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2015  Assimilative Capacity and Flow Dilution for Water Quality Protection in Rivers

2015  Development and Analysis of GIS Tools for the Automatic Implementation of 1D Hydraulic Models Coupled with Distributed Hydrological Models

2015  Model-Based Assessment of Water, Food, and Energy Trade-Offs in a Cascade of Multipurpose Reservoirs: Case Study of the Sesan Tributary of the Mekong River

2014  Hydraulic Modeling of Extreme Hydrologic Events: Case Study in Southern Virginia

2014  Reservoir Management Optimization for Basin-Wide Ecological Restoration in the Connecticut River

2013  Fast Approach for Unsteady Flow Routing in Complex River Networks Based on Performance Graphs

2013  Hydrodynamic Simulation in Tidal Rivers Using Fourier Series

2013  Investigation into the Impacts of the Gezhouba and the Three Gorges Reservoirs on the Flow Regime of the Yangtze River

2013  Measure of Correlation between River Flows Using the Copula-Entropy Method

2013  Modeling Flow in an Open Channel with Heterogeneous Bed Roughness

2013  Modeling the Impact of Climate Change on Hydropower Operations in the Connecticut River Basin

2013  Modified Relative Strength Effect to Facilitate Artificial Neural Network Development for Hydrologic Data

2013  Subdaily Hydropower Optimization for Relicensing in the Connecticut River

2012  550-Year Reconstruction of Streamflow Variability in Spring Valley, Nevada

2012  Accurate Computation of a Streamflow Drought Index

2012  Coupled Hydrologic-Hydraulic Modeling of the Upper Paraguay River Basin

2012  Longitudinal Dispersion in River Flows Characterized by Random Large-Scale Bed Irregularities: First-Order Analytical Solution

2012  River-Flow Forecasting Using Higher-Order Neural Networks

2012  Short-Term Reservoir Storage Frequency Relationships

2012  Use of Gene Expression Programming for Multimodel Combination of Rainfall-Runoff Models

2012  Validation of an ANN Flow Prediction Model Using a Multistation Cluster Analysis

2011  A Different Aspect for Implanting Hydropower Units on the River Flows

2011  Dutch Program Provides Unconventional Approach To Flood Control

2011  Estimating the Overbank Flow Discharge using Slope-Area Method

2011  A Fast Method for 3D CFD Modeling of a Long River Reach

2011  Flow-Complexity Analysis of the Upper Reaches of the Yangtze River, China

2011  Forecasting Monthly Streamflow of Spring-Summer Runoff Season in Rio Grande Headwaters Basin Using Stochastic Hybrid Modeling Approach

2011  River Flows for Alternative Conditions of Water Resources Development

2011  Utilizing a Decision Support System to Optimize Reservoir Operations to Restore the Natural Flow Distribution in the Connecticut River Watershed

2010  Application of Hilbert-Huang Transform Method to the Analysis of Varying Timescales in Sediment Transport

2010  Assessment of Flooding Risk to Cultural Heritage in Historic Sites

2010  Discharge Estimation in a Tidal River with Partially Reverse Flow

2010  Downstream Hydraulic Geometry of Clay-Dominated Cohesive Bed Rivers

2010  Hydraulic Geometry Relations for Stable Channel Design

2010  Impact of Climate Change Projections and Best Management Practices on River Flows and Sediment Load

2010  Influence of Vertical Resolution and Nonequilibrium Model on Three-Dimensional Calculations of Flow and Sediment Transport

2010  Large-Scale Hydrodynamic Modeling of a Complex River Network and Floodplains

2010  Numerical Modeling of River Flow for Ecohydraulic Applications: Some Experiences with Velocity Characterization in Field and Simulated Data

2010  Relations between Large-Scale Atmospheric Circulation Patterns and New England River Flow

2010  Special Issue on River Flow Hydrodynamics: Physical and Ecological Aspects

2009  Investigation of Internal Functioning of the Radial-Basis-Function Neural Network River Flow Forecasting Models

2009  Lagrangian Modeling of the Dynamics of River and Floodplain Flow

2009  Preliminary Assessment of Planform Change at Low Flows with Vegetation Expansion: Platte River, Nebraska

2009  River Flow Prediction Using an Integrated Approach

2009  Sensitivity Equations for the One-Dimensional Shallow Water Equations: Practical Application to Model Calibration

2009  Simulation Study for Minimizing Diurnal Variation of Flow in a Hydroelectric Project to Reduce Downstream Impact

2009  Using Computational Model — ADH to Evaluate Relationship of Water Surface Elevation to Wing Dikes

2008  Effects of Upstream River Flow Regulation on the Annual Low Flow Magnitude in the Savannah River at Augusta, Georgia, USA

