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2014  Berm Method for Quantification of Infiltration at the Plot Scale in High Conductivity Soils

2014  Calibration of Rainfall-Runoff Model in Urban Watersheds for Stormwater Management Assessment

2014  Desalinization of Field Soil Using Radial Electromigration and Electroosmosis

2014  Development and Demonstration of a GIS-Based Cumulative Effectiveness Approach to Buffer Design and Evaluation

2014  Evaluation of Parameter Characteristics of a Storage Function Model

2014  Extreme Daily Rainfall Event Distribution Patterns in Kansas

2014  Flow Updating in Real-Time Flood Forecasting Based on Runoff Correction by a Dynamic System Response Curve

2014  Impact of Climate Variability on Runoff in the North-Central United States

2014  Influence of a Rain Garden in Pennsylvania on the Water Table

2014  Influence of Channel Width on Flow Distribution in Four-Branch Junctions with Supercritical Flow: Experimental Approach

2014  Integrated Analysis Framework for Predicting Surface Runoff, Infiltration, and Slope Stability

2014  Method for Estimating Concentration Time and Storage Coefficient of the Clark Model Using Rainfall-Runoff Measurements

2014  PAHs Removal from Urban Storm Water Runoff by Different Filter Materials

2014  Release Time Component of a Hydrograph

2014  Research on Variable Eco-Environmental Water Demand and Its Application to the Weihe River

2014  Roof Runoff Capture for Home Garden Crop Cultivation in Sri Lanka

2014  State of the Practice: Evaluation of Sediment Basin Design, Construction, Maintenance, and Inspection Procedures

2014  Streamflow and Nutrients from a Karst Watershed with a Downstream Embayment: Chapel Branch Creek

2014  Subdivision Infrastructure Affecting Storm Water Runoff and Residential Property Values

2014  Surface Runoff at an Instrumented Catchment Scale Water Balance Final Cover

2014  Techniques for In Situ Evaluation of Stormwater Infiltration Rate

2014  Tree Ring-Based Reconstruction of October to November Runoffs in the Jiaolai River since 1826

2014  Turbidity in Highway Construction Site Runoff: Preparing for Numerical Effluent Limits

2013  Adsorptive-Filtration of Runoff Subject to Controlled and Uncontrolled Hydraulic and Water Chemistry Loadings

2013  Analysis of Runoff Characteristics of the Xiaoyangqi River in Northeast China

2013  Analytical Probabilistic Model for Evaluating the Hydrologic Performance of Green Roofs

2013  Application of a Sampling Based on the Combined Objectives of Parameter Identification and Uncertainty Analysis of an Urban Rainfall-Runoff Model

2013  Assessment of Car Wash Runoff Treatment Using Bioretention Mesocosms

2013  Bayesian Statistic Forecasting Model for Middle-Term and Long-Term Runoff of a Hydropower Station

2013  Bypassing Determination of Time of Concentration

2013  Calibration of the Parameters of a Rainfall-Runoff Model in Ungauged Basins Using Synthetic Flow Duration Curves as Estimated by Regional Analysis

2013  Case Study of Simulation of Heat Export by Rainfall Runoff from a Small Urban Watershed Using MINUHET

2013  Case Study of St. Louis, Missouri: Comparison of Bioretention Performance to the Runoff Component of a Restored Water Balance

2013  Catchment-Scale Evaluation of the Hydrologic and Water Quality Impacts of Residential Street Retrofits in Wilmington, NC

2013  Climate Change Impacts on Design Storms and Urban Runoff Characteristics

2013  Comparison of Artificial Neural Network Models for Sediment Yield Prediction at Single Gauging Station of Watershed in Eastern India

2013  A Comparison of Runoff Quality and Quantity from a Urban Commercial Infill Low Impact Development and a Conventional Development

2013  Continuous Hydrologic Modeling of Snow-Affected Watersheds in the Great Lakes Basin Using HEC-HMS

2013  Continuous Modeling of Bioinfiltration Storm-Water Control Measures Using Green and Ampt

2013  Crystal Lake Site Rehabilitation Project

2013  Curve Numbers for Low-Compaction Steep-Sloped Reclaimed Mine Lands in the Southern Appalachians

2013  Degradation of Harmful Bacteria in Simulated Wastewater by the White Rot Fungus Pleurotus Ostreatus

2013  Effect of Climate Change on Runoff Generation: Application to Rift Valley Lakes Basin of Ethiopia

2013  Effects of DEM Resolution on Surface Depression Properties and Hydrologic Connectivity

2013  Effects of Land Use Change on Hydrologic Response at a Watershed Scale, Arkansas

2013  Efficient Calibration Technique under Irregular Response Surface

2013  The Emergency $130-Million Ward County Water Supply Project

2013  Estimation of Spatio-Temporally Variable Groundwater Recharge Using a Rainfall-Runoff Model

2013  ET Influence on Urban Stormwater Runoff Estimation

2013  Evaluating SEDCAD Model Performance on Reclaimed Coal Mine Lands in East Tennessee

2013  Evaluating the Dual Benefits of Rainwater Harvesting Systems Using Reliability Analysis

2013  Evaluation of Adsorption for the Removal of Heavy Metals in Stormwater Runoff

2013  Evaluation of Physical Properties of Rubber-Chip Amended Media in BMPs for Highway Runoff Pollution Control

2013  Forecast Modeling of Monthly Runoff with Adaptive Neural Fuzzy Inference System and Wavelet Analysis

2013  Generalized Additive Regression Models of Discharge and Mean Velocity Associated with Direct-Runoff Conditions in Texas: Utility of the U.S. Geological Survey Discharge Measurement Database

