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Found 35 Records with the keyword term of "Riverine bars"

2007  Evaluation of an Experimental LiDAR for Surveying a Shallow, Braided, Sand-Bedded River

1999  The Effect of Sediment Composition on Cross-Shore Bed Profiles

1999  Field Measurements of Undertow on Longshore Bars

1999  Numerical Modeling of Nearshore Circulation on a Barred Beach with Rip Channels

1999  On the Predictability of Nearshore Bar Behaviour

1999  Wave Propagation over a Bar and Wave Induced Bed Pressure Gradients

1998  Temporal Variations in Point Bar Morphology Within Two Incised River Meanders, Goodwin Creek, Mississippi

1997  Bar Migration and Duneface Oscillation on Decadal Scales

1997  Cross-Shore Structure of Longshore Currents during Duck94

1997  Effect of Sediment Sorting on Geomorphologic Characteristics of Alternate Bars

1997  Grain Sorting in Meander Bends

1997  Hydrodynamics of a Bar in a Flood Channel - The Westerschelde Estuary

1997  Influence of Vegetation on Hydrogeomorphic Process of Alternating Bars

1997  Morphological Development of the Terschelling Shoreface Nourishment in Response to Hydrodynamic and Sediment Transport Processes

1997  Numerical Model for River Mouth Sand-Bar Flushing

1997  On the Systematic Offshore Decay of Breaker Bars

1997  Transverse Bars in Duck, North Carolina

1997  Wave Groups in a Barred Nearshore

1994  One- and Two-Dimensional Analysis of Flow in Hotophia Creek, MS

1994  Sandbar Formation in Side-Diversion Channels

1994  Some Benefits of Grid by Number Sampling

1991  Bragg Reflection of Waves by Artificial Bars

1991  Investigation on Improvement of Yangtze Estuary

1989  Low-Waterway and Bank Erosion in a River With Alternating Bars Bed

1989  Swash Oscillation and Resulting Sediment Movement

1988  Bar Form Resistance in Gravel-Bed Rivers

1985  Formation of Alternate Bars

1984  Alternate Bars in and Meandering of Alluvial Rivers

1984  Bed Topography and Stabilities in Sinuous Channels

1984  Effects of Bends and Alternate Bars on Meander Evolution

1984  Flow and Bed Topography in Channels with Alternate Bars

1984  Formation and Effects of Alternate Bars

1984  Phase Shifts of Pools and Their Depths in Meander Beds

1984  Prediction of Alternate Bar Wavelength and Height

1980  Bar Resistance of Gravel-Bed Streams