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2015  Turbulence Anisotropy in Flow at an Entrainment Threshold of Sediment

2014  Effect of Bed Sand Content on the Turbulent Flows Associated with Clusters on an Armored Gravel Bed Surface

2014  Influence of Cohesion on River Bed Scour in the Wake Region of Piers

2014  Mixed Scaling for Open-Channel Flow over Gravel and Cobbles

2014  Testing and Modeling the Behavior of Riverbed and Blasted Quarried Rockfill Materials

2013  Experimental Study of the Solute Transport in the Interfacial Exchange Zone (IEZ) of a Gravel Stream Bed

2013  Flood Routing Simulation and System Customization for a High-Leakage River Channel in China

2013  Local Head Loss Coefficients of Riffle Pools in Gravel-Bed Rivers

2012  Flow Structure around a Partially Buried Object in a Simulated River Bed

2012  Gravel-Bed Hydrodynamics: Double-Averaging Approach

2012  Instability Theory of Sand Ripples Formed by Turbulent Shear Flows

2012  River Bed Resistance Coefficient Variation of Different Sediment Particle Shapes

2012  Sediment Bed Dynamics Resulting from Hydraulic Forcing and Its Impacts on Biogeochemical Processes in a Lowland Fluvial System

2012  Separation Zone in Flow past a Spur Dyke on Rigid Bed Meandering Channel

2011  Correlation between Water Surface Elevations and Bed Elevations for Degradation Analysis

2011  Experimental Study of the Effects of Roughness on the Flow Structure in a Gravel-Bed Channel Using Particle Image Velocimetry

2011  In Situ Characterization of Resuspended-Sediment Oxygen Demand in Bubbly Creek, Chicago, Illinois

2011  Investigating the Role of Clasts on the Movement of Sand in Gravel Bed Rivers

2011  Near-Bed Turbulence Characteristics at the Entrainment Threshold of Sediment Beds

2011  Outer Scaling for Open Channel Flow over a Gravel Bed

2011  Rate of Growth and Other Features of the Temporal Development of Pool-Bar Complexes in Meandering Streams

2011  Regime Equations for Natural Meandering Cobble- and Gravel-Bed Rivers

2011  Secondary Currents and Corresponding Surface Velocity Patterns in a Turbulent Open-Channel Flow over a Rough Bed

2011  Three Dimensional Model for Particle Saltation Close to Stream Beds, Including a Detailed Description of the Particle Interaction with Turbulence and Inter-Particle Collisions

2011  Three-Dimensional Modeling of Nonuniform Sediment Transport in an S-Shaped Channel

2011  USGS Streamflow Data and Modeling Sand-Bed Rivers

2011  Wall-Wake Flows Downstream of a Sphere Placed on a Plane Rough Wall

2010  3D Calculations of Equilibrium Conditions in Loose-Bed Open Channels with Significant Suspended Sediment Load

2010  Aquatic Habitat Bottom Classification Using ADCP

2010  Determination of Form Friction Factor

2010  Downstream Hydraulic Geometry of Clay-Dominated Cohesive Bed Rivers

2010  Effect of Vegetation on Banks on Distributions of Velocity and Reynolds Stress under Accelerating Flow

2010  Estimation of the Washout Depth of Fine Sediments from a Granular Bed

2010  Evaluation of a Novel Approach to Determine the Critical Shields Stress

2010  Evaluation of Sediment Transport Rate in Coarse-Bed Rivers

2010  Hydraulic and Sedimentological Characterizations of a Reach on the Anaktuvuk River, Alaska

2010  The Influence of River Bottom Topography on Salt Water Encroachment Along the Lamone River (Ravenna, Italy), and Implications for the Salinization of the Adjacent Coastal Aquifer

2010  Laboratory Measurements on Turbulent Pressure Fluctuations in and above Gravel Beds

2010  A Model of Surface Fine Grained Laminae, Streambed and Streambank Processes Applicable to the Watershed Scale

2010  Monitoring Bridge Scour by Bragg Grating Array

2010  Multi-Scale Detection Techniques for Local Scour Monitoring in River Bed: Case Study at Sutong Bridge

2010  Physically Realistic Roughness Closure Scheme to Simulate Turbulent Channel Flow over Rough Beds within the Framework of LES

2010  Simulation of Radial Collector Well in Shallow Alluvial Riverbed Aquifer Using Analytic Element Method

2010  Turbulence Characteristics in Flows Subjected to Boundary Injection and Suction

2010  Two-Dimensional Modeling of Sediment Transport and Bed Morphology to Identify Shoaling Reduction Alternatives near Matanzas Inlet in St. Johns County, Florida

2009  3D Numerical Simulation for Water Flows and Sediment Deposition in Dam Areas of the Three Gorges Project

