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2014  Articulated Concrete Block Stability Assessment for Embankment-Overtopping Conditions

2013  Performance of a Geobag Revetment. I: Quasi-Physical Modeling

2013  Performance of a Geobag Revetment. II: Numerical Modeling

2013  Survey Assessments for Waterfront Facility Engineering

2012  End-Result Specifications for Rock Revetment Payment Adjustments

2011  New Innovative, Habitat-Creating Bank Protection Method

2011  Pier and Abutment Scour Interaction

2011  Shore Protective Revetment Crowned with Pedestrian Walkway at Strand Beach, California

2010  Physical Model Tests of Bowthruster Impacts to Armored Slopes

2009  Riprap Stability: Traverse and Longitudinal versus Continuous Protections

2008  Large-Scale Flume Tests of Riprap-Apron Performance at a Bridge Abutment on a Floodplain

2008  Mechanism of Backfilling Sand Discharge from a Gap under Vertical Revetment

2007  Irregular Wave Seepage and Overtopping of Permeable Slopes

2007  Riprap Size Selection at Wing-Wall Abutments

2006  Flow-Induced Failure of Cable-Tied Blocks

2006  Scour Countermeasures for Wing-Wall Abutments

2004  A Dynamic Revetment and Reinforced Dune as "Natural" Forms of Shore Protection in an Oregon State Park

2004  Grouting Repair of Seawall and Revetment, Dana Point Harbor, California

2004  Wave Overtopping on Chicago Shoreline Revetment

2002  Application of Multibeam Echo Sounding and Side Scan Sonar for Mapping of Shoreline Protection Revetments

2002  Risk Assessment of Some Revetments in Southwest Wales, United Kingdom

2001  Contractor Entitled to Damages for Revetment Removal

2001  Design and Re-Use of Placed Block Revetments

2001  Influence of Ageing and Wide Wave Spectra on Stability of Placed Block Revetments

2001  Seepage Effects in Some Riprap Revetments

2001  The Structural Analysis of the Block Revetment on the Dutch Dikes

2001  Time-Averaged Probabilistic Model for Irregular Wave Runup on Coastal Structures

2001  Wave Run-Up on Sloping Seadykes and Revetments

2000  Between a Rock and a Soft Place: Which Riprap Method Should I Use for My Project?

2000  Dikes and Revetments—Design, Maintenance and Safety Assessment, edited by Krystian W. Pilarczyk

2000  Evaluating the Puncture Survivability of Geotextiles in Construction of Coastal Revetments

2000  Revetment Geotextile Filter Subjected to Cyclic Wave Loading

1999  Advanced Assessing of the Stability of Existing Placed Block Revetments

1999  Cable-Tied Blocks for Scour Protection at Bridge Piers

1999  Design of Alternative Revetments

1999  Design of Revetments in the Øjresund Link. Reclaimed Artificial Island and Peninsula

1999  Evaluation of the Effect of 20 Years of Nourishment

1999  Inventory of the Stability of Existing Placed Block Revetments in The Netherlands

1999  Wave Dynamics and Revetment Design on a Natural Reef

1998  The Armoring of California’s Coast

1998  Concrete Armor Units in Rivers

1998  The Effect of Foreland on Wave Climate Changes

1998  Effects of Onshore Winds on Velocity of Wave Runup

1998  Field Measurements of Wave Overtopping on Seawall Covered with Armor Units

1998  Irregular Wave Transformation and Undertow for Coastal Structures in a Surf Zone

1998  Literature Review of Rock Revetment and Channelization Impacts on Pacific Northwest Aquatic Resources

1998  Nontraditional Erosion Control Projects Constructed on the Missouri River

1998  River Engineering Work on Nanjing Reach of Lower Yangtze River

1998  Rootwad Bank Stabilization of the Middle Rio Grande

1998  A Study of Plunging Wave Impact Pressures on Placed Block Revetments

1997  Aesthetics of Controlling Erosion in Open Channels

1997  Aging and Stability of Placed Block Revetments

1997  The Geomorphic Influence of Bank Revetment on Channel Migration: Upper Sacramento River, Miles 218-206

1997  Long-Term Beach Response to Shore Stabilization Structures on the Oregon Coast

1997  Natural Periods of Armor Stones

1997  Stability of Artificial Roughness Elements and Run-Up Reduction

1997  Wave Run-Up on Revetments with Composite Slopes

1997  Wind Effects on Runup and Overtopping

1996  Constructability in Public Sector

1996  Design Formulas for Block Revetments

1995  Coastal Engineering Aspects of the Pier 400 Dredging and Landfill Project at Los Angeles Harbor, California

1995  Computer Aided Design of Riprap Revetments

1995  Damage Analysis for Rubble-Mound Breakwaters

1995  Estimating Wave-Induced Kinematics at Sloping Structures

1995  Friction and Clamping Forces in Wave Loaded Placed Block Revetments

1995  Hydraulic Characteristics and Field Experience of New Wave Dissipating Concrete Blocks (ACCROPODE)

1995  Red River Waterway Project: General Design

1995  Wind Effects on Runup and Overtopping

1994  Dredged Material Used in Sand-filled Containers for Scour and Erosion Control

1994  Fraser Lands Riverfront Park Shoreline Edge Treatments

1994  Irregular Wave Overtopping of Revetments in Surf Zones

1994  OTF Kinematic GPS Positioning for Vertical Reference Datum

1994  Use of HEC-2 and HEC-6 to Determine Levee Heights and Revetment Toe Scour Depths

1993  Cable-tied Concrete Block Erosion Protection

1993  Field Measurements on Placed Block Revetments

1993  Holding a Shorelind with a Buried Revetment

1993  Irregular Wave Interaction with Permeable Slopes

1993  Loads on Sloping Seadykes and Revetments From Wave-Induced Shock Pressures

1993  Oblique Wave Attack on Block Revetments

1993  Wave-Induced Uplift Characteristics on Concrete Block Slope Revetments

1992  The 1984 Major Rehab of the Muskegon Harbor, MI South Breakwater: An Extreme Example of Misguided Design of a Stone Structure

1992  Articulating Block Mat Revetment for Whaler’s Village

1992  Coastal Engineering Design Codes in the Netherlands

1992  Coastal Processes and Engineering on a Micronesian Fringing Reef

1992  Design and Construction of Shinnecock Inlet, New York

1992  Dutch Experience on Design of Dikes and Revetments

1992  An Example of Rubble Mound Construction Procedures

1992  Flow Impingement Velocities, Snake River, Wyoming

1992  South Jetty Scour Hole Stabilization, Ocean City, Maryland

1991  Dynamic Revetments

1991  Evaluating Shoreline Protection Alternatives

1991  Examples of the Coast Environment Improvement Works at Fishing Port Areas in Japan

1991  Geotechnical Failure of Revetments

1991  The Impacts of Shoreline Protection Structures on Beaches Along Monterey Bay, California

1991  New Criteria for Granular Filters and Geotextile Filters Under Revetments

1991  Numerical Modeling of Storm-Induced Beach Erosion, Folly Beach, South Carolina, Beach Fill Alternatives

1991  Numerical Simulation of the Motion of a Loose Revetment Block

1991  Performance of Bermed Revetments

1991  Resistance of Grassmat to Wave Attack

1991  Rock Slopes Under Irregular Wave Attack