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Found 100 Records with the keyword term of "Russia (after 1991)"

2014  Hygrothermal Features of Laterite Dimension Stones for Sub-Saharan Residential Building Construction

2014  Model for Reducing Traffic Volume: Case Study of Belgrade, Serbia

2013  Engineering Challenges in the Design of Alberta’s Oil Sands Projects

2013  Geocryological Problems of Railroads on Permafrost

2012  Anthropogenic Effects on Coastal Sediment Fluxes in a Nontidal Gulf System

2012  Chemical Grouting of Subsidence Loess by Sodium Silicate Solutions with Low Weight Ratio

2012  Seasonal and Long-Term Within-Channel Permafrost and Its Effect on Northern River Navigation

2011  Game Theory Insights for the Caspian Sea Conflict

2011  Influence of Socio-Economic Consequences of World Economic Crisis on a Shadow Economy

2011  Magnetic Suspended AB-Structures and Motionless Space Stations

2011  A Methodology of Constructing Dynamic Risk Maps for Large Metropolitan Areas

2010  Wind Load Provisions and Steel Specifications for Russia

2009  Cold Regions Engineering 2009, Cold Regions Impacts on Research, Design, and Construction

2009  Deformations of Buildings and a Problem of Operation of the Bases in Norilsk Area

2009  Direct Analysis Method Case Study — Addressing Stability for the Russia Tower

2009  Geocryological Conditions of the Railway Bridge Construction Site, South Yamal Peninsula (Western Siberia, Russia)

2009  Geosynthetical Materials in Designs of Highways in Cold Regions of Far East

2009  Moscow Skyscraper Marries Art, Architecture

2009  NewsBriefs: New Bridge to Connect Russia and China

2009  The Peculiar Features of the Foundations and the Artificial Bases Construction of the Covered Stadium in Cryolithozone

2009  A Planned Mixed-Use Complex...

2009  Russia Tower: Design Challenges

2009  Thermal Characteristics of Oil and Permafrost along the Proposed China-Russia Crude Oil Pipeline

2008  Estimation of Sinkhole Danger at a One-Building’s Site in Moscow, Russia

2008  Photo and Caption: Crystal Island, Moscow

2008  To the Problem of the Assessment of Karst Economic Risk for Pipelines (by the Example of the Tatarstan Republic Southeast)

