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2014  Comprehensive Everglades Restoration Plan Must Account for Climate Change, Report Says

2014  Defining a Standard of Care for Urban Stream Restoration Projects

2014  Defining a Stream Restoration Body of Knowledge as a Basis for National Certification

2014  Integrative Method for Quantifying Floodplain Habitat

2014  Optimal Bridge Restoration Sequence for Resilient Transportation Networks

2014  Reservoir Management Optimization for Basin-Wide Ecological Restoration in the Connecticut River

2013  Lockheed Shipyard Capping and Shoreline Restoration

2013  Masonville Dredged Material Containment Facility: Mitigation Design Including Shore Protection, Reef Creation, and Wetlands Restoration

2013  Model of Nitrogen Source Allocations and Transformations Using Stable Nitrogen Isotopes

2013  Sheboygan River Area of Concern Habitat Restoration Projects Sheboygan, Wisconsin

2013  Time-Critical Port Terminal Shore Protection Design: Supporting the Port of Gulfport Restoration Program

2013  Whatcom Waterway Cleanup of Phase 1 Areas

2012  Application of Multi-Pipe Grouting Technology for Restoration of a Subsided Building

2012  Applying Risk-Benefit Analysis to Select an Appropriate Streambank Stabilization Measure

2012  Bridge Scour and Sediment Analysis for River Restoration Projects

2012  City Revives Buried River

2012  Colorado City Plans Enhancements to South Platte River

2012  Coordinated Reservoir Management Planning for Large-Scale Ecological Restoration

2012  Ecological Separation with Hydraulic Connectivity—An Engineering Solution to Eliminate Common Carp from Environmental Flows in Australia

2012  Effects of Vegetation on Turbulence, Sediment Transport, and Stream Morphology

2012  Elwha River Restoration: Sediment Modeling

2012  FLO-2D Modeling to Support the Rio Grande Bosque Restoration Feasibility Study, Albuquerque Reach of the Middle Rio Grande, New Mexico

2012  Importance of Hydrology on Channel Evolution Following Dam Removal: Case Study and Conceptual Model

2012  Kinnickinnic River Flood Management and Watercourse Rehabilitation: Milwaukee, Wisconsin

2012  NewsBriefs: 15-Year Study Analyzes Wetland Creation (Newswise)

2012  NewsBriefs: Venice’s Famed Bridge of Sighs Restored(AFP)

2012  Remediating and Restoring the Floodplain of the Upper Clark Fork River

2012  Restoration of 19th-Century London Rail Tunnel Required Search for Wartime Bombs

2012  Review of River Restoration Methodologies

2012  Roadmap to Large-Scale Ecosystem Restoration in the Arroyo Seco Watershed

2012  The Role of Bridge Scour in Relation to Stream Restoration

2011  Comparison and Analysis of Hydrodynamic Models for Restoration Projects: The Case of Pool-Riffle Structures

2011  Creating an Index of Floods Vulnerability to Climate Change for Korean Fundamental Local Governments: The Effect of the Four Major Rivers Restoration Project as an Adaptation Strategy

2011  Decomposition Methods for Restoring Infrastructure Systems

2011  Designing Graduate Curriculum for Stream Restoration

2011  Effect of Channel Restoration on Flood Wave Attenuation

2011  Engineering Properties of MICP-Bonded Sandstones Used for Historical Masonry Building Restoration

2011  Inception Point and Air Entrainment on Flows under Macroroughness Condition

2011  Indian River County—Sector 3 Beach and Dune Restoration Project

2011  Integration of GIS and Hydraulic Modeling to Evaluate the Cost of Ecological Stream Flow Recovery in Irapé Dam, Brazil

2011  Lincoln Memorial Reflecting Pool Undergoes Complete Overhaul

2011  Masonville Dredged Material Containment Facility: Mitigation Design Including Shore Protection, Reef Creation, and Wetlands Restoration

2011  Modeling and Optimization of Fish Passage Structures

2011  Monitoring Streambank Properties and Erosion Potential for the Restoration of Lost Creek

2011  NewsBriefs: Leaning Tower of Pisa Restoration Nears Completion (PressTV)

2011  Numerical Modeling Studies of San Elijo Lagoon Restoration Project

2011  Oil Spill along the Arthur Kill, New York Harbor, from a 1990 Exxon Pipeline Rupture: Physical Damage Assessment and Restoration

2011  Rapid Urbanization and Implications for River Ecological Services Restoration: Case Study in Shenzhen, China

2011  Regime Equations for Natural Meandering Cobble- and Gravel-Bed Rivers

2011  Regional Beach Restoration and Monitoring in San Diego County: A 10-Year Retrospective

2011  Restoration of Data Collection System at Denver International Airport

2011  Restoring Malibu Lagoon: A Case Study in Collaborative Coastal Restoration

2011  ...Retrofit three nearly 200-year-old landmark buildings in New York City...

