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Found 66 Records with the keyword term of "Revenues"

2013  Alternative to Government Revenue Guarantees: Dynamic Revenue Insurance Contracts

2013  Revenue-Sharing Contract Considering Time Value of Capital

2010  Airline Network Revenue Management Based on Simulated Annealing Genetic Algorithm

2010  Employing the Net Present Value-Consistent IRR Methods for PFI Contracts

2009  Congestion Pricing Revenue Redistribution Strategy Based on Traffic Behavior

2009  Distribution Processing Capacity Allocation Optimization for Third Party Warehousing Based on Revenue Management

2008  Research on Revenue Sharing Contracts of the Agricultural Supply Chain

2007  Application of Genetic Local Search Algorithm to Location-Allocation Problem in Reverse Logistics Network

2007  Study on Dynamic Pricing Model of Deteriorating Items Based on Revenue Management

2005  Impact of Market Uncertainty on Congestion Revenue Right Valuation

2001  Agreeing with Gas Tax Proposal

2000  Model for Determining Airline Fares for Meeting or Convention Demand

1999  Autodesk Trims Staff in Wake of Revenue Drop

1999  Project Managers Becoming More Job-Chargeable, Survey Says

1999  Scheduling Hydro Generation. More Dollars or More Megawatt Hours: The TVA Story

1998  Congress Passes Transportation Bill

1998  Design/Build Delivery Aims High

1998  Risk Analysis of Traffic and Revenue Forecasts for Road Investment Projects

1997  Evaluating and Specifying Pumped Storage Upgrades

1997  It Was A Very Good Year

1997  Law, PSI Merger Called Off

1997  Mergers and Acquisitions: Part 1 of 3

1997  Road Unit Connection Charge is an Unlawful Tax

1996  Solving Collection Problems to Increase Revenue: The Houston Experience

1996  Utilizing Coordinated Billing and Metering Systems Analysis to Enhance Utility Revenue on a Shared Revenue Basis

1995  Turning Water into Dollars

1995  Water Pricing

1994  Conservation Before and After: The Impacts of Increasing Block Rates on a Fully Metered System

1994  Revenue Enhancement for Water and Wastewater Systems

1994  Solving Collections Problems to Increase Revenue: The Houston Experience, 1988-1993

1994  Utilizing Coordinated Billing and Metering Systems Analysis to Enhance Utility Revenue on a Shared Revenue Basis

1993  Closing the Gap: Transit Revenue Opportunities

1993  Intercity Travel Demand Modeling and Forecasting for High Speed Rail Service in the Quebec-Ontario Corridor

1993  Maglev vs. High Speed Rail in the Quebec City-Windsor Corridor: A Comparison of Costs and Revenues

1992  A Forecasting Model of Gaming Revenues in Clark County, Nevada

1992  Traffic Impact Fees in Schaumburg, Illinois

1991  Total Productivity Measurement in Bus Transit: Comment

1990  Establishing the E-470 Project Definition

1990  Estimating Toll Diversion for Beltways

1989  Federal-State Revenue Sharing for Ocean Minerals Development: The Example of Outer Continental Shelf Lands Act Section 8(G)

1987  Equipment Rates from Revenue Requirements

1987  An Improved Method to Predict Annual Transit Fare Revenues from Mid-Year Results

1987  Making Parking Pay

1987  Revenue Diversification for Transportation: Stepping Beyond Public-Private Partnerships

1985  DEL: A Fare Revenue Forecasting Model

1985  Overhead Soars at Design Firms

1985  Splitting Common-Pool Offshore Oil & Gas Revenues

1984  Application of User Charges

1984  CAD/CAM Industry Revenues Projected to Top $2.3 Billion in 1984

1984  California’s Infrastructure Needs Require New Revenue Sources

1984  Financial Management for an Engineering Firm

1981  Transportation Taxation Policies for Virginia

1980  Direct Cost/Revenue Shortfalls in Transportation

1980  Efficiency Through Pricing in Urban Transportation

1980  Existing Revenue Sources

1980  Pollution Externalities—Who Pays?

1980  Pricing and Revenue Yield

1980  Problems and Options in Financing Urban Transportation

1980  State Airport Planning and Financing

1980  Virginia Vehicle-Related Revenue Forecasts

1972  HUD Sewer Policy in Urban Renewal Areas

1972  Mathematical Model for Rate Studies

1972  Michigan Transportation in the Seventies

1959  Multiple Purpose Power Plant Capacity

1959  A Session on Aircraft Environment in the Future: Auto Parking for Efficiency and Revenue at Airports (Jet Age Conference 1957)

1959  A Session on Financing and Criteria: Airport Revenue Bond Financing (Jet Age Conference 1957)