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2014  Assessment of Streambank Stability-A Case Study

2014  Buried Pipe Affected by River Erosion When Crossing the Yangtze River

2014  Effect of Bed Sediment Entrainment on Debris-Flow Resistance

2014  Local Scour around a Model Hydrokinetic Turbine in an Erodible Channel

2014  Novel Numerical Approach for 1D Variable Density Shallow Flows over Uneven Rigid and Erodible Beds

2014  Stability Analysis of Semicohesive Streambanks with CONCEPTS: Coupling Field and Laboratory Investigations to Quantify the Onset of Fluvial Erosion and Mass Failure

2013  Modeling Interactions between Riverbank Hydrology and Mass Failures

2013  Modeling of Vertical and Lateral Erosion on the Chosui River, Taiwan

2013  Quantifying the Erodibility and Geotechnical Strength of Cohesive Alluvial Soils Following Streambank Reconstruction

2013  A Review of Erosional Processes along a River Continuum: Watershed-scale Implications for River Restoration Planning

2013  Seepage-Induced Streambank Erosion and Instability: In Situ Constant-Head Experiments

2013  Stream Barbs and Spurs Application in the Des Moines River

2012  Effectiveness of Engineered Log Jams in Reducing Streambank Erosion to the Great Barrier Reef: The O’Connell River, Queensland, Australia

2012  Evaluating Channelized Flow Sediment Control Practices Using Large-Scale Testing Techniques

2012  Increasing Stream Geomorphic Stability Using Storm Water Control Measures in a Densely Urbanized Watershed

2012  Influence of Channel Aspect Ratio and Curvature on Flow, Secondary Circulation, and Bed Shear Stress in a Rectangular Channel Bend

2012  An Innovative Approach to Reuse and Retain Dredged Sediment for Erosion Control Using Geotextile Containers in Ecosystem Restoration

2012  Movement and Erosion Quantification of the Johnson Creek, Oregon, Landslide through 3D Laser Scanning

2011  Assessing Causes of Bank Erosion Using CFD Modeling

2011  Evaluation of the Bank Stability and Toe Erosion Model (BSTEM) for Predicting Lateral Streambank Retreat on Ozark Streams

2011  Monitoring Streambank Properties and Erosion Potential for the Restoration of Lost Creek

2011  New Innovative, Habitat-Creating Bank Protection Method

2011  Quantitative Testing of Model of Bedrock Channel Incision by Plucking and Macroabrasion

2011  Relating Stormwater Control Measure (SCM) Discharge Design Standards to Stream Erosion in Piedmont North Carolina: Case Studies in Raleigh and Chapel Hill, North Carolina

2011  Simple Equilibrium Based Erosion Hazard Zone Estimates

2011  Simplified Accurate Solution for Design of Erodible Trapezoidal Channels

2011  Stability of Subgrade Slope along River Subjected to Water Level Fluctuations and Stream Erosion

2011  Three Dimensional Simulation of Flow Field around Series of Spur Dikes

2010  90 Years of Erosion and Deposition on the Trinity River, Dallas, Texas

2010  Bank-Attached Vanes for Bank Erosion Control and Restoration of River Meanders

2010  The Development of a Rouse-Type Profile for Nonequilibrium Suspended Sediment

2010  Effect of Seepage on River Bank Stability

2010  Effects of Added Vegetation on Sand Bar Stability and Stream Hydrodynamics

2010  Evaluation of Stormwater Management Practices for Stream Erosion

2010  Mean Flow and Turbulence around Two Series of Experimental Dikes

2010  Site Factor for Use of Velocity-Based EFA Erosion Rates

2010  Streambank Erosion Assessment in Southeastern Plains Ecoregion Channels Using In Situ Monitoring and Submerged Jet Testing

2009  Comparison of Targeted Replacement and Vegetative Filter Strips for Sediment Control and Cost Effectiveness

2009  Effects of Freezing and Thawing Processes on Bank Stability

2009  Experimental Observations of Flow and Bed Processes in Large-Amplitude Meandering Flume

2009  Incipient Motion of Riverbank Sediments with Outflow Seepage

2009  Investigation of Land-Use Change and Hydrologic Forcing upon Streambank Erosion and In-Stream Sediment Processes Using a Watershed Model and Sediment Tracers

2009  Maximum Migration Distance of Meander Channel in Sand Using Hyperbolic Function Approach

2009  Modeling the Evolution of Incised Streams. III: Model Application

2009  Numerical Model for Sediment Transport and Bed Degradation in the Yangtze River Channel Downstream of Three Gorges Reservoir

