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Found 73 Records with the keyword term of "Rhode Island"

2014  LRFD Resistance Factors for Driven Piles in Providence, Rhode Island

2014  Resilient Moduli of a Naturally Aged RAP and Aggregate Blend

2013  Fender Modernization at Pier 1, Port of Davisville, RI

2013  FRA Proposes Range of Improvements to Northeast Corridor

2013  Protocol to Include Ecosystem Service Constraints in a Wind Farm Cost Model

2012  Rhode Island City Awards 20-Year D/B/O Contract to CH2M HILL

2010  Joseph Totten, Fort Adams, and America’s Third System of Coastal Fortifications

2009  Enhanced Surface Cooling as an Alternative for Thermal Discharges

2009  Newport / Pell Bridge Main Cable Investigation and Anchorage Dehumidification

2008  Environmental Engineering: Rhode Island Locomotive Brownfield on Track for Redevelopment

2007  Aggressive Alternative

2007  First Person: Reconsidering Value Engineering: The Rhode Island School of Design Library Project

2007  Reconciling Conflicting Utility Location Data: A Case Study of Submarine Gas Lines in the Providence River

2007  Restoration of Mussachuck Creek and Rhode Island Country Club - A Federal and Private Partnership

2007  A Site-Specific Comparison of Simplified Procedures for Evaluating Cyclic Resistance of Non-Plastic Silt

2007  Stream Restoration: Rhode Island Project Improves Habitat, Preserves Historical Features

2005  Basin-Scale Methodology for Evaluating Relative Impacts of Pollution Source Abatement

2005  Court Decisions: No Duty Owed When Plans are Followed

2004  9-Foot (2.75m) Diameter Drilled Shafts at Cranston Viaduct: Design, Load Testing, and Construction

2004  Application of a Sediment Transport Model (BFSED) to Assess the Impact from Bridge Reconstruction in the Barrington River, RI

2004  Development of an Infrastructure Asset Management System for a Typical Local Government in Rhode Island

2003  Beneficial Uses of Dredged Material from the Quonset Point/Davisville Intermodal Port

2003  Conjunctive-Management Models for Sustained Yield of Stream-Aquifer Systems

2003  Environmental Engineering: Providence River Dredging Project Set to Begin

2002  Application of an Integrated Monitoring and Modeling System to Narragansett Bay and Adjacent Waters Incorporating Internet Based Technology

2002  Changing Lanes

2002  Creating a Planning Tool for Sustainable Urban Water Resources Management

2002  Ground Characterization and Foundation Evaluation for the Providence CSO near Surface Facilities

2002  Modeling of Double-Flood Currents in the Sakonnet River

2002  Natural Hazards Vulnerability Assessment for Statewide Mitigation Planning in Rhode Island

2002  A Nowcast/Forecast System of Circulation Dynamics for Narragansett Bay

2001  Grouting Program Bridges New Building Loads over Unused Railroad Tunnel

2001  The Quonset Point—Davisville Port Project, North Kingstown Rhode Island—A Unique Public Process to Develop a Private Container Port on a Former Military Facility

2001  Surface and Deep Vibratory Compaction of Sand

2001  Technology: Software Links Data on Road and Coastal Conditions

2000  High-Tech Camera Captures Failure Mechanism

2000  Lessons Learned: The SIP Process and State Department of Transportation (DOT) Interaction

2000  RIDOT to Move Interstate out of Providence

1999  The Scour at Bridges Management Program in Rhode Island

1998  Enforcement of Invalid Ordinance Unconstitutional

1998  Special-Use Permit Cannot Override Ordinance

1998  Tide Gates Help Restore Salt Marsh

1997  Delivered into Providence

1994  Application of WQMAP to Upper Narragansett Bay, Rhode Island

1994  Three Dimensional Modeling of Circulation and Salinity in Mt. Hope Bay and the Lower Taunton River

1993  Application of the Storm Water Management Model in Evaluating Combined Sewer Overflows

1993  Coastal America: Northeast Coastal Strategy

1993  Partnerships Strengthen Watershed Management

1993  Rhode Island Lagoons

1992  Demand Management Strategies for Providence Water Supply Board

1991  Riverbank Renewal

1990  Assessing Natural Resource Damages from Oil Spills

1990  Chemical and Biological Observations After the World Prodigy Oil Spill

1990  Chemical Monitoring of the World Prodigy Oil Spill

1990  GIS and Environmental Disaster Management: World Prodigy Oil Spill

1990  Predicting the Movement of the World Prodigy Spill

1990  Sexual Reproduction in Species of the Brown Seaweed, Fucus, to Assess Damage and Recovery from the World Prodigy Oil Spill

1990  T/S World Prodigy Grounding—Emergency Phase

1989  Modeling Fresh Water Inflow to an Estuary

1987  The Impact of Suburbanization on an Urban River

1986  The River Walks of San Antonio Move to Providence

1980  Designation of All Public Rights of Way to the Tidal Areas of Rhode Island

1980  Local Assistance: A Problem in Translation

1978  Recreational Boating in Rhode Island: Design of an Inquiry

1971  Main Cables of Newport Suspension Bridge

1964  Hurricane Studies for Narragansett Bay

1961  Builder of the Newport Tower

1960  The Builder of the Newport (Rhode Island) Tower

1957  Redevelopment of Providence, Rhode Island

1906  The Narragansett Bay Coal Depot

1891  Chimney for the Narragansett Electric Lighting Company, Providence R. I.

1889  Description of Guard Gates At the Point Street Bridge, at Providence, R. I.

1885  Description of Some Experiments Made on the Providence, R. I., Water-Works, to Ascertain the Force of Water Ram In Pipes