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2014  Application of Innovative Tools in Optimizing Risk and Cost of Subgrade QA/QC

2014  Cost and Schedule Risk Analysis of Bridge Construction in Pakistan: Establishing Risk Guidelines

2014  Critical Examination of Area Reduction Factors

2014  Development of Residential Building Stock and Population Databases and Modeling the Residential Occupancy Rate for Iran

2014  Distribution Shift for Wind Power Development in China: Strategy Analysis

2014  Does Expectation Match Reality? Examination of Risk Management Education in China

2014  Evaluation of Mean Recurrence Intervals of Wind Effects for Tall Building Design

2014  Examining the Impact of Adverse Weather on Urban Rail Transit Facilities on the Basis of Fault Tree Analysis and Fuzzy Synthetic Evaluation

2014  Exploring Critical Variables That Affect Political Risk Level in International Construction Projects: Case Study from Chinese Contractors

2014  Flooding Hazard Mapping in Floodplain Areas Affected by Piping Breaches in the Po River, Italy

2014  Forming Risk Clusters in Projects to Improve Coordination between Risk Owners

2014  Fuzzy Multicriteria Decision-Making Approach for Pavement Project Evaluation Using Life-Cycle Cost/Performance Analysis

2014  Geologic Considerations for Setting a Geotechnical Baseline Report: Intact Rock Strength Parameters

2014  Highway Access Safety Program Evaluation with Uncertain Parameters

2014  Impact of Contract Structure and Risk Aversion on Interutility Water Transfer Agreements

2014  Impact of Risk on Design-Build Selection for Highway Design and Construction Projects

2014  Impact of Road Conditions and Disruption Uncertainties on Network Vulnerability

2014  Integrating Geotechnical Baseline Reports and Risk Allocation Frameworks in Geotechnical Engineering Education

2014  Lessons Learned in the Development and Application of Geotechnical Baseline Reports

2014  Management of Civil Infrastructure Systems: QFD-Based Approach

2014  Measuring the Performance of Transportation Infrastructure Systems in Disasters: A Comprehensive Review

2014  Modeling Tower Crane Operator Visibility to Minimize the Risk of Limited Situational Awareness

2014  Multilevel Governance of Flood Hazards: Municipal Flood Bylaws in British Columbia, Canada

2014  Multiobjective Optimization for Improved Management of Flood Risk

2014  Occupational Risk Index for Assessment of Risk in Construction Work by Activity

2014  Pinpointing Safety Leadership Factors for Safe Construction Sites in Trinidad and Tobago

2014  Pipe Burst Risk State Assessment and Classification Based on Water Hammer Analysis for Water Supply Networks

2014  Principal-Agent Model of Risk Allocation in Construction Contracts and Its Critique

2014  Public-Private Partnership Experience in the International Arena: Case of Turkey

2014  Purpose and Preparation of Geotechnical Baseline Reports in Design-Build and Public-Private Partnership Subsurface Projects

2014  Quantification of Scenarios and Stakeholders Influencing Priorities for Risk Mitigation in Infrastructure Systems

2014  Rapid Flood Exposure Assessment of Vermont Mobile Home Parks Following Tropical Storm Irene

2014  Real Options Valuation of Phased Investments in Commercial Energy Retrofits under Building Performance Risks

2014  Reducing Barriers to Remote Project Planning: Comparison of Low-Tech Site Capture Approaches and Image-Based 3D Reconstruction

2014  Regional Rainfall Frequency and Ungauged Basin Analysis for Flood Risk Assessment in Haiti

2014  Resilience and Sustainability of Civil Infrastructure: Toward a Unified Approach

2014  Risk Management Strategies for Privatized Infrastructure Projects: Study of the Build-Operate-Transfer Approach in East Asia and the Pacific

