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2015  News2Note: Quick glimpses of the new and noteworthy

2014  Image-Based Automated 3D Crack Detection for Post-disaster Building Assessment

2014  Integration of Automated and Robotic Systems with BIM for Comprehensive Structural Assessment

2014  New Bird Model for Simulation of Bird Strike on Various Layups Used in Transparent Components of Rotorcrafts

2014  Novel Method of Monocular Real-Time Feature Point Tracking for Tethered Space Robots

2014  Productive Lightweight Robotic Excavation for the Moon and Mars

2014  Robotic Monitoring for Turbidity Management in Multiple Reservoir Water Supply

2014  Virtual Prototyping for Robotic Fabrication of Rebar Cages in Manufactured Concrete Construction

2013  Affordable, Rapid Bootstrapping of the Space Industry and Solar System Civilization

2013  Development Trend of the Lower Hydraulic Exoskeleton Robot

2013  NewsBriefs: Tiny Robots Change Shape ( and MIT)

2013  Optimal Guidance Based on Receding Horizon Control and Online Trajectory Optimization

2013  Robot Futures By Illah Reza Nourbakhsh. Cambridge, Massachusetts: MIT Press, 2013

2013  Who Owns the Future? By Jaron Lanier. New York City: Simon & Schuster, 2013

2012  Dynamic Modeling and Simulation of the Internal- and External-Driven Spherical Robot

2012  Human Exploration of Asteroids, the Moon, and Mars Using Robotic Arm-Equipped Pressurized Vehicles

2012  NewsBriefs: Institute Develops Robots to Work in Most Grueling Climates (Popular Science)

2012  NewsBriefs: Novel Passenger Assistance Is Now At U.S. Airports (Global Post and The Blaze)

2012  Novel Experimental Technique for Visualizing and Analyzing Robot-Soil Interactions

2012  Oilsands Tailings Characterization Using a Robotic System

2012  A Review of Extra-Terrestrial Mining Robot Concepts

2012  Subsurface Explorer Robot with Peristaltic Crawling Mechanism

2012  Target-Focused Local Workspace Modeling for Construction Automation Applications

2012  The Virtual Autonomous Navigation Environment: High Fidelity Simulations of Sensor, Environment, and Terramechanics for Robotics

2011  Design and Analysis of a Wind-Driven Spherical Robot with Multiple Shapes for Environment Exploration

2011  Tunnel-Boring Machine Positioning during Microtunneling Operations through Integrating Automated Data Collection with Real-Time Computing

2010  Autonomous Mowing—Improving Efficiency and Safety of Roadside Vegetation Control

2010  A GA-Based Heuristic Algorithm for Two-Machine Robotic Flow-Shop Scheduling Problem with Make Span

2010  Identification of Nearshore Wave Characteristics Using Robotic Total Stations

2010  Lunar Daylight Exploration: Cost Constrained Human and Robotic Exploration

2010  Lunar Suitcase Science: A Lunar Regolith Characterization Kit (LRoCK)

2010  NewsBriefs: Mechanical Falcons Designed to Prevent Bird Strikes (The Wall Street Journal)

2010  NewsBriefs: NASA, GM Develop Next Generation of Humanoid Robots

2010  NewsBriefs: Purdue Researchers Go Buggy

2010  NewsBriefs: Robotic Submarine Aids Research On Link between Climate Change And Fish Growth (Purdue University)

2010  NewsBriefs: Underwater Robotic ’Swarms’ under Development

2010  Parameters Governing Regolith Site Work by Small Robots

2010  Robotic Lunar Geotechnical Tool

2009  Design of a Static Thruster for Microair Vehicle Rotorcraft

2009  Modeling Buildings for Mobile Robots

2009  Recognition of Environment for Navigation of Gas Pipeline Inspection Robot Based on Monocular Vision System

2009  Research on Drive System of Robot with Trenchless Small-Caliber Pipeline

2009  Robot Inspects Damaged Bridge

2009  Stringless Portland Cement Concrete Paving

2009  Visual Pattern Recognition Supporting Defect Reporting and Condition Assessment of Wastewater Collection Systems

2008  Application of Chaotic Optimization Method to Point-to-Point Motion of Redundant Robots

2008  Dig or Drill? Weighing Options for Robotic Planetary Surface Exploration Missions

2008  Earth & Space 2008, Engineering, Science, Construction, and Operations in Challenging Environments

2008  Errors Introduced by Fluctuations in the Sampling Rate of Automatically Recording Instruments: Experimental and Theoretical Approach

