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2014  After Sandy: Rethinking Flood Risk Management in Asian Coastal Megacities

2014  An Analytical Modeling Framework for the Seismic Risk Assessment of Unreinforced Masonry Structures

2014  Application of Innovative Tools in Optimizing Risk and Cost of Subgrade QA/QC

2014  Are the Frail Designed to Fail? Assessing the Collapse Risk of Existing Structures

2014  Asce First Generation Testbed for Evaluating Resilience of Structures

2014-  ASCE-ASME Journal of Risk and Uncertainty in Engineering Systems, Part A: Civil Engineering

2014  Balancing Harmful Impacts of the Petroleum Industry with Internal Dispute Prevention and External Sustainable Development Initiatives

2014  Bayesian Framework for Water Quality Model Uncertainty Estimation and Risk Management

2014  Bayesian Multiscale Modeling of Spatial Infrastructure Performance Predictions with an Application to Electric Power Outage Forecasting

2014  BIM-Based Construction Scheduling Method Using Optimization Theory for Reducing Activity Overlaps

2014  Building and Validating Geographically Refined Hurricane Wind Risk Models for Residential Structures

2014  Calibrating Road Design Guides Using Risk-Based Reliability Analysis

2014  Collapse Fragility of Steel Structures Subjected to Earthquake Mainshock-Aftershock Sequences

2014  Composite Risk Assessment for the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta Levee System

2014  Condition Indices, Performance Measures, and Managing Performance Data for Geotechnical Asset Management – Don’t Get Buried!

2014  Construction Research Congress 2014, Construction in a Global Network

2014  Control Risk for Multimode Resource-Constrained Project Scheduling Problems under Hybrid Uncertainty

2014  Cost and Schedule Risk Analysis of Bridge Construction in Pakistan: Establishing Risk Guidelines

2014  The Costing of Measures for Natural Hazard Mitigation in Europe

2014  Critical Examination of Area Reduction Factors

2014  Cross-Sectional Analysis of Critical Risk Factors for PPP Water Projects in China

2014  Current Engineering Models and Capabilities in the Vulnerability Assessment and Protection Option (VAPO) Software

2014  Dealing with Traffic Risk in Latin American Toll Roads

2014  Design, Construction, and Maintenance of Bridges

2014  Design of a Lunar Surface Structure. II: Seismic Structural Analysis

2014  Determining the Reasonable Scale of a Toll Highway Network in China

2014  Developing Competitive Advantages in Political Risk Management for International Construction Enterprises

2014  Development of Residential Building Stock and Population Databases and Modeling the Residential Occupancy Rate for Iran

2014  Direct and Indirect Cost-and-Benefit Assessment of Climate Adaptation Strategies for Housing for Extreme Wind Events in Queensland

2014  Distribution Shift for Wind Power Development in China: Strategy Analysis

2014  Does Expectation Match Reality? Examination of Risk Management Education in China

2014  Dynamic Threshold Cash Flow-Based Structural Model for Contractor Financial Prequalification

2014  Empirical Evidence for Renegotiation of PPP Contracts in the Road Sector

2014  Enhancing Construction Hazard Recognition with High-Fidelity Augmented Virtuality

2014  Estimating Construction Contingency: Accommodating the Potential for Cost Overruns in Road Construction Projects

2014  Evaluation of Mean Recurrence Intervals of Wind Effects for Tall Building Design

2014  Examining the Impact of Adverse Weather on Urban Rail Transit Facilities on the Basis of Fault Tree Analysis and Fuzzy Synthetic Evaluation

2014  Exploring Critical Variables That Affect Political Risk Level in International Construction Projects: Case Study from Chinese Contractors

2014  Extra-Tropical and Tropical Cyclone Vulnerability in Canada: Two Comprehensive Models

2014  Financial Seismic Risk Analysis of Building Portfolios

2014  Flood Risk Management, Call for a National Strategy

2014  Flood Risk Management: The Need for Sound Policies and Practices

2014  Flooding Hazard Mapping in Floodplain Areas Affected by Piping Breaches in the Po River, Italy

2014  Floodway System Operation along Levee-Protected Rivers

2014  Forming Risk Clusters in Projects to Improve Coordination between Risk Owners

2014  Fuzzy Multicriteria Decision-Making Approach for Pavement Project Evaluation Using Life-Cycle Cost/Performance Analysis

2014  A General Framework for Probabilistic Risk-Based Optimization of Life-Cycle Management of Infrastructure Systems under Gradual and Sudden Deterioration

