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2015  Designing a Flexible Feeder Transit System Serving Irregularly Shaped and Gated Communities: Determining Service Area and Feeder Route Planning

2015  Optimization of a Transit Services Model with a Feeder Bus and Rail System Using Metaheuristic Algorithms

2014  Effects of Freeway Mileage-Based Toll Scheme on the Short-Range Driver’s Route Choice Behavior

2014  Estimating Transit Route OD Flow Matrices from APC Data on Multiple Bus Trips Using the IPF Method with an Iteratively Improved Base: Method and Empirical Evaluation

2014  How to Evacuate: Model for Understanding the Routing Strategies during Hurricane Evacuation

2014  Hybrid Method for Bus Network Design with High Seasonal Demand Variation

2014  Rail Transit Route Optimization Model for Rail Infrastructure Planning and Design: Case Study of Saint Andrews, Scotland

2014  Truck-and-Trailer Distribution Based on a Hybrid Evolutionary Algorithm

2013  Applying Mathematical Model to Simplify the Procession of Pipeline Route Selection

2013  Computational GIS and Agent-Based Model Development for Routing Optimization to Facilitate Pavement Condition Data Collection

2013  A Data Interlocking Method for ATS System

2013  Empirical Evidence on the Effectiveness of the Labeling Approach of Route Choice Set Generation

2013  Evaluation Model for Route Comfort Degree of Cycle Trips

2013  Fusion Framework of Urban Traffic Control and Route Guidance Based on Cyber-physical System Theory

2013  Genetic Algorithm for Vehicle Routing Problem

2013  Max-Min Ant System for Dynamic Vehicle Routing Problem with Time Window

2013  A New Hybrid Meta-Heuristic Algorithm to Resolve Unpaired VRPPD

2013  Optimal Routing Design of a Community Shuttle for Metro Stations

2013  Parameter Estimation of Logit Route Choice Model by Artificial Bee Colony Algorithm

2013  Planning of Dynamic Routing of Logistics in Urban Public Sports Facilities Based on MAS

2013  Planning Routes Dynamically with Geo-Referencing Tools

2013  Risk-Based Transit Schedule Design for a Fixed Route from the View of Equity

2013  Routes Generating Based on the Navigational Expert System

2013  Routing Algorithm of Wireless Sensor Networks in Railway Disaster Monitoring System

2013  Selecting Emergency Evacuation Routes in Urban Dynamic Traffic Network

2013  Solving the Vehicle Routing Problems with Time Window Using Hybrid Genetic Algorithm

2013  Strategy of Collaborative Transportation Based on Green Logistics

2013  Study of Regional Traffic Route Planning Based on Management Perspective

2013  A Surface Flow Routing Algorithm Based on Shallow Water Equation with Kinematic Wave Approximation

2013  Train Routing Model and Algorithm Combined with Train Scheduling

2013  Transit Signal Priority Control for Multi-Conflicted Routes under Headway-Based Service

2013  Using a Guiding Network to Determine Efficient Evacuation Routes in a Public Building

2013  Vehicle Routing Problem of Simultaneous Deliveries and Pickups with Two-Dimensional Loading Constraints

2012  Analysis on Effectiveness of Fixed Partition Policy in Optimizing Inventory Routing

2012  Analysis on the Urban Unsteady Non-Pressure Rainfall Pipe Flow Routing Method

2012  Bicycle Master Plan for Adana, Turkey

2012  Comparison of Variable Parameter Muskingum-Cunge and Variable Parameter McCarthy-Muskingum Routing Methods

2012  Continuous Approximation Model for the Vehicle Routing Problem for Emissions Minimization at the Strategic Level

2012  Dynamic Vehicle Dispatching at a Transfer Station in Public Transportation System

2012  Effects of Spatial Resolution in Urban Hydrologic Simulations

2012  Estimation of Nonlinear Muskingum Model Parameter Using Differential Evolution

2012  Feasibility of Flex-Route as a Feeder Transit Service to Rail Stations in the Suburbs: Case Study in Toronto

2012  Incident-Induced Diversion Behavior: Existence, Magnitude, and Contributing Factors

2012  A Multi-Path Astar Algorithm for Recognizing Reasonable Route Set

2012  Network Equilibrium Modeling Considering the Travelers’ Risk Perception on Arrival Time

2012  New Method for Modeling Thin-Walled Orifice Flow under Partially Submerged Conditions

2012  Optimization Algorithm Research on Transportation Plan of Logistics Enterprises

2012  Passenger Assignment Model Based on Common Route in Congested Transit Networks

2012  Planning of Fixed-Route Fixed-Schedule Feeder Service to Bus Stops in Rural India

