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2013  Inception Point for Embankment Dam Stepped Spillways

2013  Influence of Compaction Direction on Performance Characteristics of Roller-Compacted HMA Specimens

2013  Influence of Three Levee-Strengthening Systems on Overtopping Hydraulic Parameters and Hydraulic Equivalency Analysis between Steady and Intermittent Overtopping

2012  Converging Stepped Spillways: Simplified Momentum Analysis Approach

2011  Inception Point Relationship for Flat-Sloped Stepped Spillways

2011  Innovative Design and Construction of a High RCC Gravity Dam in High Seismic Intensity Region

2011  Replacing the Aggregate by Rice Husk Ash in Roller Compacted Concrete for Composite Pavements

2010  Experimental Study on the Impact of Rainfall on RCC Construction

2010  Roller Compacted Concrete Gravity Dams Reliability Analysis Based on Response Surface Approach

2009  Airstrip Structural Design Using Roller Compacted Concrete Base

2007  Roller Compacted Concrete Pavement: Properties, Design, and Construction

2006  Mechanical Properties of Roller Compacted Concrete with Bottom Ash for Sustainable Pavements Applications

2006  Optimizing Mix Proportions of Roller Compacted Concrete for Pavement Applications in Indian Conditions

2005  Impact of Converging Chute Walls for RCC Stepped Spillways

2005  RCC/Soil-Cement: What’s the Difference?

2004  Design and Construction of Roller-Compacted Concrete Pavements for Container Terminals

2004  Temperature Distribution in Al-Mujib Roller Compacted Concrete (RCC) Gravity Dam

2003  Building the Olivenhain

2003  Cold Weather Placement of RCC

2002  Dams: China Completes Tallest Roller-Compacted-Concrete Arch Dam

2001  Been There, Cured That

2001  The Many Faces of RCC

2001  A Point of Clarification

2001  RCC Mix Design—Soils Approach

2001  Rehabilitating Dams with Roller Compacted Concrete

2000  Hydraulic Structures: Designing with RCC and Soil-Cement

2000  Simulation of Construction of RCC Dams. I: Temperature and Aging

2000  Simulation of Construction of RCC Dams. II: Stress and Damage

2000  Simulation of Temperature and Stress Fields during RCC Dam Construction

1998  Energy Losses on a Roller Compacted Concrete Stepped Spillway

1998  Over the Top Concrete

1997  Alternative Materials for Overtopping Protection

1997  Ochoco Dam Spillway Modification

1997  Recycling Penn Forest Dam

1996  Engineers Roll Out Concrete for New Dam

1996  Model Study of a Roller Compacted Concrete Stepped Spillway

1996  State-of-the-Art of Roller Compacted Concrete Pavement

1995  Alternative Materials for Overtopping Protection

1995  Frost Resistance of Roller-Compacted High-Volume Fly Ash Concrete

1995  Hydraulic Structures at the Cache Creek Project

1995  RCC Mix Design with Aggregate Base Course

1995  RCC Overlays for Embankment Dams

1995  Roller Compacted Concrete for Overtopping Protection: An Overview

1995  Screening Criteria for Embankment Overtopping Protection

1994  Construction of Akashi-Kaikyo Bridge West Anchorage

1994  Energy Dissipation for a RCC Stepped Spillway

1994  RCC For Seismic Design

1994  Roller Compacted Concrete IV

1993  Laboratory Consolidation Methods Applied to Compacted Concrete for Pavements

1993  RCC: Rehab Results

1993  RCC Turns 10, or is it 50?

1992  Behavior of Urugua-I Dam

1992  Concepcion Dam Design & Construction Problems and Their Solutions

1992  Concrete-Faced RCC Dams

1992  The Construction of New Victoria Dam, Australia

1992  Construction of Urugua-I RCC Dam

1992  The Design and Construction of Shuikou Project RCC Diversion Wall

1992  Design and Proposed Construction Techniques for Pangue Dam

1992  Design of Miel II—A High RCC Dam

1992  Design of Pena Colorada Tailings Retention Dam

1992  Design of the Boney Falls RCC Emergency Spillway

1992  Economic Factors in Roller Compacted Concrete Dam Construction

1992  Final Design and Construction of Gibraltar Dam Strengthening

1992  Hydraulics of Stepped Spillways for RCC Dams and Dam Rehabilitations

1992  Lessons Learned from Elk Creek Dam

1992  Mixing and Delivery of Roller Compacted Concrete

1992  Overtopping Protection Using Roller-Compacted Concrete

1992  Performance of Upper Stillwater Dam

1992  Permeability of Roller Compacted Concrete

1992  RCC at 10

1992  RCC Conference Traces Decade of Progress

1992  RCC Dam Construction—A Contractor’s View

1992  RCC Dam Design Concepts Versus Construction Conditions for Stagecoach Dam

1992  RCC for Rehabilitation of Dams in the USA-An Overview

1992  RCC Mixes and Properties Using Poor Quality Materials–Concepcion Dam

1992  RCC Test Specimen Preparation—Developments Toward a Standard Method

1992  Rehabilitating Small Earth Embankments with RCC

1992  A Review of Design Criteria for High RCC Dams

1992  Roller Compacted Concrete Arch/Gravity Dams—South African Experience

1992  Roller Compacted Concrete III

1992  Roller Compacted Concrete Mix Design

1992  Roller Compacted Concrete Tailing Retention Dam

1992  Santa Cruz Dam Modification

1992  Thermal Analysis for RCC—A Practical Approach

1992  Thermal-Structural Analysis Methods for RCC Dams

1992  Utilization of Fly Ash in High Volumes for Low Strength Cement Composites

1991  Ashton Hydroelectric Project Rehabilitation

1991  Fire, Drought and Turtles Delay Dam Rehab

1991  Fly Ash in Roller Compacted Concrete Pavement

1991  Innovative Design for Diversion

1991  Stepped Spillway Design for Flow Over Embankments

1990  Overtopping Protection for Embankment Dams

1990  RCC Saves Life of Johnstown Dam

1990  Record RCC Dam Set for Columbia

1989  Concrete ‘Rolls’ Into Fort Drum

1989  Conventional Mixers Yield RCC for TVA Dam Rehab

1989  First RCC Gravity Dam Planned in Pennsylvania

1989  Geology Related Construction Problems at the Urugua-i Hydroelectric Project

1989  Governments Pool Funds to Pay for RCC Dam

1988  Another First for RCC: Structural Dam Repairs