2014  Geologic Considerations for Setting a Geotechnical Baseline Report: Intact Rock Strength Parameters

2014  Highway Access Safety Program Evaluation with Uncertain Parameters

2014  Impact of Contract Structure and Risk Aversion on Interutility Water Transfer Agreements

2014  Impact of Risk on Design-Build Selection for Highway Design and Construction Projects

2014  Impact of Road Conditions and Disruption Uncertainties on Network Vulnerability

2014  Incorporating Risk-Based Security Elements in Highway Project Planning

2014  Information Retrieval Framework for Hazard Identification in Construction

2014  Inspection Planning Based on Risk Analysis

2014  Integrating Geotechnical Baseline Reports and Risk Allocation Frameworks in Geotechnical Engineering Education

2014  Investigating Enterprise Risk Management Maturity in Construction Firms

2014  Investigating the Causal Relationships between Causes of and Vulnerabilities to Corruption in the Chinese Public Construction Sector

2014  Lessons Learned in the Development and Application of Geotechnical Baseline Reports

2014  Life-Time Risk Assessment of Reinforced Concrete Highway Bridges Under Deterioration Processes

2014  Lower Partial Moment and Information Entropy-Based Dynamic Electricity Purchasing Strategy

2014  Management of Civil Infrastructure Systems: QFD-Based Approach

2014  Managing Hydrological Risks with Extreme Modeling: Application of Peaks over Threshold Model to the Loukkos Watershed, Morocco

2014  Measuring the Performance of Transportation Infrastructure Systems in Disasters: A Comprehensive Review

2014  Modeling Social Opposition to Infrastructure Development

2014  Modeling Tower Crane Operator Visibility to Minimize the Risk of Limited Situational Awareness

2014  Modularization in Regions of High Seismic Risk

2014  Multi-Hazard Risk Assessment of Civil Infrastructure Systems with a Focus on Long Linear Structures Such As Levees

2014  Multilevel Governance of Flood Hazards: Municipal Flood Bylaws in British Columbia, Canada

2014  Multiobjective Optimization for Improved Management of Flood Risk

2014  Multiphase Risk-Management Method and Its Application in Tunnel Engineering

2014  A New Simple Formula to Evaluate the Risk of Furniture Overturning

2014  Nonstationarity in Flood Time Series

2014  Occupational Risk Index for Assessment of Risk in Construction Work by Activity

2014  Off-Stream Floodplain Storage: Numerical Modeling and Experimental Analysis

2014  Overview of the NEES-Soft Experimental Program for Seismic Risk Reduction of Soft-Story Woodframe Buildings

2014  Perception of Residual Value Risk in Public Private Partnership Projects: Critical Review

2014  Pinpointing Safety Leadership Factors for Safe Construction Sites in Trinidad and Tobago

2014  Pipe Burst Risk State Assessment and Classification Based on Water Hammer Analysis for Water Supply Networks

2014  Principal-Agent Model of Risk Allocation in Construction Contracts and Its Critique

2014  Probabilistic Methodology for Quantifying Regional Risk Profiles from Sea Level Rise

2014  Psychological Antecedents of Risk-Taking Behavior in Construction

2014  Public-Private Partnership Experience in the International Arena: Case of Turkey

2014  Purpose and Preparation of Geotechnical Baseline Reports in Design-Build and Public-Private Partnership Subsurface Projects

2014  Quantification of Scenarios and Stakeholders Influencing Priorities for Risk Mitigation in Infrastructure Systems

2014  Quantitative Solution of Overseas Project Risk Management by Knowledge Engineering

2014  Rapid Flood Exposure Assessment of Vermont Mobile Home Parks Following Tropical Storm Irene

2014  Real Options Valuation of Phased Investments in Commercial Energy Retrofits under Building Performance Risks

2014  Reducing Barriers to Remote Project Planning: Comparison of Low-Tech Site Capture Approaches and Image-Based 3D Reconstruction

2014  Regional Rainfall Frequency and Ungauged Basin Analysis for Flood Risk Assessment in Haiti

2014  Resilience and Sustainability of Civil Infrastructure: Toward a Unified Approach

2014  A Review of Challenges and Strategies for Modeling Structural Degradation

2014  Risk Analysis of a Long-Distance Pipeline System in a Mountain Area Subjected to Multi-Hazards II: The Application

2014  Risk Analysis of Long-Distance Pipeline System in Mountain Area Subjected to Multi-Hazards I: Risk of Rain-Caused Landslide

2014  Risk Communication after Disaster: Return Entry Following the 2008 Cedar River Flood

2014  Risk Management in China: Applying International Best Practice to Foreign-Invested Projects

2014  Risk Management Strategies for Privatized Infrastructure Projects: Study of the Build-Operate-Transfer Approach in East Asia and the Pacific

2014  Risk Management through Geotechnical Baselines: A Designer’s Perspective

2014  Risk Score Inference for Bridge Maintenance Project Using Evolutionary Fuzzy Least Squares Support Vector Machine

2014  Risk Zone Prediction in Meandering Rivers by Using a Multivariate Approach