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2015  Estimating the Elastic Settlement of Piled Foundations on Rock

2015  Interaction Mechanism between Two Large Rock Caverns

2015  Numerical Analysis of Plate-Load Test Results on Fractured Rocks Using an Equivalent-Continuum Model: Case Study of the Bakhtiary Dam Site

2014  Analytic Method of Stress Analysis for an Orthotropic Rock Mass with an Arbitrary-Shaped Tunnel

2014  Instrumented Static Load Test on Micropile Socketed into Limestone

2014  Modeling of Elastic Modulus of Jointed Rock Mass: Gaussian Process Regression Approach

2014  New Approach to the Design of Tunnels in Squeezing Ground

2014  Simulating Flow through Fractures in a Rock Mass Using Analog Material

2014  THIMRAN: MATLAB Toolbox for Thermal Image Processing Aimed at Damage Recognition in Large Bodies

2013  Analysis of Surrounding Rock Displacement Induced by Tunnel Excavation in Horizontal Interbedding Rock Mass

2013  Estimating In Situ Deformation of Rock Masses Using a Hardening Parameter and RQD

2013  Geomechanical Model for Rock Foundation Settlement

2013  The Hydro-Mechanical Behavior of Infilled Rock Joints with Fill Materials in Unsaturated Conditions

2013  Method for Identifying and Analyzing 3D Surface Blocks of Rock Mass Structures

2013  Nongrouted Ratio Evaluation of Rock Bolts by Reflection of Guided Ultrasonic Waves

2013  Numerical Study on Mechanism of Zonal Disintegration in Deep Rock Mass with Joints

2013  On Modelling of Collective Behaviour of Hydro-Fractures in Rockmasses

2013  Study on Stability and Failure Mode of Bedding Rock Slope Affected by Rock Mass Structural Plane Parameters

2013  Study on the Movement of Soil and Rock Mass Resulted from Underground Excavation of Horizontal Rectangle Section

2013  Toppling - - A Fundamental Failure Mode in Discontinuous Materials --- Description and Analysis

2012  Assessment of Parameter Uncertainty Associated with Dip Slope Stability Analyses as a Means to Improve Site Investigations

2012  Characterization and DEM Modeling of Shear Zones at a Large Dam Foundation

2012  Economical Benefits of Rock Joint Testing

2012  Effect of Distance and Direction on Ground Surface Vibrations Generated by Array Blasting: A Numerical Study

2012  Fracture Deformation Measurements during Grouting in Hard Rock

2012  Numerical Study of Zonal Disintegration within a Rock Mass around a Deep Excavated Tunnel

2012  Physical Modeling of Soil-Infilled Discontinuities

2011  Characterization of Rock Spatial Modeling and Quick Identification of Unstable Blocks Based on a Digital Photogrammetry

2011  Deformation Modulus and Shear Strength Estimation of Rock Mass in Gas Pipeline Area from ZhongXian to Wuhan, China

2011  Framework for Value of Information Analysis in Rock Mass Characterization for Grouting Purposes

2011  Implications of Joint Properties on the Strength of a Jointed Rock Mass

2011  Laboratory and Field Test on Tunnel Rock Masses Grouting

2011  New Models for Strength and Deformability Parameter Calculation in Rock Masses Using Data-Mining Techniques

2011  Numerical Tests on Changing Behavior of Zonal Disintegration Configuration within Rockmass around Deep Excavated Tunnel

2011  Physical Modeling of Compressive Behaviors of Anchored Rock Masses

2011  Probabilistic Calibration of a Discrete Particle Model for Geomaterials

2011  Reliability-Based Design for Allowable Bearing Capacity by Considering Differential Settlement on Highly Fractured Rock Masses

2011  (Sub)Global Rock Slope Stability: Using Rock Mass Indices to Characterize and Manage Rockfall Risk

