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2014  Centrifuge Modelling of the Collapse of Shaft Linings

2014  DEM Analysis of Using the Scratch Test to Probe Rock Heterogeneity

2014  Development of Rotary Abrasion Testing Apparatus for Rock Cores

2014  Dilatancy of Sandstone under Unloading and High Stress Conditions

2014  Distribution and Forming Mechanism of Karst Collapses in Tangshan Stadium

2014  Effect of Bedrock Depth on the Lateral Behavior of Monopiles

2014  Experimental Study on Load-Unload Response Ratio (LURR) of Brittle Rocks

2014  Experimental Study on Tunnel Face Stability in Weak and Broken Rock Mass

2014  Front Matter

2014  Interior Strain Analysis of Red Stone Rock under Compression Using Digital Volumetric Speckle Photography

2014  An Investigation of the Limit Equilibrium Method and Numerical Modeling for Rock Slope Stability Analysis

2014  Line Element Model for Fluid Flow in Three Dimensional Fracture Network and Its Modification

2014  A New Insight for the Effect of Strength Criterion on the Stress and Displacement around a Circular Opening

2014  Numerical Simulation Study on Flow in Single Fractures with Different Joint Roughness Coefficient

2014  Physical Simulation on Failure around a Circular Cavern in Hard and Brittle Rock under High and Increasing Natural Stress Conditions

2014  Prediction of the Base Resistance for Drilled Shafts Socketed into Rock

2014  Quantitative Analysis on Damaged Coal in Three Dimensions

2014  Research in Energy-Related Rock Mechanics

2014  Rock Fracture Studies for Hill Rock Slope

2014  Rock Mechanics and Its Applications in Civil, Mining, and Petroleum Engineering

2014  Rockfall Modeling Analysis and Mitigation at Mountainous Road, Saudi Arabia

2014  Studies on Water Plugging with Grouting Technique in Surrounding Rocks with Fissures of Deep Mining

2014  Study of Mechanical Properties and Fracturing Processes of Carrara Marble in Dynamic Brazilian Tests by Two Optical Observation Methods

2014  Study on Shear Failure Behavior of Embedded Cracks Subjected to Different Normal Stresses

2014  Tensile Fracture Simulation in Rock Using Augmented Virtual Internal Bond Method

2014  Ultrasonic Wave Velocity Response of Sandstone during Supercritical CO2 Injection

2014  Uniaxial Compressive Strength and Elastic Modulus of Artificial Low-Cemented Geomaterials

2014  Vibration Source and Shock Absorption Scheme Research of Near-Field Vibration Caused by Flood Discharge and Energy Dissipation of a Stilling Pool

2013  Applications of Finite/Discrete Element Modeling to Rock Engineering Problems

2013  Foundation Engineering in the Face of Uncertainty, Honoring Fred H. Kulhawy

2013  Geomechanical Model for Rock Foundation Settlement

2013  Hydraulic Fracturing Modeling: A Microporomechanics Approach

2013  Permeability Evolution Laws and Equations during the Course of Deformation and Failure of Brittle Rock

2013  The Research on Determination Method of Rock Mechanics Parameters

2013  Rock Cutting for Deep Sea Mining: an Extension into Poromechanics

2013  Study on Serpentinites and the Consequence of the Misuse of Natural Stone in Buildings for Construction

2012  Calibration of the Triaxial Hyperbolic Mohr-Coulomb Elastoplastic Model Parameters on Laboratory Rock Mechanics Tests

