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2015  Entropy Parameter Estimation in Large-Scale Roughness Open Channel

2014  Limit Equilibrium Model for Rock Joints Based on Strain Energies

2013  Cavitation Potential of Flow on Stepped Spillways

2013  Flood Routing Simulation and System Customization for a High-Leakage River Channel in China

2013  Fracture Mechanisms of Polymer Cement Mortar: Concrete Interfaces

2013  Quantifying Surface Roughness of Weathered Rock - Examples from Granite and Limestone

2012  Concrete Strength of Vertical Joints in the Cantilever-cast Segment of Prestressed Concrete Box Girders

2012  Effect of Pavement Type on Overlay Roughness Progression

2012  Effects of Roughness Density on the Determination of Flow Resistance in Spatially Averaged Vegetated Open Channel Flow

2012  Estimation of Effective Roughness for Water-Worked Gravel Surfaces

2012  Particle Shape Estimates of Uniform Sands: Visual and Automated Methods Comparison

2012  Random Parameters Seemingly Unrelated Equations Approach to the Postrehabilitation Performance of Pavements

2012  Rough Surface Finishing of Stone-Faced Sandwich Panels Using High Pressure Waterjet

2012  The Study of Variation in Gross Building Coverage Ratio on Estate-Level Outdoor Ventilation

2012  Variation in Manning’s Roughness Coefficient with Diameter, Discharge, and Slope in Partially Filled HDPE Culverts

2011  Nonuniform and Unsteady Solute Transport in Furrow Irrigation. II: Description of Field Experiments and Calibration of Infiltration and Roughness Coefficients

