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Found 57 Records with the keyword term of "Runoff curve number"

2015  Runoff Curve Numbers for Peat-Dominated Watersheds

2014  Curve Number: Empirical Evaluation and Comparison with Curve Number Handbook Tables in Sicily

2014  Hydrologic Characterization of Undrained Porous Pavements

2014  Relationship between Runoff Curve Number and PET

2014  Using SWAT-VSA to Predict Diffuse Phosphorus Pollution in an Agricultural Catchment with Several Aquifers

2013  Comparing the Hydrologic Performance of a Bioretention Cell with Predevelopment Values

2013  Quantification of Flood Runoff Reduction Effect of Storage Facilities by the Decrease in CN

2013  Runoff Curve Numbers for Simulated Highway Slopes under Different Slope, Soil-Turf, and Rainfall Conditions

2012  Calibration of Runoff Curve Numbers for a Small Urban Watershed

2012  Expected Value of Event Runoff with Curve Number Theory

2012  Improved CN-Based Long-Term Hydrologic Simulation Model

2012  RS and Geographical Information System-Based Evaluation of Distributed and Composite Curve Number Techniques

2012  Runoff Modeling in an Agro-Forested Watershed Using Remote Sensing and GIS

2011  Predicting Hydrologic Effects of Land-Use Change: Problems with the Curve Number Approach

2010  Effect of Historic Land Cover Change on Runoff Curve Number Estimation in Iowa

2010  Effective Curve Number and Hydrologic Design of Pervious Concrete Storm-Water Systems

2009  Comparison of Lumped and Quasi-Distributed Clark Runoff Models Using the SCS Curve Number Equation

2009  Integrating the NRCS Runoff Curve Number in Delineation of Hydrologic Homogeneous Regions

2009  Review of Curve Number Hydrology: State of the Practice by R. H. Hawkins, T. J. Ward, D. E. Woodward, and J. A. Van Mullem

2008  Back Matter

2008  Curve Number Hydrology, State of the Practice

2008  Curve Number Method

2008  Findings and Developments

2008  Front Matter

2008  Index

2008  Introduction

2008  List of Symbols

2008  References

2008  Solutions to the Curve Number Equation

2008  Summary, Conclusion, Discussion, and Recommendations

2006  Enhanced Runoff Curve Number Model Incorporating Storm Duration and a Nonlinear Ia-S Relation

2005  Actual Storm Events Outperform Synthetic Design Storms: A Review of SCS Curve Number Applicability

2005  Curve Number and Peakflow Responses Following the Cerro Grande Fire on a Small Watershed

2005  Effects of Prior Rainfall and Storm Variables on Curve Number Rainfall-Runoff

2005  Progress Report: ASCE Task Committee on Curve Number Hydrology

2005  Statistical Guidelines for Curve Number Generation

2004  Partitioning Analog for Metal Elements in Urban Rainfall-Runoff Overland Flow using the Soil Conservation Service Curve Number Concept

2003  Runoff Curve Number Method: Examination of the Initial Abstraction Ratio

2000  Effects of Land Use on Runoff Curve Number

2000  Progress Report: ASCE Task Committee on State of the Practice in Curve Number Hydrology

2000  Remotely Sensed Soil Moisture Fields Applied to Curve Number Runoff Estimates

1998  The Origin and Derivation of Ia/S in the Runoff Curve Number System

1997  Determination of Watershed Curve Number Using Derived Distributions

1994  Heuristic Knowledge-base Approach to Runoff Estimation in Midwestern States Using a SCS Curve Number Method

1992  Progress Report ARS/SCS Runoff Curve Number Work Group

1992  Retention Parameter Estimates for Curve Number Runoff Procedure

1992  Variations in Curve Number for a Reclaimed AML Site

1991  Investigation of Curve Number Procedure

1989  Generalization of SCS Curve Number Method

1984  Regional Application of the Curve Number Method

1983  The Curve Number Runoff Model as an Infiltration Model for Hydrograph Simulation

1983  A Data-Based Evaluation of the Curve Number Method

1982  Infiltration Formulas by Curve Number Procedure

1981  Relation Between Curve Number and Runoff Coefficient

1981  Relative Runoff by Curve Number Nomograph

1980  Empirical Investigation of Curve Number Technique

1977  Infiltration Formula Based on SCS Curve Number