2012  Experimental Study on Acoustic Emission Characteristics and Energy Properties during Rock Failure

2012  Y-Geo: New Combined Finite-Discrete Element Numerical Code for Geomechanical Applications

2011  FRACOD Modeling of Rock Fracturing and Permeability Change in Excavation-Damaged Zones

2011  Parameter Optimization of Rock Failure Criterion Using Error-in-Variables Approach

2011  Study on Damage of Jointed Rock Tunnel by Stochastic Fractures

2010  Back Matter

2010  Front Matter

2010  Geoenvironmental Engineering and Geotechnics, Progress in Modeling and Applications

2010  Method for Estimating the Deformability of Heavily Jointed Rock Masses

2010  November/December 2009

2009  Carving the Worlds’ Largest Rock Monument: Where Art Meets Rock Mechanics

2009  Commentary: The U.S. Rock Mechanics Educational Infrastructure

2009  Numerical Models in Discontinuous Media: Review of Advances for Rock Mechanics Applications

2008  3D Modeling of Ripping Process

2008  Numerical Studies on Bit-Rock Fragmentation Mechanisms

2006  Elastoplastic Damage Modeling in Unsaturated Rocks and Applications

2006  Some Key Problems on Stability Analysis of Underground Rock Structures

2003  Rock Mechanics Effects of Cement Grouting in Hard Rock Masses

2002  Behavior of Ice/Rock Mixtures on Slopes

2002  Predicted Service Life of Armor Stone: A Case History

2001  Terzaghi Lecture

2001  Time-Dependent Poromechanical Responses of Saturated Cylinders

2000  Crack Kinematics of Rock-Like Materials by Quantitative Acoustic Emission

2000  Drift Scale Test at Yucca Mountain: Description and Updated Results

2000  Effect of Grain Size in Granitic Rocks on Hydraulic Fracturing Mechanism

2000  Important Factors to Consider in Properly Evaluating the Stability of Rock Slopes

2000  Numerical Modeling Used to Assess Highwall Movement at Homestake Mine

2000  Scale Effects in the Creep Parameters of Fractured Rock Masses

2000  Softening Response of Rock Observed in Plane-Strain Compression

2000  Soil Mechanics and U.S. National Defense—A Mutually Beneficial Relationship

2000  Strength-Reduction Stability Analysis of Rock Slopes Using the Hoek-Brown Failure Criterion

2000  A Time Domain Moment Tensor Inversion Technique and Its Verification

2000  Trends in Rock Mechanics

2000  Tunnel and Ground Support Performance of the Exploratory Studies Facility at Yucca Mountain

1998  An Energy Approach to Rock Slope Stability Analysis

1997  Mechanical Characterization of Natural Building Stone

1996  Integrating the Refraction Seismic Method into Stream Crossing Characterization for Scour and Excavation Conditions

1996  Remote Sensing in Investigation of Engineered Underground Structures

1996  Seismic Signatures of Patchy Saturation

1996  Vector Analysis of Keyblock Rotations

1995  Deformation of Underground Deep Cavities in Rock Salts at Their Long-Term Operations

1995  Joint Spacing Criterion for Equivalent Continuum Model

1995  Recent Scenario Development Methodologies Within SKB

1994  Following the Geotechnical Studies of the West-Breakwater at Sines; Hydro-Geotechnical Stability of Breakwaters

1994  Numerical Modeling of Initial Ground Movement in an Instrumented Superconducting Super Collider Shaft

1993  Active Tunnel Design—A New Concept for Predesign, Contractual Lay-out and Construction Management

1993  Analysis of Rock Fragmentation Using Digital Image Processing

1993  Lead Isotopic Composition of Paleozoic and Late Proterozoic Marine Carbonate Rocks in the Vicinity of Yucca Mountain, Nevada

1993  Micromechanics of Deformation in Topopah Spring Tuff, Yucca Mountain, Nevada

1993  Significant Parameters in Elastoplastic Analysis of Underground Openings

1992  Design Criteria for an Underground Lunar Mine

1992  Parallelisation of a Distinct Element Stress Analysis Program

1991  In Situ Strength Measurements of Weak Rocks

1991  Methodology for Optimizing Rock Slope Preventative Maintenance Programs

1991  Permeability of Cement Grout Plugs in Basaltic Rocks

1991  Principles of the NATM and Other Uses of the Geologic Monitoring Techniques

1991  Reliability in Rock Engineering

1991  Use of Computers for Soil and Rock Testing

1990  Concepts in Prototype Testing for In Situ Geomechanical Investigations at Yucca Mountain

1990  Rate Effects in the Deformation of Rocks

1990  Rock Mechanics Aspects of the ESF Design

1989  Rock Excavations in Downtown Toronto

1988  Dynamic Stability of Rock Slopes and High Frequency Traveling Waves