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Found 78 Records with the keyword term of "Riparian water"

2014  Mechanism for Fair Allocation of Surface Water under the Riparian Doctrine

2013  Coupled GSI-SVAT Model with Groundwater-Surface Water Interaction in the Riparian Zone of Tarim River

2012  Calibrating a Riparian Vegetation Model for Sacramento River Studies

2012  Flow through Vegetation Patches with Multiple Layers: A Quadrant Analysis

2009  KC-One: Comprehensive City-Wide Management Plan Creates Leading Stormwater Management Program

2009  Post Project Appraisal of Riparian, Wetland, and Aquatic Habitat Restoration at Best Slough, Beale Air Force Base, Marysville, CA

2009  Riparian Restoration Can Reduce Harmful Effects of Climate Change, Study Says

2009  Total Soil Water Evaporation in a Riparian Environment: Model Development and Application

2008  An Ancient Struggle: A Game Theory Approach to Resolving the Nile Conflict

2008  Enhanced Resolution of Evapotranspiration from Riparian Systems and Field Edges by Sharpening the Landsat Thermal Band

2008  Retention and Removal of Suspended Solids and Total Phosphorus from Water by Riparian Reeds

2008  Strategies for Cutting Management of Riparian Vegetation

2007  SedVeg-Gen3 Platte River Model: A Sediment Transport and Riparian Vegetation Model

2005  Glen Oaks: Design and Implementation of a Riparian Regional Detention Facility

2005  The Little Sugar Creek Environmental Restoration Initiative – Freedom Park

2005  Modeling the Impact of Riparian Buffer Systems on Bank Stability of an Incised Stream

2005  Review of Riparian Vegetation and Fluvial Geomorphology, edited by Sean J. Bennett and Andrew Simon

2005  Riparian Vegetation Influence on Channel Widths of Small Streams: Revisiting Sleepers River

2005  Urban Stream Design for Ecological Services Restoration

2005  The use of Hyperspectral Technologies to Identify Riparian Habitats in Coastal Watersheds: An Example from the Navarro River, California

2004  Evaluation of Regulatory Programs that Constrain Water Withdrawals Based on a Regulated Riparian Legal Foundation

2004  Hydrologic Controls of Riparian Vegetation on the Geotechnical Stability of Streambanks: Experimental Results

2004  Multiobjective Optimization for Sustainable Groundwater Management in Semiarid Regions

2003  The Effect of Evapotranspiration on Streambank Pore-Water Pressures

2003  Interactive Effects of Controlled Drainage and Riparian Buffers on Shallow Groundwater Quality

2003  The Optimization of the Spatial Distribution and Width of Riparian Buffers Using the Riparian Decision Support System

2003  Regulated Riparian Model Water Code

2002  Riparian Water Regulations, Guidelines for Withdrawal Limitations and Permit Trading

2001  Riparianism at the Dawn of the New Millennium

2000  Effect of Riparian Vegetation Density on Stream Flow Velocity

2000  Enhanced Environments through Water Development: Riparian Zones Then and Now

2000  Environmental Advisor

2000  Fuzzy Logic for Watershed Assessment

2000  Plant Materials for Western Riparian Areas

2000  Road Decommissioning and Road Stabilization, Promoting Natural Watershed and Riparian System Functions — Case Study: Washington State, South Fork Skokomish Watershed

2000  Stochastic and Deterministic Origins of Aquatic and Riparian Habitats

2000  The Use of Active Watershed Management to Achieve or Accelerate the Accomplishment of Watershed Goals

1999  Surface Water Withdrawal Allocation Systems for Traditionally Riparian Areas

1999  Transboundary Water Sharing: An International Issue of Significance

1998  Cheswick Park: Overview of a Park Restoration Project

1998  Development of Proposed Regulations for Protection of Delaware River Basin Waterway Corridors

1998  Environmental Restoration and Detention in Tucson, Arizona: A Work in Progress

1998  Geomorphic Engineering for River Restoration Design

1998  Hourly Water Temperature Modeling of the Guadalupe River, California

1998  Ocean Benefits of Healthy Riparian Systems

1998  Restoration of the Owens River Gorge Ecosystem

1998  Restoring Naturalized Stream Bed in an Urban River Channel

1998  Utilization of Natural Vegetation Groins as a Bank Protection Measure

1998  Velocity Profiles in Riparian Wetlands

1997  Approaches Towards an Ecological Optimization of Minimum Flow Regulations in Diverted Streams

1997  Criteria for Establishing Variable-Width Stream Buffers in the Rocky Mountains

1997  Development and Application of the Rapid Stream Assessment Technique (RSAT) in the Maryland Piedmont

1997  Diurnal Temperature Variation in the Sacramento River, California

1997  Ecosystem Health and Salmon Restoration: A Broader Perspective

1997  Effects of Flexible Riparian Vegetation Growth on Discharge Capacity

1997  Impervious Cover as a Urban Stream Indicator and a Watershed Management Tool

1997  Institutional Arrangements for Watershed Management

1997  The Regulated Riparian Model Water Code

1997  Resistance to Flow Through Riparian Wetlands

1997  Riparian Stewardship in the Post Regulatory Era: The Stick, the Carrot and the Light Bulb

1997  Temporal Variations of Temperature in the Sacramento River

1997  The Use of Retention Basins to Mitigate Stormwater Impacts on Aquatic Life

1996  Design of Riparian Habitat Replacement in Active Floodplains

1996  Picacho Reservoir Enhancement Study for Water Recharge, Reparian Enhancement, and Water-Based Recreation Purposes

1996  Watershed Riparian Management and Its Benefits to a Eutrophic Lake

1995  Urban River Aquatic Resources Enhancement

1994  The Regulation of Lake Ontario During the Spring of 1993; a Period of Record Supplies

1994  Riparian Wetlands and Flood Stages

1994  Width Adjustment: Relative Dominance in Unstable Alluvial Streams

1993  Basin-Scale Modeling as Tool for Water-Resource Planning

1993  Sediment Entrapment by Stream Channel Vegetation

1991  Development of a Model Water Code for a Riparian-Doctrine State

1991  A New Method for Calculating a Mathematical Expression for Streamflow Recession

1991  Surface Water/Groundwater Interaction Studies

1990  Watershed Condition and Riparian Health: Linkages

1989  Identifying Causes and Predicting Effects of Bank Erosion

1989  Water Marketing in California

1980  Riparian Response to Certain Grazing Management