2012  Research on Delivery Routes of Logistics Vehicles Based on Identification Method of Urban Road Traffic Conditions

2012  Research on Method of Highway Route Alternative Based on Road Safety Audit

2012  Research on Optimization Model of Multimodal Transportation Routing with Time Restriction

2012  Research on Theoretical Model of En Route Sector Capacity

2012  Research on Vehicle Routing Choice for Emergency Logistics with Time-Varying

2012  A Robust, Numerically Efficient Model for Unsteady Flow Routing in Topologically Complex River Networks

2012  Route Selection for a $2.2 Billion Pipeline

2012  Sediment Routing Model of the Middle Rio Grande

2012  Southeast Collector Trunk Sewer Route Selection: The Regional Municipalities of York and Durham, Ontario, Canada

2012  Study on Emergency Evacuation Routes of Urban Traffic Based on a Time-dependent Network

2012  Study on Route Choice Behavior Control Based on the Internet of Things

2012  Toward the Intelligent Control of River Flooding

2011  An Adaptive Algorithm for Dynamic Vehicle Routing Problem Based on Real Time Traffic Information

2011  Algorithm for Flow Direction Enforcement Using Subgrid-Scale Stream Location Data

2011  Analysis of SP Panel Data for Route Choices Considering Latent Variables

2011  The Application of Origin-Based Algorithm on Route Flows of Ambiguous Path Problem in Expressway Network Tolling System

2011  Best-Routing Algorithm Based on Guangzhou Metro

2011  Bi-Level Programming Model of Route Information Guidance Considering Carbon Emissions

2011  A Bottleneck Identification Method for Transfer Pedestrian Route of Comprehensive Transportation Hub Based on Social Force Model

2011  Bus Route Travel Time Reliability Analysis Based on Travelers’ Perceptions

2011  Container Ship Routing Design Considering Combined Patterns and Plans of Loaded and Empty Containers

2011  Design of EMU Routing Scheme System for Passenger Dedicated Line

2011  Dynamic Transport Routing Planning in Logistics of Sports Tour Resource Based on MAS and GIS

2011  Economy Estimation of Operational Passenger Cars for Freeway Route on Typical Driving Cycles

2011  Hydrological Applications of the Approximate Convection-Diffusion Equations

2011  Intelligent Agent Optimization of Urban Bus Transit System Design

2011  Investigate the Effectiveness of Graphic Route Information Panels through a Survey Study

2011  Knowledge-Enabled Decision Support System for Routing Urban Utilities

2011  Laboratory and Field Test on Tunnel Rock Masses Grouting

2011  Model and Algorithm for Continuous Time-Varying Shortest Path Problem

2011  Modeling and Solution of the Hazardous Waste Location-Routing Problem under Uncertain Conditions

2011  Modeling Vehicle Routing Problem with Pick-Up Time Constraint for Multimodal Transportation

2011  A Modified Paired Combinatorial Logit Route Choice Model with Probit-Based Equivalent Impedance

2011  Optimal Hub Port Locations in China-Western Europe Container Liner Route

2011  Optimal Selection Model of Road Transportation Route of Dangerous Goods

2011  Parameter Estimation of Nonlinear Muskingum Models Using Nelder-Mead Simplex Algorithm

2011  Performance Measurement of Bus Routes Considering External Environmental Effects: Application of Three-Stage DEA Approach

2011  Probability of Flood-Induced Overtopping of Barriers in Watershed-Reservoir-Dam Systems

2011  The Problem Need to Be Concerned in the Theory of Comprehensive Transport Network Planning

2011  A Real-Time Planning Algorithm for Route Choice Behavior and Processes

2011  A Reasonable Route Choice Set Generation Algorithm Based on Link Penalty Method

2011  Road Network Capacity Reliability Based on Traveler’s Route Choice Behavior

2011  Root Zone Moisture Routing and Water Demand Calculations in the Context of Integrated Hydrology

2011  Route Choice for Emergency Evacuation

2011  Route Optimization for Hazardous Materials Transportation with Time-Window Constraints

2011  Setting Way and Running Analysis of Feeder Routes at Signal Intersections

2011  Ship Routing Problem in Liner Transport Based on Immune Genetic Algorithm

2011  Simulating the Effect of Access Road Route Selection on Wind Farm Construction

2011  Simulation and Analysis of Emergency Routing Planning Based on Vulnerability Identification of Urban Transportation Network

2011  Spreadsheet and Design Storm Routing Approaches to LID Computations: From Permitting Perspectives to Detailed Design

2011  Subsidy Method for Cold Route of Public Transportation