2013  GIS-Based Fully Distributed Rainfall-Runoff Model for Suggesting Alternate Land Use Patterns

2013  Green Roof Storm-Water Runoff Quantity and Quality

2013  Green Roof Systems as Sources or Sinks Influencing Heavy Metal Concentrations in Runoff

2013  Hydrated Lime for Metal Immobilization and Explosives Transformation: Field Demonstration

2013  Hydrologic Response of Solar Farms

2013  Hydrologic Response to Land Use and Land Cover Changes within the Context of Catchment-Scale Spatial Information

2013  Hydrological Analysis of Potential Campus Expansions by Two Methods

2013  Hydrological Response of Sloping Farmlands with Different Rock Fragment Covers in the Purple Soil Area of China

2013  Identifying Contributions of Climate Change and Human Activity to Changes in Runoff Using Epoch Detection and Hydrologic Simulation

2013  The Impact Assessment of Climate Change on the Long-Term Runoff on the Han River in South Korea Based on RCP Climate Change Scenarios

2013  Impact of Variable Hydraulic Conductivity on Bioretention Cell Performance and Implications for Construction Standards

2013  In Situ and Microcosm Investigations into the Phytoremediation of Hydrocarbon-Contaminated Lagoon Sediments Using Phragmites australis

2013  Instantaneous Stepwise-Steady CFD Model of BMP Response to Unsteady PM Loadings

2013  Internal Water Storage Enhances Exfiltration and Thermal Load Reduction from Permeable Pavement in the North Carolina Mountains

2013  Investigation into the Impacts of Land-Use Change on Runoff Generation Characteristics in the Upper Huaihe River Basin, China

2013  Mass Transfer Kinetics of Phosphorus to Filter Media from Wastewater, Storm Water, and Surrogate Matrices

2013  Model Calibration and Uncertainty Analysis for Runoff in the Upper Sind River Basin, India, Using Sequential Uncertainty Fitting

2013  Modeling and Designing Control Flow Systems for Drainage Channels at McMurdo Station, Antarctica

2013  Modeling Sedimentation-Filtration Basins for Urban Watersheds Using Soil and Water Assessment Tool

2013  Modeling Soil Solute Release into Runoff and Transport with Runoff on a Loess Slope

2013  Modeling the Effects of Climate Change and Human Activities on the Hydrological Processes in a Semiarid Watershed of Loess Plateau

2013  Monitoring of Representative Particle Size Distributions and Gross Solids from Roadways and Application to SCM Design

2013  Novel Use of Time Domain Reflectometry in Infiltration-Based Low Impact Development Practices

2013  Physical and CFD Modeling of Runoff Particulate Matter by Partial Exfiltration

2013  Physical Modeling of Particulate Matter Washout from a Hydrodynamic Separator

2013  Predicting Between-Event Variability of Escherichia coli in Urban Storm Water

2013  Prediction of Rainfall-Runoff in an Ungauged Basin: Case Study in the Mountainous Region of Northern Thailand

2013  Preliminary Field Evaluation of Soil Compaction in Rain Gardens

2013  Preliminary Study on the Effects of Surface Microtopography on Tracer Transport in a Coupled Overland and Unsaturated Flow System

2013  Proposed Smart Market Design for Sediment Discharge

2013  Quantification of Flood Runoff Reduction Effect of Storage Facilities by the Decrease in CN

2013  Quantifying Evaporation from Pervious Concrete Systems: Methodology and Hydrologic Perspective

2013  Rain Barrel-Urban Garden Stormwater Management Performance

2013  Rainfall Intensity-Duration-Frequency Relationships for Andhra Pradesh, India: Changing Rainfall Patterns and Implications for Runoff and Groundwater Recharge

2013  Rate-Based Estimation of the Runoff Coefficients for Selected Watersheds in Texas

2013  Relationship between Urban Runoff Pollutant and Catchment Characteristics

2013  Removal of Dissolved Heavy Metals in Highway Runoff

2013  Return Period Adjustment for Runoff Coefficients Based on Analysis in Undeveloped Texas Watersheds

2013  Runoff and Soil Loss from Revegetated Grasslands in the Hilly Loess Plateau Region, China: Influence of Biocrust Patches and Plant Canopies

2013  Runoff Ratios for Five Small Urban Karst Watersheds under Different Levels of Imperviousness

2013  Sediment Wash-Off from an Impervious Urban Land Surface

2013  Sensitivity of Land-Use Change to Streamflow in Chaobai River Basin

2013  Simulated Storm-Water Runoff Treatment by Duckweed and Algae Ponds

2013  Snowmelt Runoff Simulation Using HEC-HMS in a Himalayan Watershed

2013  Stormwater Runoff Loadings To Coastal Bayous Under A Gradient Of Watershed Urbanization, North Central Gulf of Mexico