2008  Position Accommodation and Compliance Control for Robotic Excavation

2008  Robotics and Automation in Construction Industry

2007  Applications and Limitations of Automated Motorized Total Stations

2007  European Research Team Develops Intelligent Robot Swarm

2007  Intelligent Painting Process Planner for Robotic Bridge Painting

2007  NewsBriefs: Researchers Design Caterpillar-Like Robots (The New York Times)

2007  NewsBriefs: Robot Could Join Polar Expeditions (American Broadcasting Company)

2007  Robotic Monitoring to Assess Impacts of Zebra Mussels and Assimilative Capacity for a River

2007  Robotic RFEC/TC Inspection of Transmission Mains with Reducers: Practical Aspects

2007  Wireless Sensor-Driven Intelligent Navigation Method for Mobile Robot Applications in Construction

2006  Autonomous Robot for Pavement Construction in Challenging Environments

2006  Direction for Space Construction Robot: Challenges in the Millennium

2006  Human Assistant Planetary Exploration Robots

2006  A Mapping Balloon for Future Robotic and Human Lander Missions to Mars

2006  A Robot Supervision Architecture for Safe and Efficient Space Exploration and Operation

2005  Climbing Robots with Adaptive Grippers for Construction

2005  Collision Free Path Planning of Cooperative Crane Manipulators Using Genetic Algorithm

2005  Fully Autonomous Robot for Paving Operations

2005  NewsBriefs: Purdue Attempts To Make Robots More Like Humans (Purdue University)

2005  Practical, Interactive, and Object-Oriented Machine Vision for Highway Crack Sealing

2004  Assembly Robot Ground Experiments for Space Solar Power System in JAXA

2004  Engineering, Construction, and Operations in Challenging Environments, Earth and Space 2004

2004  The ExoMars Mission of ESA’s Aurora Programme

2004  Human-Robotic Cooperative Teams for Advanced Space Operations

2004  Mobile Agents: A Distributed Voice-Commanded Sensory and Robotic System for Surface EVA Assistance

2004  Robotic Applications in Humanitarian Demining

2004  A Robotic Rescue Graphical User Interface Integrating Multi-Robot Sensor Fusion

2004  Robotic Technology for Pipeline Construction on Earth & in Space

2004  Technology: Outsized Robot Will Stabilize Steep Slopes

2003  Automated Path Planning of Cooperative Crane Lifts Using Heuristic Search

2003  Construction Robot Path-Planning for Earthwork Operations

2003  NewsBriefs: Untethered Robot Can Inspect Sewers (Popular Science)

2003  Technology for the Tele-Robotic Laying of Large and Small Pipes

2002  Design and Implementation of Cooperative Mobile Robots

2002  Development of the System of Robotic Complexes for Technical Centers of Russian Ministry of Atomic Industry

2002  Failure Times in Space: A Statistician’s Perspective

2002  A Future Science and Engineering Need for Solar System Exploration: Sample Return Missions

2002  Gecko-Tech in Planetary Exploration and Base Operations

2002  Infrared Tracker Robot for Search and Rescue Operations

2002  Mars Robots: Automation & Robotics for Human Mars Exploration

2002  A Method of Experimenting with Images of Celestial Objects Taken with the Robotic Microobservatory (Harvard University) Telescopes

2002  A Near-Real-Time Web-Based Robotic Monitoring Station on Cayuga Lake, New York

2002  Over-Pressure and Under-Pressure Zones of Robot Wheel Contact

2002  A Proposed Public-Private Partnership for the Funding of Robotic In-Orbit Servicers

2002  Space 2002 and Robotics 2002

2002  Stabilization of Biped Locomotion Utilizing Compensation in Double-Supporting Phase

2002  Technology: Testing the Waters with Tiny Robots

2002  Uncalibrated Vision-Based Mobile Robot Control

2002  Urban Search and Rescue: A Challenge for Autonomous Robots with Application to Planetary Exploration

2001  Quality Control Parameters for Robotic Bridge Painting

2001  Robotic Assembly of Space Solar Power Facilities