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2015  Quantitative Modeling and Decoupling Method for Assembly Deformation Analysis Considering Residual Stress from Manufacturing Process

2013  Delamination Analysis of Layered Structures with Residual Stresses and Transverse Shear Deformation

2013  Finite-Element Modeling of Circular Nanoplates

2012  Impact of Residual Stresses and Initial Imperfections on the Seismic Response of Steel Moment Frames

2012  Longitudinal Stiffeners in Concrete-Filled Tubes

2012  Residual Stress Tests of High-Strength Steel Equal Angles

2011  Numerical Investigation on the Behavior of Circumferentially Butt-Welded Steel Circular Hollow Section Flexural Members

2010  Behavior of Hollow Tubular-Flange Girder Systems for Curved Bridges

2010  Characterization of the Residual Stress State in Commercially Fully Toughened Glass

2009  Finite-Element Analysis of the Influence of Edge Geometry on Shot Peening Process

2009  Modeling of Residual Stresses in Structural Stainless Steel Sections

2009  Validated Mechanistic Model for Geogrid Base Reinforced Flexible Pavements

2008  Fatigue Resistance Enhancement and Residual Stress Modification of Welded Steel Structures by Various Post-Weld Treatments

2008  Strength and Reliability of Steel Frames with Random Properties

2007  Behavior and Design of Seam-Welded Stainless Steel Circular Hollow Section Flexural Members

2007  Development of Residual Forces in Long Driven Piles in Weathered Soils

2007  Fiber-Element Model for Slender HSS Columns Retrofitted with Bonded High-Modulus Composites

2007  Role of Residual Stresses in Stress Relaxation of Prestressed Concrete Wires

2006  Change of Weld Residual Stresses due to Loss of Material

2006  Fatigue Behavior of Welded Aluminum Light Pole Support Details

2006  New Design Method for Composite Columns Including High Strength Steel

2006  Residual Stress Evaluation within a Crimped Splice Connector Assembly

2005  Behavior of Cold-Formed High Strength Stainless Steel Sections

2005  Residual Stress Effects on the Stress Crack Resistance of HDPE Corrugated Drainage Geopipe

2004  Complementary Design Methodology for Driven Piles in Sand

2004  Numerical Modeling of Stainless Steel Structural Components-A Consistent Approach

2004  Residual Load Development in ACIP Piles in a Bridge Foundation

2004  Residual Stress Measurement and Fatigue Crack Growth Prediction after Cold Expansion of Cracked Fastener Holes

2004  Steel Member Strength by Inelastic Lateral Buckling

2003  Examination of Bulge Test for Determining Residual Stress, Young’s Modulus, and Poisson’s Ratio of 3C-SiC Thin Films

2003  Extension of Fatigue Life by Additional Welds around Box Welds Using Low Transformation Temperature Welding Material

