2013  Another Look at the Collapse of Skyline Plaza at Bailey’s Crossroads, Virginia

2013  Application of Risk Control Technology in CNPC Sichuan-Chongqing Region of High Sulfur Gas Field

2013  Application of Unequal Time Interval Grey Forecast Method on Tunnel Displacement Monitoring

2013  Automated Information Retrieval for Hazard Identification in Construction Sites

2013  Automated People Mover Standards

2013  Automated People Movers and Transit Systems 2013, Half a Century of Automated Transit—Past, Present, and Future

2013  Catastrophe Theory in the Analysis of Railway Transportation Accidents

2013  Chinese Nuclear Emergency Situations and Suggestions after Fukushima Nuclear Accident

2013  Cognitive Design of Safety Supervision Instruction

2013  Computation of Ships’ Holding Power of Anchoring and Safety Analysis

2013  Condition Assessment of 7 Force Mains for Clark County Water Reclamation District

2013  Construction-Related Accidents in the Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico

2013  Construction-Safety Best Practices and Relationships to Safety Performance

2013  A Culture of Unconditional Dedication to Safety

2013  Data Fusion of Real-Time Location Sensing and Physiological Status Monitoring for Ergonomics Analysis of Construction Workers

2013  Design and Development of SAVES: A Construction Safety Training Augmented Virtuality Environment for Hazard Recognition and Severity Identification

2013  Design and Testing of a Concrete Safety Barrier for Use on a Temporary FRP Composite Bridge Deck

2013  Determining Safety Climate Factors in the Repair, Maintenance, Minor Alteration, and Addition Sector of Hong Kong

2013  Determining the Factors of Safety of Spatially Variable Slopes Modeled by Random Fields

2013  Discussion on Functions, Facilities and Location of a Retrofitted Safety Cabin in a Cargo Ship

2013  Effect of Spatial Correlation of Cone Tip Resistance on the Bearing Capacity of Piles

2013  Effect of Window Sizes and Glazing Panel Aspect Ratios on Mitigating the Injuries from Flying Glass due to Air Blast

2013  Effects of Bicycle Boxes on Bicyclist and Motorist Behavior at Intersections in Austin, Texas

2013  Effects of Bus Parking Positions on Waiting People’s Safety at Bus Station

2013  Enhancing Construction Worker Safety Performance Using Leading Indicators

2013  An Environment-Aware Sequence-Based Localization Algorithm for Supporting Building Emergency Response Operations

2013  Evaluating the Impact of Location-Aware Sensor Data Imperfections on Autonomous Jobsite Safety Monitoring

2013  Evaluating the Performance of Polymer Road Curbs

2013  Evaluation of Factors of Safety against Basal Heave for Deep Excavations in Soft Clay Using the Finite-Element Method

2013  Evaluation of the Position and Orientation of (Semi-) Passive RFID Tags for the Potential Application in Ground Worker Proximity Detection and Alert Devices in Safer Construction Equipment Operation

2013  Exploratory Case Study of Pictorial Aids for Communicating Health and Safety for Migrant Construction Workers

2013  Free-Flow Travel Speed Analysis and Monitoring at the National Level Using Global Positioning System Measurements

2013  ICTIS 2013, Improving Multimodal Transportation Systems-Information, Safety, and Integration

2013  Impact of Crew Scheduling on Project Performance

2013  In Service Welding and Hot Tapping and Plugging Enable Operational Safety of High-Pressure Natural Gas Transmission Line River Crossings in Bolivia and Mexico

2013  Influence Analysis of Crosswind on Handling Stability of Tractor Semi-Trailer in Double Lane Change Situation

2013  Integrated Geophysical Exploration for Safety Assessment of Levee Systems

2013  Integrated Pre-Evaluation Method of Highway Safety Based on Continental Distance Model with Varying Weight

2013  Integration of Construction Worker Safety and Health in Assessment of Sustainable Construction

2013  Istanbul Ferry Station Will Boast Distinctive Seagull Motif

2013  Major Accident Factors for Effective Safety Management of Highway Construction Projects

2013  Mirage/Treasure Island Automated People Mover: Safe Operations for 19+ Years

2013  Mobile IT Used in Construction : A Case for Scaffolding Safety Management

2013  Model for Enhancing Integrated Identification, Assessment, and Operational Control of On-Site Environmental Impacts and Health and Safety Risks in Construction Firms

2013  A Modified Social Force Model under Different Psychological Conditions for Room Evacuation

2013  MODSAFE—A Detailed Safety Model for Urban Guided Transport Systems

2013  Moisture Safety in Cold Attics with Thick Thermal Insulation

2013  Multilevel Safety Culture and Climate Survey for Assessing New Safety Program

2013  New Analysis Method for Slope Stability Considering Force-Vector Characteristics

2013  A New Battery Energy Management Strategy for Electric Vehicle Based on Fuzzy Control

2013  Novel Online Safety Observer for Railway Interlocking System

2013  Numerical Simulation on Spanning Pipeline’s Vibration Characteristics and Safety in Flood

2013  Passenger Safety Analysis of Hybrid Highways in Mountain Areas and Rural Coach Choice

2013  Performance of Slope Stabilization Works with Drainage and Buttress

2013  Pipelines 2013, Pipelines and Trenchless Construction and Renewals—A Global Perspective

2013  Prevention through Design as a Path toward Social Sustainability

2013  Proactive Construction Safety Control: Measuring, Monitoring, and Responding to Safety Leading Indicators

2013  The Quality Safety Evaluation and Life Prediction of Casing String in Underground Gas Storage