2014  Risk Management through Geotechnical Baselines: A Designer’s Perspective

2014  Risk Score Inference for Bridge Maintenance Project Using Evolutionary Fuzzy Least Squares Support Vector Machine

2014  Risk-Based Two-Step Optimization Model for Highway Transportation Investment Decision-Making

2014  Risk-Factor-Based Analysis of Cantilever Sheet Pile Walls

2014  Risk-Informed Time-Cost Relationship Models for Sanitation Projects

2014  Seismic Reliability Analysis of Wood Shear Walls Using Different Methods

2014  Statistical, Risk, and Reliability Analyses of Bridge Scour

2014  Task Variation and the Social Network of Construction Trades

2014  Technology Adoption for Long-Term Drought Resilience

2014  To GBR or Not to GBR: Is that the Question?

2014  Vapor Intrusion Investigation at a Site in New Jersey: A Field Study

2013  Alternative to Government Revenue Guarantees: Dynamic Revenue Insurance Contracts

2013  Analysis of Causes of Construction Defects Using Fault Trees and Risk Importance Measures

2013  Analysis of Incidents on Emergency Escape Ramps and Legal Risk Aversion

2013  An Analysis of International Construction Risk Factors on Partner Selection by Applying ANP Approach

2013  Analysis of Risk Factors and Safety Countermeasures of Collision between Seaplanes and Vessels Based on ISM Theory

2013  Anatomy of Construction Disputes

2013  Application of Risk Control Technology in CNPC Sichuan-Chongqing Region of High Sulfur Gas Field

2013  Applying Risk Management Workshop for a Public Construction Project: Case Study

2013  Assessment of Risk Using Bridge Element Condition Ratings

2013  Balancing Harmful Impacts of the Petroleum Industry with Internal Dispute Prevention and External Sustainable Development Initiatives

2013  Capturing The Impacts of Geotechnical Features on Transportation System Performance

2013  Case Study of Drought Frequency and Risk Analysis in the Upper Green River Basin, Wyoming

2013  A Case-Based Reasoning System for Residual Value Risk in Public-Private Partnership Projects

2013  Climate Change and Freight-Transportation Infrastructure: Current Challenges for Adaptation

2013  Climate Change Influence on Priority Setting for Transportation Infrastructure Assets

2013  Climate Change Risk Management for Ports

2013  Comparative Study of Three Stochastic Models for Prediction of Pipe Failures in Water Supply Systems

2013  Complexity of Inland Port Industrial Cluster Risk

2013  Compromise Ranking Approach with Bootstrap Confidence Intervals for Risk Assessment in Port Management Projects

2013  Condition Assessment of 7 Force Mains for Clark County Water Reclamation District

2013  Consequence Analysis of LNG Leakage Accident Based on Numerical Simulation

2013  Construction Risk Identification and Allocation: Cooperative Approach

2013  Construction-Safety Best Practices and Relationships to Safety Performance

2013  Creating Information Value Chains to Support Asset Management

2013  Delineating the Reality of Flood Risk and Loss in Southeast Texas

2013  Design of Synthetic Impact Response Functions for Flood Vulnerability Assessment under Climate Change Conditions: Case Studies in Two Selected Coastal Zones in Australia and Japan

2013  Developing Fuzzy Enterprise Risk Management Maturity Model for Construction Firms

2013  Development of a Comprehensive Probabilistic Life Cycle Model for Planning Coastal Risk Management Projects

2013  Development of an Ontology-Based Semantic Retrieval Method for Construction Project Risk Management

2013  Development of Improved 4D CAD System for Horizontal Works in Civil Engineering Projects

2013  Driftwood: Risk Analysis and Engineering Measures

2013  Early Warning Method of Vessel Yaw Risk in Inland Waterways

2013  Effect of Slope Height and Gradient on Failure Probability

2013  Effect of Spatial Correlation of Cone Tip Resistance on the Bearing Capacity of Piles

2013  An Efficient Tool to Assess Risk of Storm Surges Using Data Mining

2013  Empirical Research of the Logistic Model-Based Financial Risk Warning on the Real Estate Listed Companies

2013  Energy-Related Risk Management in Integrated Project Delivery

2013  Enterprise Risk Management Strategies for State Departments of Transportation

2013  Epistemic Uncertainty, Rival Models, and Closure

2013  Evaluation of the Influence of Climate Variability on Flood Risk in Moderately Impaired Watersheds

2013  Evaluation of the Risks of Environment in the Construction Process on the Basis of Grey System Theory

2013  Evaluation of Traffic Law Enforcement Officers’ Microenvironment

2013  Fault-Tree Model for Risk Assessment of Bridge Failure: Case Study for Segmental Box Girder Bridges

2013  Field Service Conditions of the Oldest Corrugated HDPE Pipe Culvert under Ohio’s Roadway

2013  Financing Risk Analysis of Chinese Metro Projects Based on the AHM-Fuzzy Evaluation Model

2013  The Fire Risk Prediction for Shipborne Cargo Based on Improved Gray-Markov Model

2013  Fire Risks for Highway Bridges: A Statistical Investigation

2013  Fish Tissue Targets for PCB TMDLs: What is the Real Risk? An Example from the Greater Los Angeles and Long Beach Harbor Waters TMDL

2013  Flood-Damage-Reduction Project Evaluation with Explicit Consideration of Damage Cost Uncertainty

2013  Foreign Exchange Risk Management of Air Transportation Listed Companies

2013  Foundation Engineering in the Face of Uncertainty, Honoring Fred H. Kulhawy

2013  Fuzzy Logic System Approach for Quantifying Risk Associated with the Installation of Trenchless Technologies