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2015  Bayesian Learning and Relevance Vector Machines Approach for Downscaling of Monthly Precipitation

2015  Coupling a Regional Climate Model and a Distributed Hydrological Model to Assess Future Water Resources in Jinhua River Basin, East China

2015  Gauging the Ungauged Basin: Relative Value of Soft and Hard Data

2015  GIS and Artificial Neural Network-Based Water Quality Model for a Stream Network in the Upper Green River Basin, Kentucky, USA

2015  Hydrologic Modeling of the Blue River Basin Using NEXRAD Precipitation Data with a Semidistributed and a Fully Distributed Model

2015  Integrated Water-Quality Assessment of the Huai River Basin in China

2015  MAR with Untreated River Water: Clogging of Basins and Coliform Removal Rates

2014  Analysis of the Relationship between Soil Erosion Risk and Surplus Floodwater during Flood Season

2014  Assessment of Surface Runoff Vulnerability to Climate Change in the Lerma-Chapala Basin, Mexico

2014  Bioindicator Assessment Framework of River Ecosystem Health and the Detection of Factors Influencing the Health of the Huai River Basin, China

2014  Changepoint Detection in Hydrologic Series of the Mahanadi River Basin Using a Fuzzy Bayesian Approach

2014  Development and Application of Single-Parameter Soil Water Diffusivity Models for the Nanxiaohegou Basin

2014  Effects of Climate Change on the Surface-Water Management of the South Saskatchewan River Basin

2014  Evolution of a Watershed-Management Framework in the Kentucky River Basin

2014  Flow Updating in Real-Time Flood Forecasting Based on Runoff Correction by a Dynamic System Response Curve

2014  How Safe is Hydrologic Infrastructure Design? Analysis of Factors Affecting Extreme Flood Estimation

2014  Hydrological Drought Analysis in Namhan River Basin, Korea

2014  Indirect Estimation of Design Flood in Urbanized River Basins Using a Distributed Hydrological Model

2014  Migration of High-Pressure Air during Gas Well Drilling in the Appalachian Basin

2014  Optimizing Multidam Releases in Large River Basins by Combining Distributed Hydrological Inflow Predictions with Rolling-Horizon Decision Making

2014  Power of Screening Models for Developing Flexible Design Strategies in Hydropower Projects: Case Study of Ethiopia

2014  Regional Frequency Analysis of Extreme Precipitation after Drought Events in the Heihe River Basin, Northwest China

2014  Response of Hydrologic Processes to Future Climate Changes in the Yangtze River Basin

2014  Runoff Estimation by Machine Learning Methods and Application to the Euphrates Basin in Turkey

2014  Semidistributed Hydrological Model with Scarce Information: Application to a Large South American Binational Basin

2014  Threshold of Basin Discretization Levels for HSPF Simulations with NEXRAD Inputs

2014  World Environmental and Water Resources Congress 2014, Water Without Borders

2013  Applicability of the LASH Model for Hydrological Simulation of the Grande River Basin, Brazil

2013  Case Study of Drought Frequency and Risk Analysis in the Upper Green River Basin, Wyoming

2013  Climate Change and Hydropower Planning in the Middle East: Implications for Iran’s Karkheh Hydropower Systems

2013  Climatological Drought Analyses and Projection Using SPI and PDSI: Case Study of the Arkansas Red River Basin

2013  Cooperation in Transboundary Water Sharing with Issue Linkage: Game-Theoretical Case Study in the Volta Basin

2013  Coupled Simulation of Xinanjiang Model with MODFLOW

2013  Design of Efficient Water Pricing Policies Integrating Basinwide Resource Opportunity Costs

2013  Developing Corn Regional Crop Coefficients Using a Satellite-Based Energy Balance Model (ReSET-Raster) in the South Platte River Basin of Colorado

2013  Development of a Hydrological Model for the Rio Conchos Basin

2013  Development of Integrated Drought Evaluation and Monitoring System: Case Study of Aharchay River Basin

2013  Drought Analysis Using Copulas

2013  Effects of Vegetation Cover on Hydrological Processes in a Large Region: Huaihe River Basin, China

2013  Estimating the Effects of Climatic Variability and Human Activities on Streamflow in the Hutuo River Basin, China

2013  Estimation of Daily Actual Evapotranspiration from ETM+ and MODIS Data of the Headwaters of the West Liaohe Basin in the Semiarid Regions of China

2013  Groundwater Modeling of Banas River Basin

2013  How to Select a Reference Basin in the Ungauged Regions

2013  Hydrologic Response to Land Use and Land Cover Changes within the Context of Catchment-Scale Spatial Information

2013  Hydrologic Trends and Correlations in South Texas River Basins: 1950-2009

2013  Impact of Climate Change on Flood Discharge and Flood Stage in the River Basin

2013  Improving Streamflow Forecast Lead Time Using Oceanic-Atmospheric Oscillations for Kaidu River Basin, Xinjiang, China

2013  Integrated Approach to Water Allocation in River Basins

2013  Integrated Modeling of Conjunctive Water Use in a Canal-Well Irrigation District in the Lower Yellow River Basin, China

2013  Investigation into the Impacts of Land-Use Change on Runoff Generation Characteristics in the Upper Huaihe River Basin, China