2006  Modeling of Aufeis-Induced Flooding

2006  Structural Engineering: Moscow Tower Will be Europe’s Tallest

2005  Black Sea East Coast Wave-Induced Erosion Protection Experience

2005  Experience of Regional Karst Hazard and Risk Assessment in Russia

2005  Some New Approaches to Assessment of Collapse Risks in Covered Karsts

2005  Vladimir Shukhov and the Invention of Hyperboloid Structures

2004  Flood Protection: Work Resumes on Soviet-Era Flood Barrier

2004  New Developments in Large Deployable Space Antennae at S.P.A. EGS

2004  President’s Trip Abroad Strengthens Ties

2004  What Do Dmitrov, Russia and a Civil Engineer’s Dream Have in Common?

2003  The Main Results of Engineering Karstology Research Conducted in Dzerzhinsk, Russia (1952–2002)

2003  NewsBriefs: Floods Threaten St. Petersburg (Guardian)

2002  Applications of Study Results in Snow Hydrology

2002  Carbonate Beaches of the Eastern Part of the Sea of Azov under Anthropogenic Impact

2002  Development of the System of Robotic Complexes for Technical Centers of Russian Ministry of Atomic Industry

2002  An Expert System for Sustainable Urban and Regional Transport Development

2002  Hydrology of Northern Russia: A Case Study with Application for a Pipeline Project

2002  Icing Regulation of the Groundwater Flow in the South of East Siberia

2002  Impacts of Urban Waste on Irkutsk Groundwater

2002  Orthotropic Steel Deck Bridges Constructed in Cold Regions

2002  The Peculiarities of Utilization of the Technogenic Waste into Permafrost

2002  Shore Erosion in Russian Arctic

2001  Coastal Evolution of Temryuk Gulf

2000  Experiences and Prospects of Development of Space Robotics Systems

1999  Construction Finance Management Issues in the Russian Federation

1999  Deformations of Buildings in the Cryolithozone

1999  Development of Design and Construction Techniques for Deep Foundations of Large Bridges: The Russian Experience

1999  Specific Features of Design and Analysis of a Cable-Stayed Bridge over River Ob in Western Siberia (Russia)

1998  Coastal Process Cyclicity

1998  Fight Against Erosion of the Caucasus Coast

1998  Mining Industry in the Far North of Russia

1998  Mir: We Need It

1998  The Russian Construction Complex in Transition to Market Economy

1997  Beach Nourishment Versus Shore Protection Structures

1997  Lessons of the Recent Earthquakes in Sakhalin Region, Russia

1997  The Problem of Small-Scale Hydropower Stations on the Rivers of Central Russia

1997  The Regulated River and Sturgeon Spawning Migration

1997  Tornadoes and Severe Storms in Russia

1997  Two Recent Russian Far East Destructive Earthquakes. Case Studies and Post-Disaster Analysis

1997  Use of Volga River Flow for Power Generation and Fishery Purposes. Mitigation of Conflicts of Interest

1997  Working within the Russian Construction Sector through the St. Petersburg Construction Partnership

1996  Big Tunnel Talk

1996  Driven Pile Capacities in Warm Permafrost in Komi Republic, Russia

1996  Expert System for Assessing Main Pipeline Reliability and Residual Lifetime

1996  The Largest Water Reservoirs of Russia in Flood Control

1996  Ordinary Operating Conditions of Large Channels of Moscow’s Sewerage Network

1996  Overview of the ISS Large Manipulator Operations

1996  Pathfinder: Commercial Payload Service on the Russian Mir Space Station

1996  Perspectives of Rebuilding Inner City Airports in the Emerging Post-Soviet Environment

1996  Remote Pipeline Routing with Application to Space Operations

1996  Satellite Setup Links Russian, U.S. GPS

1996  The Use of Monitoring of Russian Water Objects for the Decrease of Disaster Consequences

1995  Compatibility of Russian Life-Support Systems to Future Space Missions

1995  Deformation of Underground Deep Cavities in Rock Salts at Their Long-Term Operations

1995  Hydroelectric Power Generation Assessment for Russia—Cooperation in a Mututal Transfer of Technology

1995  A Project of Classification of Large Geologic Structures of the Earth’s Crust According to the Conditions of Radioactive Waste Disposal

1995  The Projekt of an Underground Bureal of Radioactive Waste of Mean and Low Activity for the Central Region of the Russia

1994  A Comparative Study of U.S. and Russian High-Level Waste Repository Design Concepts

1994  Investigation and Design Concepts for a Nuclear Waste Repository in the Kola Peninsula of Northwest Russia

1994  Letter From Moscow

1994  A Summary of the NEPSTP Nuclear Safety Program

1994  TOPAZ II Qualification and Nuclear Testing Program

1994  TOPAZ II System Description

1994  USAid to Alleviate Aral Sea Depletion

1993  Carbon-14: Some Evidence of Migration and Experiments on Immobilisation

1993  Evaluation of Neutron Emission from Vitrified HLW Compositions

1993  Evaluation of Spent Fuel Behavior Under Interim Storage Conditions in Russia

1993  Isotope-Geochemical Investigations of Volcanic Rocks in the Vicinity of the Radiochemical Plant “Mayak” (Russia)

1993  The Mob in Moscow

1993  Project on “Contaminations-Radiation-Ecosystems-Health” in Russia

1992  Cold Warrior to Construction Manager

1992  Cooper Union Aids Ex-Soviet Engineers

1961  Russian Water Supply and Treatment Practices

1960  Russian Water Supply and Treatment Practices