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Found 85 Records with the keyword term of "Rods"

2014  Cohesive Model-Based Approach for Fatigue Life Prediction of Reinforced-Concrete Structures Strengthened with NSM FRP

2014  External Posttensioning of Reinforced Concrete Beams Using a V-Shaped Steel Rod System

2014  Numerical Analysis of Free Longitudinal Vibration of Nonuniform Rods: Discrete Singular Convolution Approach

2013  Bond Characteristics of Various NSM FRP Reinforcements in Concrete

2013  Cone Penetrometer with a Helical-Type Outer Screw Rod for Evaluation of the Subgrade Condition

2013  Provisions for Ductile Behavior of Timber-to-Steel Connections with Multiple Glued-In Rods

2013  Simplified Anchor System for CFRP Rods

2013  Structural Connections for Small-Diameter Poles

2013  Study on the Modified Coefficient of Dynamic Penetration Rod Length

2012  Experimental Investigation of Bond Fatigue Behavior of Concrete Beams Strengthened with NSM Prestressed CFRP Rods

2012  Performance under Fire Situations of Concrete Members Reinforced with FRP Rods: Bond Models and Design Nomograms

2012  Timber Frame Moment Joints with Glued-In Steel Rods. I: Design

2012  Timber Frame Moment Joints with Glued-In Steel Rods. II: Experimental Investigation of Long-Term Performance

2011  Behavior of CFRP-Prestressed Concrete Beams under High-Cycle Fatigue at Low Temperature

2011  Mechanics of Bond Fatigue Behavior of Concrete Beams Strengthened with NSM CFRP Rods

2011  Mechanism of Bond Behavior of Concrete Beams Strengthened with Near-Surface-Mounted CFRP Rods

2011  Strength of Joints with Epoxy-Glued Threaded Steel Rods in Tali Timber

2010  Analysis of Interaction Mechanism between Slips and Drill Rod

2010  Analytical Study on Strengthening Effect of RC Beams Strengthened with High-Tension Steel Rod

2010  Dynamic Instability of Nanorods/Nanotubes Subjected to an End Follower Force

2010  Lewis Wernwag and the Colossus of 1812

2010  Multiple Scales Solution for a Beam with a Small Bending Stiffness

2009  The Stress Analysis of Drilling Rod in Horizontal Directional Drilling during Trenchless Construction of Underground Pipelines

2008  Assessment of Energy Transfer Ratio in SPT Using Automatic Hammers

2007  Rod Length Influence in Torque Measurement of SPT-T Test

2006  Commonly-Used Steel Rods for Cost-Effective Seismic Retrofit of Steel-Girder Bridges: Energy Dissipation and Fatigue Properties

2006  Strengthening of Curved-Chord Wooden Lattice Trusses with Post-Tensioned Steel Rods

2006  Time-Dependent Behavior of Posttensioned Wood Howe Bridges

2005  Flexural Reinforcement of Glulam Timber Beams and Joints with Carbon Fiber-Reinforced Polymer Rods

2005  Review of Standard Penetration Test Short Rod Corrections

2004  Acoustic Emission Characterization of Damage in Hybrid Fiber-Reinforced Polymer Rods

2004  Buckling of Elastic Shallow Arches using the Theory of a Cosserat Point

2004  Lessons Learned from the Field to Improve Office Practice

2003  Experimental and Analytical Behavior of Carbon Fiber-Based Rods as Flexural Reinforcement

2003  Experimental Seismic Study of Adjacent Buildings with Fluid Dampers

2002  Stresses in Structural Tie Rods in a Large Penstock Bifurcation: Combining Theory, Prototype Measurements, and Numerical Modeling

2001  Absorption of Aramid Prestressing Rods in Aggressive Solutions

2001  Deflecting Velocity Rod for Flow Measurements in Small Channels

2001  Experimental Methods for Estiamting In Situ Tensile Force in Tie Rods

2001  Mechanical Behavior of CFRP Rod Anchors under Tensile Loading

2001  Tests Methods to Determine Properties of FRP Rods for Concrete Structures

2000  General Carryover Matrix of Plane Rod Loaded Perpendicular to Its Plane

2000  General Thin Rod Model for Preslip Bending Response of Strand

2000  New Method for Testing Fiber-Reinforced Polymer Rods under Fatigue

2000  Torque Tests on Driven Rods for Prediction of Pile Set-Up

1998  Effectiveness of Elliptical Rolling Rods for Base Isolation

1998  A New Generation of Fiber Reinforced Plastic Rebars for Marine Construction

1998  Understanding Curvature in Pultruded Composite Rods

1997  Effects of Poisson’s Ratio on Impact-Echo Test Analysis

1997  Propagation of Waves in Rate-Dependent Plastic Softening Rod and Beam

1996  Bicycle-Wheel Spoke Patterns and Spoke Fatigue

1996  Parameter Models for Estimating In-Situ Tensile Force in Tie-Rods

1996  Parameter Study of an Internal Timber Tension Connection

1995  Bond of FRP Rods Embedded in Concrete

1995  Prediction of Material Strength and Fracture of Brittle Materials Using the Sphinx Smooth Particle Hydrodynamics Code

1995  Tension Tests of Aramid FRP Composite Bars Using Acoustic Emission Technique

1994  Developing Standardized Connection Analysis Techniques for Slim Hole Core Rod Designs

1994  A Practical Design and Construction of Tension Rod Supported Glazing

1993  Dynamic Characterization of Prestressed Rods in Stressed Timber Systems

1993  Wave Equation Parameters from Driven-Rod Test

1992  Exact Solution for General Torsion Problems Using Boundary Singularities

1992  Glass-Fiber Reinforcing Rod: Characterization and Application to Concrete Structures and Grouted Anchors

1991  A New Aramid Rod for the Reinforcement of Prestressed Concrete Structures

1990  Tie-Rod Force Measurements in Cargo Berth

1989  Dynamic Characterization of Posttensioned Rods in Stressed Timber Systems

1988  Strain-Softening Calculations for Concrete in Dynamic Uniaxial Tension

1988  Yale Building Underpinned Without Open Excavation

1987  Propagation of Axisymmetric Transients in a Rod

1987  Sag Rods as Lateral Supports for Girts and Purlins

1985  Design of Diagonal Roof Bracing Rods and Tubes

1985  Restoring the Capitol’s West Front

1984  Elastic-Plastic Fracture of a Solid Cylindrical Rod Containing an External Circular Crack

1984  Stability of Follower-Force Rods with Weight

1983  Straightening of Inelastically Deformed Bars

1981  End Effects for Residual Stresses in Bars

1981  Simplified Method for Rainfall Intensities

1980  Wave Propagation in Prestressed Curved Rods

1969  Buckling and Frequencies of Long Vertical Pipes

1969  Out-Of-Plane Buckling of Curved Members

1968  Buckling of Naturally Curved and Twisted Beams

1966  Factors Effecting Seismic Design of Water Towers

1961  Method of Internal Constraints and Its Application

1958  Divining Rods Versus Hydrologic Data and Research

1958  Effect of End-Fixity on the Vibration of Rods

1927  The Stresses in a Free Prismatic Rod Under a Single Force Normal to its Axis