2013  Managing Sediment in the Mekong River Basin: Tradeoffs between Hydropower and the Environment

2013  Model Calibration and Uncertainty Analysis for Runoff in the Upper Sind River Basin, India, Using Sequential Uncertainty Fitting

2013  Modeling the Impact of Climate Change on Hydropower Operations in the Connecticut River Basin

2013  Precipitation Recycling in Tarim River Basin

2013  Rainfall Estimation Method Based on Multiple-Doppler Radar over the Huaihe River Basin

2013  Scaling of the Network Instantaneous Response Function from Basin Geomorphology and Hydraulic Geometry

2013  Sensitivity of Land-Use Change to Streamflow in Chaobai River Basin

2013  Spatial Assessment of Five Years of WSR-88D Data over the Mississippi River Basin and Its Estimation Bias around Rain Gauge Sites

2013  Special Issue on Advances in the Fundamental Study, Numerical Simulation, and Prediction of Hydrologic Processes in River Basins

2013  Streamflow Prediction in Ungauged Basins: Review of Regionalization Methods

2013  Supermodel: The Mississippi Basin in Miniature

2013  System Dynamics Approach for Hydropower Generation Assessment in Developing Watersheds: Case Study of Karkheh River Basin, Iran

2013  Temperature and Precipitation Trends in Lebanon’s Largest River: The Litani Basin

2013  Using Hydrologic Simulation to Explore the Impacts of Climate Change on Runoff in the Huaihe River Basin of China

2013  Ventura River Basin Watershed Management Plan, Flood Mitigation and Flood Management Projects, Funding Sources and the CIP Process

2013  WEHY-HCM for Modeling Interactive Atmospheric-Hydrologic Processes at Watershed Scale. II: Model Application to Ungauged and Sparsely Gauged Watersheds

2012  The 2011 Mississippi River Flood and How the Mississippi River and Tributaries Project System Provides "Room for the River"

2012  Accuracy of HEC-HMS and LBRM Models in Simulating Snow Runoffs in Upper Euphrates Basin

2012  Alternative Approach to Evaluate Sedimentation Performance of Stormwater Detention Basins Using a Nondimensionalized Time Scale

2012  Application of Clustering Techniques Using Prioritized Variables in Regional Flood Frequency Analysis—Case Study of Mahanadi Basin

2012  Assessing the Potential Sediment-Related Impacts of Hydropower Development in the Mekong River Basin

2012  Climate Change and Hydropower in Iran’s Karkheh River Basin

2012  Copula-Based Flood Frequency Analysis at Ungauged Basin Confluences: Nashville, Tennessee

2012  Decentralized Optimization Method for Water Allocation Management in the Yellow River Basin

2012  Evaluation of Runoff Responses to Land Use Changes and Land Cover Changes in the Upper Huaihe River Basin, China

2012  Experimental and Simulation Studies on the Impact of Sluice Regulation on Water Quantity and Quality Processes

2012  Hydrological Risk Assessment of Old Dams: Case Study on Wilson Dam of Tennessee River Basin

2012  Impacts of Climate Change on Irrigated Agriculture in the Maipo Basin, Chile: Reliability of Water Rights and Changes in the Demand for Irrigation

2012  Implementation of a Comprehensive Flood Warning System in West Central Washington

2012  Link between Flow Regime and the Catchment Hypsometry: Analysis of South Australian Basins

2012  Modified Hargreaves-Samani Equation for the Assessment of Reference Evapotranspiration in Alpine River Basins

2012  Observation and Analysis of Rainfall-Runoff Characteristics in a Coastal Granite Catchment in Southern China

2012  Performance Evaluation of Water Resources Systems Using System Dynamics Approach: Application to the Aras River Basin, Iran

2012  Resolving Transboundary Water Conflicts: Lessons Learned from the Qezelozan-Sefidrood River Bankruptcy Problem

2012  River Basin Planning and Management in 2050

2012  Semiquantitative Analysis of Water Appropriations and Allocations in the Upper Rio Grande Basin, Colorado

2012  Storm Water Runoff and Deep Groundwater Drainage in Two Closed Basins

2012  Trends in Streamflow Magnitude and Timings in Satluj River Basin

2012  Understanding Surface Water and Groundwater Interactions in the Mesilla Basin

2012  A Vision of Unified River Basin Planning and Management

2012  Water Management Decisions Using Multiple Hydrologic Models within the San Juan River Basin under Changing Climate Conditions

2011  Adaptation of Precipitation Index for the Estimation of Antecedent Moisture Condition in Large Mountainous Basins

2011  Assessment of Estimation Bias around Rainfall Gage Sites for Five Years of WSR-88D Data over the Mississippi River Basin

2011  Basis for Extending Long-Term Streamflow Forecasts in the Colorado River Basin

2011  Calculating the Benefits of Transboundary River Basin Cooperation: Syr Darya Basin

2011  A Complex Adaptive Systems Approach to Develop Basin-Scale Optimal Management Strategies for Water Resources Systems

2011  Copula-Based Analysis of Hydrological Extremes and Implications of Hydrological Behaviors in the Pearl River Basin, China

2011  Development of a Multi-Reservoir Flood Control Optimization Model: Application to the Karkheh River Basin, Iran

2011  Downstreamness: A Concept to Analyze Basin Closure

2011  Effects of Coupling in Understanding the Surface Energy Balance in the Snake River Basin, Idaho