2008  Experiments on Mass Exchange between Groin Fields and Main Stream in Rivers

2008  Horizontal Sigma Coordinate System for River-Flow Models

2008  Recent Advancements in River Flow Modeling

2008  Study on the Instability Characteristics of Open Channel Hyper-Concentration Flow

2007  Analytic Stage-Discharge Formulas for Flow in Straight Prismatic Channels

2007  Effects of Groin Structures on the Sacramento River Flow

2007  Fourier-PARMA Models and Their Application to River Flows

2007  Framework for Estimating Uncertainty of ADCP Measurements from a Moving Boat by Standardized Uncertainty Analysis

2007  Modeling Depth-Averaged Velocity and Boundary Shear in Trapezoidal Channels with Secondary Flows

2006  Application of Modified Log-Wake Law in Open-Channels

2006  Asymptotic Solutions for One-Dimensional Dispersion in Rivers

2006  Case Study of Precision of GPS Differential Correction Strategies: Influence on aDcp Velocity and Discharge Estimates

2006  Downstream Hydraulic Geometry of Alluvial Channels

2006  GIS Visualization and Analysis of River Operations Impacts on Endangered Species Habitat

2006  Model Study of the Influence of Submerged Tidal Barriers on Estuarine Mixing and Exchange Processes

2006  One-Dimensional Model of Shallow Water Surface Waves Generated by Landslides

2006  RiverSpill: A National Applicaiton for Drinking Water Protection

2005  Application of Generalized Regression Neural Networks to Intermittent Flow Forecasting and Estimation

2005  Application of the Upwind Scheme to the Discontinuous Flow in Natural River

2005  Attenuation of High-Frequency Interannual Streamflow Variability by Watershed Glacial Cover

2005  Bank-Storage Problem and the Dupuit Approximation

2005  Behavior of Meandering Overbank Channels with Graded Sand Beds

2005  Dispersion in Varying-Geometry Rivers with Application to Methanol Releases

2005  Effects of Flood Flow on Flood Plain Soil and Riparian Vegetation in a Gravel River

2005  Effects of Groyne Layout on the Flow in Groyne Fields: Laboratory Experiments

2005  Formula for Sediment Transport in Rivers, Estuaries, and Coastal Waters

2005  Fuzzy Neural Network Model for Hydrologic Flow Routing

2005  Hybrid Neural Network.Finite Element River Flow Model

2005  Knowledge Extraction from Trained Neural Network River Flow Models

2005  Momentum Exchange in Straight Uniform Compound Channel Flow

2005  Periodic Transfer Function-Noise Model for Forecasting

2005  Predicting Longitudinal Dispersion Coefficient in Natural Streams by Artificial Neural Network

2005  Simplified Model of Tractive-Force Distribution in Closed Conduits

2004  Changing Course

2004  Evaluating Flow Regime Management Using River 2D and ArcGIS

2004  Experiments on Selective Withdrawal of a Codirectional Two-Layer Flow through a Line Sink

2004  Identification of Manning’s Roughness Coefficients in Shallow Water Flows

2004  Numerical Efficiency in Monte Carlo Simulations—Case Study of a River Thermodynamic Model

2004  Real-Time Forecasting of River Flow for Water Supply Operation

2004  River Flow Modeling using Artificial Neural Networks

2004  Stochastic Analysis of the Truckee River Flow System

2003  Evolutionary Artificial Neural Networks in Hydrological Forecasting

2003  Fluid-Particle Interactions and Resuspension in Simple Shear Flow

2003  Generalized Regression Neural Networks in Daily River Flow Forecasting

2003  A Local Forecast of Land Surface Wetness Conditions, Drought, and St. Louis Encephalitis Transmission Derived from Seasonal Climate Predictions

2003  Optimal Spillway Dimensions for Flood Stage Reduction in the Lower Illinois River with the UNET Model

2003  Storm Water: Water Quality Trading Program Seeks to Restore Natural River Flows

2003  Three-Dimensional Numerical Simulation of Compound Channel Flows

2003  Validation of a Three-Dimensional Numerical Code in the Simulation of Pseudo-Natural Meandering Flows

2003  Wind and Stream Flow Induced Reaeration

2002  Meso-Scale Hydrological Modeling: Application to Mekong and Chao Phraya Basins

2002  Stochastic Variability of Fluvial Hydraulic Geometry: Mississippi and Red Rivers