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2014  Group Decision Making for Stochastic Optimization of Time, Cost, and Quality in Construction Projects

2014  Simulation-Based Multiagent Approach for Scheduling Modular Construction

2013  Optimization-Based Regional Hurricane Mitigation Planning

2013  Spatial Variations in Pedestrian and Bicycle Level of Service (LOS) for Infrastructure Planning and Resource Allocation

2012  Construction Resource Allocation and Leveling Using a Threshold Accepting-Based Hyperheuristic Algorithm

2012  Evaluation of On-Site Fuel Use and Emissions over the Duration of a Commercial Building Project

2012  Fuzzy Enabled Hybrid Genetic Algorithm-Particle Swarm Optimization Approach to Solve TCRO Problems in Construction Project Planning

2012  Heuristic Method for Satisfying Both Deadlines and Resource Constraints

2012  Optimal Allocation of Resources for the Maximization of Net Agricultural Return

2012  Optimization Model for Allocating Resources for Highway Safety Improvement at Urban Intersections

2012  Optimizing the Rehabilitation Efforts of Aging Transportation Networks

2012  Which Strategies Are More Effective for International Contractors during Boom and Recession Periods?

2011  Integrated Decision Support for Roadway Safety Analysis

2011  Robust Resource Allocation: An Info-Gap Approach

2010  Analysis on Optimized Scheduling of 4S Auto Dealership

2010  Community-Driven and Reliability-Based Budget Allocation for Water Networks

2010  The Development and Cooperative-Competitive Relationships of Support Service Systems among Global Shipping Hubs

2010  The Development of Logistics and Industrial Agglomeration

2010  A Multi-Period Model for Relief Resource Allocation Based on Dynamic Vulnerability of Affected Areas

2010  Optimizing Resource Utilization during the Recovery of Civil Infrastructure Systems

2010  Real-Time Scheduling of Bottleneck Procedure in Auto Maintenance Workshop

2010  Research on the EMSR-b Capacity Allocation Based on Customer Choice Behavior

2010  Reusable Logistics Resources Dispatching Optimization

2010  Scheduling Resource-Constrained Projects with Ant Colony Optimization Artificial Agents

2010  Single-Stage Integer Programming Model for Long-Term Transit Fleet Resource Allocation

2010  Study on Model of Co-Shared Information Resource Allocation Based on Multi-Fractal

2010  Study on Resources Optimization Method of Multi-Project in Manufacturing Enterprise Based on Enhanced Particle Swarm Optimization

2010  Traffic-Mode Choice Predict Model of the Comprehensive Transportation Hub Based on Nest Logit Model

2009  Automated CPM Schedule Generation for Early Project Planning: Methodology and Case Study

2009  Construction Project Scheduling with Time, Cost, and Material Restrictions Using Fuzzy Mathematical Models and Critical Path Method

2009  Optimizing Postdisaster Reconstruction Planning for Damaged Transportation Networks

2009  Planning Post-Disaster Reconstruction Efforts of Damaged Transportation Networks

2009  The Resource Allocation and Pricing Strategy of Logistics Service under Funds Constraints

2009  Stochastic Time-Cost-Resource Utilization Optimization Using Nondominated Sorting Genetic Algorithm and Discrete Fuzzy Sets

2008  Dynamic Optimization Model of Allocation Design for Supply Amounts Based on Customer Satisfaction

2008  Methodology for Integrated Risk Management and Proactive Scheduling of Construction Projects

2008  Research on the Resource Distribution for Virtual Logistics Based on Grid Technology

2008  Study on the Resource Allocation Effectiveness of Road Freight Station in Chinese Western Region Based on DEA

2005  Development of a Resource Scheduling Model Using Optimization

2005  Evaluation of the Resource-Constrained Critical Path Method Algorithms

2005  Exact Algorithm for Solving Project Scheduling Problems under Multiple Resource Constraints

2004  Planning and Scheduling Highway Construction

2004  Resource Allocation for Concrete Batch Plant Operation: Case Study

2003  Phantom Float

2002  Framework for Competency and Capability Assessment for Resource Allocation

2001  Optimizing Resource Utilization for Repetitive Construction Projects

2000  Multiobjective Methodology for Highway Safety Resource Allocation

2000  Resource Allocation and Problem Prioritization for Sustainable Facilities and Infrastructure

1999  Fuzzy Optimal Model for Resource-Constrained Construction Scheduling

1999  GA-Based Multicriteria Optimal Model for Construction Scheduling

1999  Opportunity Cost-Based Models for Traffic Incident Response Problems

1999  Optimal Allocation of Construction Planning Resources

1999  Optimization of Resource Allocation and Leveling Using Genetic Algorithms

1998  Equity, Cost and Environmental Benefit of Clay Distribution

1997  Fundamental Concept of Evaluation of a Project for Infrastructure Development in Japan

1997  International Duties and Obligations for Transboundary Water Sharing

1997  Multi-Objective Optimal Allocation of Resources for Preventative Interventions on Bridges

1997  Resource Allocation for Army Installation Management

1997  Schedule Analysis and Recovery System

1996  Construction Resource Scheduling with Genetic Algorithms

1996  Interseasonal Irrigation System Planning for Waterlogged Sodic Soils

1996  Ranking Models Used for Condition Assessment of Civil Infrastructure Systems

1995  Optimization of Uncertain Resource Plans with GA

1995  Recent Advancements in Simulation User Interface - A Description of the DISCO Environment

1995  Reduction of the Seismic Risk of a Highway Network

1995  A Strategy for 21st Century Waste Management

1994  An Artificial Neural Network Approach to Allocating Construction Resources

1994  Automated Construction-Simulation Optimization

1994  Boating Needs Assessments (BNA) for Evaluating Boat Ramp and Facilities Needs

1994  Cleaning Wastewater Isn’t Cheap

1994  Intelligent Construction Planning

1994  Prioritizing Transit Markets Using Analytic Hierarchy Process

1994  Three-dimensional Modeling for Improving Construction Process Performance

1993  Interactive Dynamic Layout Planning

1993  New Directions in Integrated Hydrologic Modeling with GIS

1993  Optimal Resource Leveling Using Integer-Linear Programming

1993  Resource Leveling Based on the Modified Minimum Moment Heuristic

1993  Scheduling of Multi-Story Buildings in a Constraint Environment

1992  Crack Filling Goes Mobile

1992  Optimal Allocation of Resources in Repair and Maintenance of Bridge Structures

1991  Environmental Protection, Resource Allocation and CERCLA: A Practitioners Perspective

1991  Levels of Service Applied to Urban Streams

1991  Optimal Allocation of Project Management Resources for Achieving Success

1991  Resource Strategies for Dynamic Project Management

1990  Network Resource Allocation with Support of a Fuzzy Expert System

1990  Seismic Vulnerability Data and Optimum Allocation of Resources for Risk Reduction

1990  System Study of Urban Response and Reconstruction Due to Earthquake

1989  A Comprehensive Analysis and Overview of Hawaii’s Ocean Industries

1989  Current Float Techniques for Resources Scheduling

1989  Operations Management in Engineering Office

1988  An Algorithm for Optimal Resource Allocation in a Time-Constrained Network

1988  Alternative Dispute Resolution in Water Resources Management

1988  Network Generation, Resource Allocation and Cost Calculation Programs

1987  Budgeting of Water Distribution Improvement Projects

1987  Washington State Department of Ecology: Wetlands Program

1986  An Adaptive Conflict Management Model

1986  Construction Resource Analysis Using Symphony

1986  Dealing with Social and Environmental Evaluative Criteria

1986  Managing Research Programs

1986  Potential Resources for Highway R&D