2011  Risk-Based Framework for Stream Repair Projects

2011  River Restoration Education

2011  RiverRAT: Tools and Science for Assessing River Management and Restoration Projects

2011  Stemming the Tide: Lessons Learned from the Loss and Restoration Efforts of the Iraqi Wetlands with Comparisons to San Francisco Bay

2011  Strategic Planning for Power System Restoration

2011  Study on Landscape Impact and Ecological Restoration of Road Construction in Xingsha

2011  Temporal Development of Scour Holes around Submerged Stream Deflectors

2011  Timber Arch Restoration Preserves New York College’s Gymnasium

2011  Use of River2D Hydrodynamic Model for Stream Restoration Assessment and Design

2011  Using GIS to Optimize Hydraulic Analysis of Macro and Micro Scale Flow Ways for Macro Scale Wetlands Restoration—Challenges, Solutions, and Lessons Learned

2010  Adaptive Watershed Management—Development of Phased Watershed Restoration Plans for the Kinnickinnic River and the Menomonee River Watersheds

2010  Agreements Advance Effort to Restore Klamath River

2010  Assessment and Restoration of Post-Tensioned Waffle Slabs

2010  Assessment of the Effectiveness of a Constructed Compound Channel River Restoration Project on an Incised Stream

2010  Bank-Attached Vanes for Bank Erosion Control and Restoration of River Meanders

2010  Bridge Restoration and Landslide Correction Using Stabilization Pier and Grade Beam Structural System

2010  Brooklyn Bridge Rehabilitation Begins

2010  Challenges and Successes of Tidal Wetlands Restoration in Jamaica Bay, New York

2010  Coherent Structure Dynamics in Turbulent Flows Past In-Stream Structures: Some Insights Gained via Numerical Simulation

2010  Effect of Channel Restoration on Flood Wave Attenuation

2010  Effect of Rejuvenation Methods on the Infiltration Rates of Pervious Concrete Pavements

2010  Effects of Added Vegetation on Sand Bar Stability and Stream Hydrodynamics

2010  Energy Supply System Performance for Hurricane Katrina

2010  Entering the Mainstream

2010  Federal ’Action Plan’ Sets Ambitious Goals for Great Lakes Restoration

2010  Federal Funding Advances Everglades Restoration

2010  Field Evaluation of Bauxite Residue Neutralization by Carbon Dioxide, Vegetation, and Organic Amendments

2010  Fish Passage Restoration and the NEPA Process: Balancing Environmental Considerations with Historical and Cultural Resources

2010  Footprint Design Manual for Local Roads

2010  Hydrodynamic Analyses of Restoration Actions in the Flood Plain

2010  Innovative Methods of Integrating Conservation Planning Methods, Conceptual Ecological Models, USACE Planning Requirements, and NEPA to Develop a Comprehensive Plan: Missouri River Ecosystem Restoration Plan Case Study

2010  Integration of Restoration Education into Undergraduate Course Work and Community Group Activities through the Lost Creek Restoration Project

2010  Jefferson Memorial Seawall Project Is Under Way

2010  LID in a Canadian Residential Brownfield Re-Development

2010  Low Impact Development (LID) Restoration Master Plan for Town of Centreville, MD

2010  Macro Scale Wetlands Restoration by Drainage Canal Removal—Challenges, Solutions, and Lessons Learned.

2010  Managing Water Levels in Ecosystem Restoration Areas

2010  Masonville Marine Terminal: Port Development, Dredged Material Management, Environmental Restoration, and Mitigation

2010  A Modeling Approach to Restoring Pool-Riffle Structure in an Incised, Straightened Channel of an Urban Stream

2010  Modeling Unsteady Flow Characteristics of Hydropeaking Operations and Their Implications on Fish Habitat

2010  Post-Restoration Changes within Codorus Creek, South-Central Pennsylvania

2010  Predictive Modeling of Transient Storage and Nutrient Uptake: Implications for Stream Restoration

2010  Pre-Restoration Assessment, Big Sunflower River, Mississippi: Where to Begin?

2010  Rehabilitation and Preservation of the St. Lourdes Church, Tiruchirappalli

2010  Restoring Function to Boneyard Creek, Urbana IL

2010  Restoring the River Discontinuum: Looking at the Example of Beaver Dams

2010  River Training and Ecological Enhancement Potential Using In-Stream Structures