2011  Physical and Numerical Modeling of Submerged Vegetation Roughness in Rivers and Flood Plains

2011  Proposal for Standardization of Pull Tests on Rock Joints

2011  Rock-Joint Micromechanics: Relationship of Roughness to Closure and Wave Propagation

2011  Simulation of Atmosphere Boundary Layer by Using Wedges and Rough Elements Technique

2011  Transverse Dispersion Caused by Secondary Flow in Curved Channels

2010  Evaluation of the Effect of Pavement Roughness on Skid Resistance

2010  Nanoscale Evaluation of Moisture Damage in Polymer Modified Asphalts

2009  The Analysis of the Correlation between International Roughness Index and Body Ride Comfort

2009  Analytical Method for Load-Transfer Characteristics of Rock-Socketed Drilled Shafts

2009  Calibration of Roughness Measuring Instrument for Adopting the Performance Warranty System

2009  Effects of Rainfall-Runoff on Soil Surface Roughness and Erosion Processes

2009  Elemental T and Y Shapes of Tree Networks of Ducts with Various Cross-Sectional Shapes

2009  Expanded Method for Filtering Submerged Objects in Echosounder Data

2009  The Impact of Biofilm Development on Pipe Roughness and Velocity Profile

2009  Modified Methods on Testing Roughness Coefficient of Water Pipes in Urban Water Distribution Network

2009  Prediction of the Asymptotic Water Depth in Rough Compound Channels

2009  Study on Evaluation Method of Expressway Roughness

2009  Two-Dimensional Discrete Element Theory for Rough Particles

2008  Chance Constrained Optimal Design of Trapezoidal Channels

2008  Data Analysis with Outlier Detection to Detect Pavement Roughness

2008  Determining the Accuracy of Automated Calibration of Pipe Network Models

2008  Effect of Footing Roughness on Lower Bound N≤ Values

2008  Effects of Train Characteristics on the Rate of Deterioration of Track Roughness

2008  Evaluating International Roughness Index Data Quality at Project and Network Levels

2008  Evaluation of Irrigation Canal Maintenance According to Roughness and Active Canal Capacity Values

2008  Identifying the Effects of Soil and Climate Types on Seasonal Variation of Pavement Roughness Using MML Inference

2008  Mode I Fracture Surface of Granite: Measurements and Correlations with Mechanical Properties

2008  Optimum Rainfall Interval and Manning’s Roughness Coefficient for Runoff Simulation

2008  Roughness and Unit Side Resistance of Drilled Shafts Socketed in Clay Shale and Limestone

2008  Science Based Restoration to Describe Bed Microroughness in Gravel Streams

2008  Three-Dimensional Joint/Interface Element for Rough Undulating Major Discontinuities in Rock Masses

2008  Understanding the Impact of Biofilm Growth on Pipe Roughness

2007  Analysis of the Friction Term in the One-Dimensional Shallow-Water Model

2007  Double-Averaged Open-Channel Flows with Small Relative Submergence

2007  Dynamic Prediction Model of As-Built Roughness in Asphaltic Concrete Pavement Construction

2007  Effect of Biofilm Formation on Roughness Coefficient and Solids Deposition in Small-Diameter PVC Sewer Pipes

2007  Effect of Curing on Roughness Development of Concrete Pavements

2007  Effect of Footing Roughness on Bearing Capacity Factor Nγ

2007  Factors Affecting Initial Roughness of Concrete Pavement

2007  Flooding Probability Constrained Optimal Design of Trapezoidal Channels

2007  Subelement Form-Drag Parameterization in Rough-Bed Flows

2006  Airport Pavement Roughness Index Relationships Using the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Profiling System

2006  Apparent Current Roughness Caused by Waves and Bedforms on a Sandy Shoreface

2006  Bond of GFRP Bars in Concrete: Experimental Study and Analytical Interpretation

2006  Characterizing the Roughness Progression on Kansas Pavements: A Sequential Neuronet Approach

2006  Dynamic Routing Model with Real–time Roughness Updating for Flood Forecasting

2006  Effectiveness of Bermuda Grass as Vegetative Cover in Grassed Waterway: A Simulated Study

2006  Effects of Design and Site Factors on Roughness of Flexible Pavements in the LTPP SPS-1 Experiment

2006  Effects of Drilling Tools on Rock Socket Roughness in Soft Clay Shale

2006  Equivalent Roughness Height for Plane Bed under Steady Flow

2006  Feasibility Study for Gray Theory Based Pavement Smoothness Prediction Models

2006  Flood Plain Filling by a Monoclinal Flood Wave

2006  Flow and Sediment Laboratory Measurements over Unsubmerged Roughness Elements

2006  Flow Resistance and Momentum Flux in Compound Open Channels

2006  The Influence of Curing on the Mechanical Performance of Fibre Reinforced Shotcrete

2006  Postpeak Strength of Interfaces in a Stress-Dilatancy Framework

2006  Prediction of Roughness of Pavements on Expansive Soils

2006  Quantification of Shear-Induced Wear on Curved Surfaces

2006  Roughness Assessment of Runway 8L-26R at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport

2006  Texas IRI Summary (2000-2005)

2006  Vehicle-Induced Dynamic Performance of FRP versus Concrete Slab Bridge

2005  Choice of Percentiles and Axes to Determine Grain Resistance

2005  Effect of Channel Bed Corrugations on Hydraulic Jumps

2005  Gray System Model for Estimating the Pavement International Roughness Index

2005  Hydraulic Resistance in Grass Swales Designed for Small Flow Conveyance

2005  Quality Control in Digital Terrain Models

2005  Scattergraph Principles and Practice: Camp’s Varying Roughness Coefficient Applied to Regressive Methods

2005  Two Methods for the Computation of Commercial Pipe Friction Factors

2004  Another Look at Wetted Perimeter Along Irrigated Furrows - Modeling Implications

2004  Effect of Road Roughness on Capacity of Two-Lane Roads

2004  Explicit Design of Commercial Pipes with No Secondary Losses

2004  Identification of Manning’s Roughness Coefficients in Shallow Water Flows

2004  Panel Data Analysis of Factors Affecting As-Built Roughness of Asphaltic Concrete Pavements

2004  The Prediction of Dunes and Their Related Roughness in Estuarine Morphological Models

2004  Review of Roughness Characteristics of New Zealand Rivers by D. Murray Hicks and Peter D. Mason

2004  Testing and Modeling of Soil-Structure Interface

2004  Testing the Validity of Manning’s n Calculated by Modeling the Flow Through Rigid Non-Submerged Vegetation

2004  Velocity Distribution in the Roughness Layer of Rough-Bed Flows

2003  Hydraulic Design of Large-Diameter Pipes

2003  Interface Shear Transfer for High Strength Concrete and High Strength Shear Friction Reinforcement

2003  Role of Resistance Coefficient in Seasonal Adjustments in Alluvial Rivers

2002  Apparent Roughness in Wave–Current Flow: Implication for Coastal Studies

2002  The Determination of Sewer Roughness and Sediment Properties Using Acoustic Techniques

2002  Fuzzy Approach for Analysis of Pipe Networks