2003  Finite-Element Modeling of Heat-Curved I-Girders

2003  Strength of Concrete Filled Steel Box Columns Incorporating Interaction Buckling

2002  Local Buckling of Concrete-Filled Circular Steel Tubes

2002  Pile Driving Analysis for Top Hammering and Bottom Hammering

2001  Cracking and Fracture of Suspension Bridge Wire

2001  Driveability of FRP Composite Piling

2001  Influence of Residual Strains on Buckling of Thin Filament-Wound Cylinders in Axial Compression

2001  Local and Postlocal Buckling of Fabricated Steel and Composite Cross Sections

2001  Residual Load Bearing Capacity of Structures Exposed to Fire

2001  Residual Stresses in Heat-Straightened Steel Members

2000  Residual Stresses in Welded Moment Frames and Implications for Structural Performance

2000  Strength of Concrete Filled Steel Box Columns Incorporating Local Buckling

1999  Axial Compression Tests of Cold-Formed Angles

1999  Behavior of Long Fatigue Cracks in Cellular Box Beam

1999  Determination of the Residual Stress Profile in a Thin Composite Part

1999  Effects of Weld Residual Stress on Fracture Behavior in Moment Frame Connections

1999  Fatigue Properties of Reinforcing Steel Produced by Tempcore Process

1999  Imperfections in Cylindrical Shells Resulting from Fabrication Misfits

1998  General Regression Neural Networks for Driven Piles in Cohesionless Soils

1997  Damage-Based Modeling of Fiber Pullout Under Variable Compressive Stress

1997  Estimation of Residual Stresses in Thick Section Weldments

1997  Material Properties Models for Analysis of Cold-Formed Steel Members

1997  Steel-Concrete Composite Immersed Tunnel Construction in Japan

1997  Strength and Ductility of Fabricated Steel-Concrete Filled Box Columns

1996  Decay of Residual Stress in Stochastic Fatigue

1996  Finite Element Analysis of Longitudinally Stiffened Cylinders in Bending

1996  Ultimate Strength of Steel Outstands in Compression

1995  Decay of Residual Stress in Stochastic Fatigue

1995  Frame Imperfections for Advanced Inelastic Analysis of Sway Frames

1995  Plastic Zone Analysis of Steel Frames

1995  Residual Effects in Continuum Damage of Ceramics at Fatigue

1994  Axisymmetric Vibrations of Thick-Walled Cylindrical Tubes in the Presence of Thermal Residual Stresses

1994  Inelastic Response of Metal Matrix Composite Tubes

1994  A Nonlinear-Analysis-Based Procedure for Evaluating Load-Carrying Capacity of In-Plane Steel Frames

1993  Study on Residual Stress Relief of Welded Structural Steel Joints

1992  Damage Dependent Micromechanics in Metal Matrix Composites

1992  The Effect of Multiple Compliant Layers at the Fiber-Matrix Interface on Residual Thermal Stresses in Metal Matrix Composites

1992  On the Influence of Seismically Induced Residual Forces on Bridge Abutment Design

1992  Out-of-Plane Strengths of Steel Beams

1992  Residual Stress Mitigation Considerations for Waste Package Design and Closure

1992  Study on Maximum Strength of Cold-Formed Steel Columns

1991  Effect of Residual Stress on Cold-Formed Steel Column Strength

1991  Further Verifications of Beam-Column Strength Equations

1990  Cold-Bending of Thick High-Strength Steel Plates

1990  Compression Tests of Cold-Formed Steel Columns

1990  Fatigue Reliability of Steel Structures in the Presence of Residual Stresses

1990  Residual Stresses in Asbestos-Cement Pipes

1990  Residual Stresses in Cold-Bent Thick Steel Plates

1990  Residual Stresses in Cold-Formed Steel Members

1989  Analysis of Large-Diameter Fabricated Steel Tubes Under Transverse Shear

1989  Axial Load Capacity of Piles at Northwestern Site: New Orleans Approach

1989  Behavior of Single Angles Under Compression and Biaxial Bending

1989  Behavior of Thin-Walled Steel Box Columns Under Biaxial Loading

1989  Buckling Strength of Partially Restrained I-Beams

1989  Effect of Imperfections on Structural Performance

1989  Effects of Fabrication on Local Stress Conditions

1989  Interpretation of Instrumented Driven Steel Pipe Piles

1989  Prediction of Driven Pile Behavior Using Load Transfer Functions

1989  Predictions of Capacities of Four Test Piles at Northwestern University

1989  Residual Stresses in Beams with Yielding During Unloading

1989  Strength of Biaxially Crooked Jumbo Columns

1989  Summary of Pile Capacity Predictions and Comparison with Observed Behavior

1989  Tapered Box Columns Under Biaxial Loading

1989  Thermally Developed Blade Stresses and Cavitation Damage

1989  Thin-Walled Steel Box Columns Under Biaxial Loading

1988  Bridge Repairs—Unexpected Effects on Reliability

1988  Postbuckling Shear Capacity of Thin Steel Tubes

1988  Reevaluation of Shell Life by Mechano-Lattice Analysis

1988  Residual Stress Effects in Fatigue of Welded Joints