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2015  Defects of Tensioned Membrane Structures in the Tropics

2015  Effects of Load Sharing in Wood Tongue-and-Groove Plank Decking under Concentrated Loads

2015  Effects of Roof Pitch and Gypsum Ceilings on the Behavior of Wood Roof Diaphragms

2015  Influence of Design on the Service Life of Pitched Roofs’ Cladding

2015  Opening and Compartmentalization Effects of Internal Pressure in Low-Rise Buildings with Gable and Hip Roofs

2015  Post-Fire Nondestructive Evaluation of a Prestressed Concrete Double-Tee Joist Roof

2015  Postoccupancy Performance Evaluation of Time-of-Installation Factors: Seven-Year Study of SPF Roofing

2015  Wood Panelized Roof Subpurlin Hanger Construction Defect Assessment and Load Testing to Establish Defect Tolerances

2014  ABV Procedure Combined with Mechanistic Response Modeling for Roof- and Surge-Loss Estimation in Hurricanes

2014  Brazilian Trio

2014  Characterization of Ecoroofs and Ecoroof Materials

2014  Effects of Firing Conditions on the Properties of Calcareous Clay Roofing Tiles

2014  Hermite Extreme Value Estimation of Non-Gaussian Wind Load Process on a Long-Span Roof Structure

2014  In Situ Nail Withdrawal Strengths in Wood Roof Structures

2014  Navigating the Complexities of Rooftop Sky Bridge Construction

2014  On the Web (

2014  Precast/Prestressed Concrete Sandwich Panels for Thermally Efficient Floor/Roof Applications

2014  Prevention through Design: Health Hazards in Asphalt Roofing

2014  Repair of Decayed Heavy Timber Roof Truss Columns at 135 Year Old Cathedral

2014  Seismic Design of Ballasted Solar Arrays on Low-Slope Roofs

2014  Snow-Related Roof Collapse during the Winter of 2010-2011, Implications for Building Codes

2014  State of the Art: Seismic Behavior of Wood-Frame Residential Structures

2014  Studies of a Rooftop Cooling Tower and its Seismic Protective System

2014  Toronto Lab Hopes to Refine ’Green’ Roof Design

2014  Wind Design Practice and Recommendations for Solar Arrays on Low-Slope Roofs

2014  Wind Effects on Roofs with High-Profile Tiles: Experimental Study

2014  Wind Loads on Low-Profile, Tilted, Solar Arrays Placed on Large, Flat, Low-Rise Building Roofs

2014  Wind Uplift Capacity of Foam-Retrofitted Roof Sheathing Panels Subjected to Rainwater Intrusion

2014  Wind Uplift of Concrete Roof Pavers

2014  Wind Uplift Resistance of Artificially and Naturally Aged Asphalt Shingles

2014  Wind-Induced Pressures on Solar Panels Mounted on Residential Homes

2013  Annual Thermal Performance of a Hollow Roof in Combination with a Cavity Wall and Static Sunshade: Experimental Study of Energy-Efficient Rooms

2013  Applicability of Classical Predictive Equations for the Estimation of Evapotranspiration from Urban Green Spaces: Green Roof Results

2013  Assessment of ASCE 7-10 Standard Methods for Determining Wind Loads

2013  Buckling Analysis of a Long-Span Roof Structure Collapsed during Construction

2013  Design and Application of Long-Distance Curved Pipe-Roofing Method for Ultra-Large Oval Section

2013  Evapotranspiration from a Green-Roof Storm-Water Control Measure

2013  Green Roof Storm-Water Runoff Quantity and Quality

2013  Green Roof Systems as Sources or Sinks Influencing Heavy Metal Concentrations in Runoff

2013  Mechanical Performance of Liquid-Applied Roof Waterproofing Systems

2013  Modelling the Roof-to-Wall Connections and Roof Failures in Residential, Wood-Frame Buildings under Realistic Wind Loads

2013  NewsBriefs: Solar Rooftop in Yonkers Largest In New York (

2013  Performance of Asphalt Mixtures with Recycled Roof Membrane

2013  Quality of Rainwater Runoff on Roofs and Its Relation to Uses and Rain Characteristics in the Villa Alexandra and Acacias Neighborhoods of Kennedy, Bogota, Colombia

2013  Sensitivity of Load Distribution in Light-Framed Wood Roof Systems due to Typical Modeling Parameters

2013  Wind Loads on Solar Collectors and PV Panels on Roofs

2013  Wind-Induced Response and Equivalent Static Wind Load of Long-Span Roof Structures by Combined Ritz-Proper Orthogonal Decomposition Method