2009  Ecological and Hydraulic Studies of Step-Pool Systems

2009  Experimental Observations of Flow and Bed Processes in Large-Amplitude Meandering Flume

2009  Field Properties in Surface Irrigation Management and Design

2009  Hungry Canyons Alliance: Streambed Stabilization in Western Iowa

2009  Lagrangian Modeling of the Dynamics of River and Floodplain Flow

2009  Longitudinal Condition Assessment of Exposed Pipelines Encased in Concrete Box in a Riverbed

2009  Modeling of Sediment Particle Deposition and Resuspension Processes Using a Stochastic Jump Diffusion Particle Tracking Model

2009  Numerical Model for Sediment Transport and Bed Degradation in the Yangtze River Channel Downstream of Three Gorges Reservoir

2009  On the Quantification of the Bed Development Time of Alluvial Meandering Streams

2009  River Bed Sediment Classification Using ADCP

2009  Some Findings on Effective Discharge Determination for Gravel Bed Rivers

2008  Characteristics of Turbulent Flow in Submerged Jumps on Rough Beds

2008  Copper River Channel Migration and Its Effects on the Copper River Highway

2008  Distribution of Discharge Intensity along Small-Diameter Collector Well Laterals in a Model Riverbed Filtration

2008  Experimental Verification of Models of Nonlinear Stream Aquifer Transients

2008  Fine-Scale Characterization of the Turbulent Shear Layer of an Instream Pebble Cluster

2008  Kinematic Wave Theory for Transient Bed Sediment Waves in Alluvial Rivers

2008  Local Scour and Riprap Stability at an Abutment in a Degrading Bed

2008  Modeling Bed Changes in Meandering Rivers Using Triangular Finite Elements

2008  Modeling Bed-Load Rates from Fine Grain-Size Patches during Small Floods in a Gravel-Bed River

2008  Modeling of Erosion and Deposition at Meandering Channels

2008  Pattern Observation during Bed-Form Development

2008  Quasi-Conservative Formulation of the One-Dimensional Saint-Venant — Exner Model

2008  Restoration of Gravel Bed Rivers via the Use of Stone Clasts (Rocks)

2008  Sensitivity Analysis and Predictive Undertainty Using Inundation Observations for Parameter Estimation in Open-Channel Inverse Problem

2008  Study on Application of Gravity-Flow Compound Ecological Filter Bed in the Purification of Urban River Water

2007  ADV Measurements around a Cluster Microform in a Shallow Mountain Stream

2007  Analysis of Real-Time Streambed Scour Data from Bridges in Alaska

2007  Consideration for Unsaturated Flow beneath a Streambed during Alluvial Well Depletion

2007  Coupling Bank Stability and Bed Deformation Models to Predict Equilibrium Bed Topography in River Bends

2007  Evaluation of an Experimental LiDAR for Surveying a Shallow, Braided, Sand-Bedded River

2007  Exact Discontinuous Solutions of Exner’s Bed Evolution Model: Simple Theory for Sedimient Bores

2007  Experimental Study of Fine Sand Particle Settling in Turbulent Open Channel Flows over Rough Porous Beds

2007  Geometric and Statistical Characteristics of Bed Forms in the Lower Mississippi River

2007  Simulating Bed-Load Transport in a Complex Gravel-Bed River

2007  Stress History Effects on Graded Bed Stability

2007  Turbulent Flow over a Channel with Fluid-Saturated Porous Bed

2007  Two-Dimensional Simulation of Hydrodynamic and Sediment Transport in a Gravel Bed Channel: The Salt River

2006  The Effects of Relative Submergence on Flow Patterns around Large Particles in a Gravel Bed River

2006  Environmental Restoration of the Xinzhou River in Shenzhen

2006  Errors in the Bed Shear Stress as Estimated from Vertical Velocity Profile

2006  Evaluation of the Micromodel: An Extremely Small-Scale Movable Bed Model

2006  Investigation of Flow Around a Bridge Abutment in a Flat Bed Channel Using Large Eddy Simulation

2006  Variation of Flow Pattern with Sinuosity in Sine-Generated Meandering Streams

2005  Analyzing Turbulence Intensity in Gravel Bed Channels

2005  Bed-Load Effects on Hydrodynamics of Rough-Bed Open-Channel Flows

2005  Comparisons of Sidewall Correction of Bed Shear Stress in Open-Channel Flows

2005  Effect of Bed Armoring on bed Topography of Channel Bends

2005  Effect of Channel Bed Corrugations on Hydraulic Jumps

2005  Effect of Sand Supply on Transport Rates in a Gravel-Bed Channel

2005  Effects of Bendway Weir Characteristics on Resulting Flow Conditions

2005  The Effects of Relative Submergence on Cluster Formation in Gravel Bed Streams

2005  Refined Hydraulic Geometry Data for British Gravel-Bed Rivers

2005  Streamflow Properties from Time Series of Surface Velocity and Stage