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Found 81 Records with the keyword term of "Roof failures"

2012  Case Study of Occupant Costs in Roof Management

2008  Wind Uplift Behavior of Mechanically Attached Single-Ply Roofing Systems: The Need for Correction Factors in Standardizezd Tests

2007  Back Matter

2007  Design and Wind Tunnel Performance Testing of a New Omnidirectional Roof Vent

2007  Design Examples

2007  Drifts on Lower Roofs

2007  Flat Roof Snow Loads

2007  Frequently Asked Questions

2007  Front Matter

2007  Ground Snow Loads

2007  Index

2007  Introduction

2007  Partial Loads

2007  Ponding Instability and Existing Roofs

2007  Rain-On-Snow Surcharge Loads

2007  References

2007  Roof Damage in New Homes Caused by Hurricane Charley

2007  Roof Projections

2007  Sliding Snow Loads

2007  Sloped Roof Snow Loads

2007  Snow Loads, A Guide to the Snow Load Provisions of ASCE 7-05

2007  The Source Of the Problem

2007  Unbalanced Loads

2007  Was it?

2004  Splitting Failures in Trapezoidal Steel Roof Cladding

2003  Failure Analysis of 100-Year Old Timber Roof Truss

2002  Retrofitting Building Frames for Snow Loads

2001  Local Collapse in Soft Rock Bank Cavities

2000  Retrofits for Steel Joist Roofs Exposed to Blast Loads

2000  Trussed Rafter, Simple Truss, or Three-Hinged Arch

1999  Impact of Permanent Diagonal Bracing on Different MPC Wood Truss Types

1998  Roof Restoration

1997  Evaluation of East Coast Snow Loads Following January 1996 Storms

1997  Historic Downtown Dilemma (Available only in Structural Engineering special issue)

1996  Meter Helps Rescuers Keep Level Heads After Roof Collapse

1996  Wind-Induced Failures of Steel Roof Decks

1994  Performance of Commercial Masonry Structures in Hurricane Andrew

1994  Performance of Prestressed Concrete Roofs During Hurricane Andrew

1994  Statistically-Based Evaluation of Homes Damaged by Hurricanes Andrew and Iniki

1994  Strength-Ratio Based Assessment of Wood Structures

1994  What Controls the Ultimate Load of a Glulam Dome?

1994  Wind Loads on Roofs of Low Rise Structures: Buffeting or Interaction

1993  Common Causes of Collapse of Metal-Plate–Connected Wood Roof Trusses

1993  Investigation of a Failed Concrete Joist System

1993  Reliability-Based Design of Wood Members Subject to Ponding

1993  Steel Bar Joist Performance: Design Deficiencies and Defects

1991  Drifted Snow on Roofs

1991  Fire-Related Roof Collapse: Case Study

1991  Lessons Learned by a Roof Consultant

1991  Roof Wind Damage Mitigation: Lessons From Hugo

1991  Roof-System Replacement on Sports Arena

1990  Incompatibility of Building Components

1990  Supermarket Roof Collapse in Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada

1990  Wind Effects on Single-Ply Roofing Systems

1989  Cold Weather Roofing Failures

1989  Load-Distribution Model for Light-Frame Wood Roof Assemblies

1989  New Roof for an Aging Temporary

1989  Roof Collapse, Taxi Cab Company Garage, Champaign, Illinois

1989  Two Roof Failures Due to Water Ponding and Related Code Requirements

1988  Roof Collapse Under Snowdrift Loading and Snow Drift Design Criteria

1988  Wind Effects on Roof Ballast Pavers

1987  Roof Collapse, Magic Mart Store, Bolivar, Tennessee

1985  Indicator of Residential Roof Strength in Wind

1985  Timoshenko Beams with Rotational End Constraints

1985  Wind-Induced Fatigue on Low Metal Buildings

1984  Dynamic Considerations in Latticed Structures

1984  Repair and Restoration of Assembly Hall Roof

1983  Mechanical Performance Model for Roofing Membranes

1983  Roofing Failures: A Look at Assembly Materials and Design Details

1982  Loads due to Drifted Snow

1981  Lessons Learned from Recent Long Span Roof Failures

1981  Roof Truss Collapse: A Case History and Analysis

1981  Snow Loads on Long Span Roofs

1980  Roof Design: Avoid Ponding by Sloping to Drain

1979  Design Review

1979  Hartford Roof Failure — Can We Blame the Computer?

1979  Winter Roof Collapses: Bad Luck or Bad Design—

1978  Germany, Belgium and Los Angeles have Mandatory Design Review for Major Structures

1978  Heavy Falls of Hail and Rain Leading to Roof Collapse

1976  Shear Capacity of Metal Roofing

1975  The Darwin Cyclone — Valuable Lesson in Structural Design