2009  Test of a Method to Calculate Near-Bank Velocity and Boundary Shear Stress

2008  Bank Erosion of the Illinois River

2008  Case Study: Two-Dimensional Model Simulation of Channel Migration Processes in West Jordan River, Utah

2008  Enhanced Application of Root-Reinforcement Algorithms for Bank-Stability Modeling

2008  Evaluating the Performance of the Water Erosion Prediction Project (WEPP) Model for Larger Watersheds

2008  Flow Structure at Different Stages in a Meander-Bend with Bendway Weirs

2008  Modeling of Erosion and Deposition at Meandering Channels

2008  Modeling the Evolution of Incised Streams: I. Model Formulation and Validation of Flow and Streambed Evolution Components

2008  Modeling the Evolution of Incised Streams. II: Streambank Erosion

2008  Modelling Flow and Vegetation Effects in a Curved Channel

2008  Numerical Modeling of Bank Instability by Seepage Erosion Undercutting of Layered Streambanks

2008  Numerical Simulation of Longitudinal and Lateral Channel Deformations in the Braided Reach of the Lower Yellow River

2008  Quantifying Existing and Potential Reductions in Sediment Loads from Streambanks

2008  Quantifying Runoff and Erosion Response to Conservation Practices at Fort Hood, Texas

2008  Sedimentation Engineering, Processes, Measurements, Modeling, and Practice

2008  Seepage Erosion Mechanisms of Bank Collapse: Three-Dimensional Seepage Particle Mobilization and Undercutting

2008  Streambank Erosion and River Width Adjustment

2008  Watershed Sediment Yield

2007  Coupling Bank Stability and Bed Deformation Models to Predict Equilibrium Bed Topography in River Bends

2007  Enhancements of a Bank-Stability and Toe-Erosion Model and the Addition of Improved Mechanical Root-Reinforcement Algorithms

2007  No-Fines Concrete as Ecologic Stream Bank Erosion Control

2007  Review of Stream Rehabilitation Manual

2007  Seepage Erosion: A Significant Mechanism of Stream Bank Failure

2007  Stream Bank Erosion: In Situ Flume Tests

2006  Impact of Tunnel Reconstruction on Stream Water Quality in Great Smoky Mountains Natl. Park

2006  Meander Migration: Some Experimental Results

2006  Prediction of Flow and Bank Erosion in the Sacramento River

2006  Sediment Transport Model for Seepage Erosion of Stream Bank Sediment

2005  Analytical Approach to Calculate Rate of Bank Erosion

2005  Bank De-Stabilization: Allowing for Natural Processes in a Controlled Environment

2005  Effects of Bendway Weir Characteristics on Resulting Flow Conditions

2005  A Laboratory Study of the Effects of Groyne Height on Sediment Behavior in Rivers

2005  A New Approach to Modeling the Mechanical Effects of Riparian Vegetation on Streambank Stability: A Fiber-Bundle Model

2005  Numerical Simulation of Relatively Wide, Shallow Channels with Erodible Banks

2005  Rapid Stream Assessments of the Illinois River Watershed

2005  Refined Hydraulic Geometry Data for British Gravel-Bed Rivers

2005  Reservoir Bank Deformation Modeling: Application to Grangent Reservoir

2005  Understanding and Managing Urbanization-Induced Stream Erosion in Southern California

2004  Developing a Bed-Sediment Protocol for Discriminating Between Reference and Impaired Conditions

2004  Erosion and Overbank Deposition: Effects on Mercury Transport in the Carson River, Nevada

2004  Initial Assessment for the Feasibility of Erodable Bank Models

2004  Large Woody Debris Structures for Sand-Bed Channels

2004  Sediment and Phosphorus Loads from Streambank Erosion in Vermont, USA

2004  St. Louis Metro East Region Sediment and Geomorphic Study

2004  Stability Concepts of Riverbanks: A Case Study of Riverbank Erosion Along the Snake River, Oregon

2003  Incorporating Bank-Toe Erosion by Hydraulic Shear into the ARS Bank-Stability Model: Missouri River, Eastern Montana

2003  Scour Vulnerability of River Bridge Piers

2003  Soil Bioengineering Stabilization of an Eroding Streambank along a Sanitary Landfill, Mill Creek, Cincinnati, Ohio

2002  “Forensic” Analysis of Cause-Effect Relation between Hydrologic Proceses and Bank Erosion in Urbanized Watersheds

2002  Ice Cover Effects on Bed Scour: Case Studies

2002  The Lake Michigan Potential Damages Study

2002  Local Scour Associated with Angled Spur Dikes

2002  Mitigating Stream Erosion in the Denver Metropolitan Area

2002  Stream Erosion Potential and Stormwater Management Strategies

2001  Demonstration and Field Evaluation of Streambank Stabilization with Submerged Vanes