2011  Theoretical Evaluation: Extenics of Rock Mass Quality in Subterranean Tunnel

2011  Thermally Induced Behavior of the Openings in Rock Mass Affected by High Temperatures

2011  The Ubiquitous-Joint Model and Its Application in Predicting the Strength of Stratified Rock

2010  Estimating Subgrade Reaction Modulus for Transversely Isotropic Rock Medium

2010  Method for Estimating the Deformability of Heavily Jointed Rock Masses

2009  p-y Criterion for Rock Mass

2009  Sonic Wave Testing Technique in Lamellar Rock Mass

2008  Application of Three-Dimensional Elasto-Viscoplastic Composite Element Method on Jointed Dam Base

2008  Composite Element Analysis of Gravity Dam on a Complicated Rock Foundation

2008  Numerical Implementation of Anisotropic Continuum Model for Rock Masses

2008  A Rock Mass Classification Scheme for Estimating Hydraulic Conductivity of Fractured Rocks

2008  Three-Dimensional Joint/Interface Element for Rough Undulating Major Discontinuities in Rock Masses

2007  Practical Equivalent Continuum Model for Simulation of Jointed Rock Mass Using FLAC3D

2007  Response of an Anisotropic Rock Mass under Polyaxial Stress State

2007  Stress-Deformation Behavior of Chalk

2007  Three-Dimensional Hoek-Brown Strength Criterion for Rocks

2006  An Analysis for Anisotropy of Soft Rock Based on Unified Strength Theory

2006  Analysis on Construction Influence of Shield Machine Passing Beneath Old Running Subway Tunnels

2006  The Application of Stereo-Analytical Method for Block Theory to the Stability Analysis of Longtan Hydropower Station Underground Power-House

2006  Characterization of Highly Variable Rock Weathering by Using DPR

2006  Design and Evaluation of Fiber-Reinforced Polymer Bond-Type Anchorages and Ground Anchors

2006  Fuzzy Mathematical Model for Analysis of Rock Mass Displacements due to Open-Pit Mining

2006  Intelligent Back Analysis of Rheology Parameters of Left Bank High Slope Rock Masses at Longtan Hydropower Station in China

2006  Material Spatial Variability and Slope Stability for Weak Rock Masses

2006  Normal Transmission of S-Wave across Parallel Fractures with Coulomb Slip Behavior

2006  Numerical Simulation of Interaction between Pile Foundation and Adjacent Tunnel

2006  Numerical Study on Breakage and Shear Behavior of Intermittent Rock Joints

2006  A Prediction Model for the Transmission Ratio in 2-D Compressional Wave Propagation in Jointed Rock Masses

2006  Studies of an ANFIS Based Approach for Predicting the Characteristic Curve of Displacement of Rock Mass Surrounding a Tunnel and Its Application

2006  Study on the Method of Determining Mechanical Parameters of Engineering Rock Masses of Fengtan Hydropower Station Slope

2005  Empirical Relationship between Rock Structure Rating and Modulus of Deformation

2005  Influence of Kinematics on Landslide Mobility and Failure Mode

2005  Material Unit-Based Rock Core Logging for Geotechnical Applications

2005  Theory of Three-Dimensional Discontinuous Deformation Analysis and Its Application to a Slope TOppling at Amatoribashi, Japan

2004  Bearing Capacity of Strip Footings on Jointed Rock Masses

2004  Time Integration in Discontinuous Deformation Analysis

2003  Characterization of Strength and Deformation of Jointed Rock Mass Based on Statistical Analysis

2003  Grouting of Rock Masses

2003  Nittany Lions’ New Convocation Center: Rock Solid with LMG

2003  Numerical Study of Scale Effects on the Stiffness Modulus of Rock Masses

2003  Probability of Failure Occurrence and Recurrence in Rock Slopes Stability Analysis

2003  Rock Mechanics Effects of Cement Grouting in Hard Rock Masses

2003  Seismic Stability Analysis of Shallow Caves

2002  Displacement Accuracy of Discontinuous Deformation Analysis Method Applied to Sliding Block

2002  Failure Properties of Fractured Rock Masses as Anisotropic Homogenized Media

2001  Big Tunnels in Bad Rock

2001  Highly Deformable Shotcrete Lining—Design and Experience

2000  Alcohol Flooding to Remediate Rock Fractures Containing a DNAPL

2000  Analysis of Capture Zone and Pump-and-Treat Method in Fractured Rocks

2000  Behavior of Rock in Slopes

2000  Bentonite Shaft Seals for Nuclear Waste Repositories

2000  Determination of Rock Mass Modulus for Foundation Design

2000  Development of a Conceptual Groundwater Recovery System in a Fractured Bedrock Aquifer: A Case Study from the Wissahickon Formation

2000  Discrete Element Modeling of Explosion Problems

2000  Environmental Remediation of Historic Hard Rock Mining Sites for Urban Settings

2000  Evaluation of Pneumatic Fracturing for Remediation of Rock Masses

2000  Factors for Assessing Flow and Transport in Fractured Porous Media

2000  Front Matter

2000  The Fundamentals of Remediation in Rock Masses

2000  Gasoline Transport and Air Venting Removal in a Fractured Clayey Till: A Laboratory Study

2000  Heuristic Theory on Diffusive Mixing Behavior at Fracture Junctions

2000  Hydrofracturing of Granite Rock to Accelerate Contaminant Removal