2012  Advances in Hurricane Engineering, Learning from Our Past

2012  Case Study: Failure at an Abutting Lower Roof Due to Snowdrift

2012  Case Study of Occupant Costs in Roof Management

2012  Comparison of Field and Full-Scale Laboratory Peak Pressures at the IBHS Research Center

2012  Design of RTU Curbs for Hurricane Winds

2012  The Evaluation of Solar Roof on Life-Cycle Carbon Emission Reduction and Cost Efficiency of Dwelling House

2012  Evaluation of the Buckling Load of an Elliptic Paraboloid Cable-Braced Grid Shell Using the Continuum Analogy

2012  Experimental and Numerical Investigation of Space-Trusses with the Reinforcement of Stamped Connections

2012  Failure vs. Flight: An Experimental Study of Wind Speeds Associated with Roof Failures of Houses

2012  Finding the Form of an Irregular Meshed Steel and Glass Shell Based on Construction Constraints

2012  Finite-Element Limit Analysis of the Tucker High School Gymnasium Roof Failure

2012  Full Scale and Wind Tunnel Testing of a Photovoltaic Panel Mounted on Residential Roofs

2012  Full Scale and Wind Tunnel Testing of Rooftop Equipment on a Flat Roof

2012  Guidelines to Assess Hail Damage to Shingle Roofs

2012  The Hamptons at MetroWest: A Case Study of an Investigation into the Causes for Structural Rot Damage

2012  The Hurricane Roof Position

2012  In Situ Nail Withdrawal Strengths in Wood Residential Roofs

2012  Influence of Chemical-Mineralogical Composition on the Color and Brightness of Iberian Roofing Slates

2012  Investigation of the Wind Resistance of Asphalt Shingles

2012  Life Cycle Analysis of a St. Louis Flat Roof Residential Retrofit for Improved Energy Efficiency

2012  Life-Cycle Assessment of Personal Residential Roof Decking and Cover under Hurricane Threats

2012  Low-Volume Road WMA Mixtures: Moisture Susceptibility of Mixtures Containing Coal Ash and Roofing Shingle with Moist Aggregate

2012  Missile Impact Resistance of a Metal Mesh Roofing System

2012  Modeling of User Design Preferences in Multiobjective Optimization of Roof Trusses

2012  Moisture Measurements as Performance Criteria for Extensive Living Roof Substrates

2012  A New Method for Managing and Presenting Façade Investigation Data

2012  New Roof, New Icon

2012  Parapet Effects on Full-Scale Wind-Induced Roof Pressures

2012  Potential Problems Arising from the Use of Composite Foam Panels on Sloping Roofs

2012  Prefabricated Wood Truss Roof Failure under Wind Induced Loads

2012  Progressive Collapse Analysis and Safety Assessment Method for Steel Truss Roof

2012  Roof Curb Design: For Compliance with Building Code Seismic and Wind Load Requirements

2012  Safe Design Suggestions for Vegetated Roofs

2012  Vegetated Roof Water-Balance Model: Experimental and Model Results

2012  Water Entry through Roof Sheathing Joints and Attic Vents: A Preliminary Study

2012  Water Quality Benefits of Harvesting Rooftop Runoff

2012  Wedge Stability in the Roof of a Non-Circular Tunnel

2012  Wind Load on Ridge and Field Tiles on a Residential Building: A Full Scale Study

2012  Wind Loads on Low Profile Tilted Solar Arrays Placed on Low-Rise Building Roofs

2012  Wind Loads on Solar Collectors: A Review

2012  Wind Tunnel Model Studies of Aerodynamic Lifting of Roof Pavers

2012  Wind Turbulence and Load Sharing Effects on Ballasted Roof-Top Solar Arrays

2012  Wind Uplift Capacity of Foam-Retrofitted Roof Sheathing Subjected to Water Leaks

2012  Wind Uplift Performance of Composite Metal Roof Assemblies

2011  Bending of Delaminated Composite Conoidal Shells under Uniformly Distributed Load

2011  Creep Deflection in Design of Metal Plate–Connected Wood Trusses

2011  Design of the Retractable Roof for the Florida Marlins’ New Ballpark

2011  Effect of Roof Surface Type on Storm-Water Runoff from Full-Scale Roofs in a Temperate Climate

2011  The Elusive Load Transference of Stratified Rock Roof

2011  Erection of the Cable Net Roof for the London 2012 Olympic Stadium

2011  Green Roofs: A Solution for Urban Stormwater Management?

2011  Is Roof Eave Blocking Required to Transmit Wind/Seismic Forces?

2011  Loose Mortar-Set Roof Tile Falsehood