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Found 95 Records with the keyword term of "Residual strength"

2014  Experimental Analysis of the Fire Behavior of Finger-Jointed Timber Members

2014  Residual State of Sands

2013  Analyzing Liquefaction Induced Instability and Deformation of Slopes using Static Shear Stress and Residual Strength

2013  Development of an Efficient Maintenance Strategy for Corroded Steel Bridge Infrastructures

2013  Effect of Fast Shearing on the Residual Shear Strengths Measured Along Pre-Existing Shear Surfaces in Kaolinite

2013  Fire Endurance and Residual Strength of Insulated Concrete Beams Strengthened with Near-Surface Mounted Reinforcement

2013  Mechanism of rainfall triggering landslides in Kulonprogo, Indonesia

2013  Residual Mechanical Response of Recycled Aggregate Concrete after Exposure to Elevated Temperatures

2012  Effective Stress Soil Model Calibration Based on In Situ Measured Soil Properties

2012  Estimating Residual Strength of Deteriorated 96" Interceptor and Strength Enhancement Provided by Lining Methods Using Computer Modeling and Forensic Investigation Tools

2012  Experimental Apparatus Study on Residual Strength Test of Fine-Grained Soil Containing Coarse

2012  Instability of a Fly Ash Pond Containment Dike in Eastern India

2012  Measurement of Residual Strength of Liquefied Soil in Centrifuge Models

2012  Residual Shear Strength Measured by Laboratory Tests and Mobilized in Landslides

2012  Residual Strength of Unsaturated Soils Using a Fully Servo/Suction-Controlled Ring Shear Apparatus

2011  Deterioration Modeling of Steel Components in Support of Collapse Prediction of Steel Moment Frames under Earthquake Loading

2011  Mechanics of Lateral Spreading Observed in a Full-Scale Shake Test

2010  Damage Model for the Residual Strength of Concrete under Fatigue Biaxial Compression with Constant Confined Stress

2010  Drained Residual Strength for Landslides

2010  Simplified Methodology for the Evaluation of the Residual Strength of Corroded Reinforced Concrete Beams

2009  Fatigue Modeling of Concrete-Filled Fiber-Reinforced Polymer Tubes

2008  Assessment of Residual Tensile Strength of Carbon/Epoxy Composites Subjected to Low-Energy Impact

2008  Dynamic Centrifuge Testing of Slickensided Shear Surfaces

2008  Effect of Fines on Sand Residual Strength after Liquefaction

2008  Laboratory Investigation on Reactivated Residual Strength

2008  Liquefaction and Deformation Analyses Using a Total Stress Approach

2008  Progressive Collapse of the World Trade Center: Simple Analysis

2008  Residual Behavior of Fire-Exposed Reinforced Concrete Beams Prestrengthened in Flexure with Fiber-Reinforced Polymer Sheets

2007  Residual Shear Strength for Interfaces between Pipelines and Clays at Low Effective Normal Stresses

2006  Macro- and Microstructural Investigations on Strength and Durability of Pumice Concrete at High Temperature

2006  Residual Strength of a Low Plasticity Clay at High Suctions

2006  Residual Stress Measurement of Welded Aluminum Light Pole Supports

2005  Case History of Landslide Movement during the Northridge Earthquake

2005  Comparison of Residual Shear Strengths from Back Analysis and Ring Shear Tests on Undisturbed and Remolded Specimens

2005  Drained Residual Shear Strength of Some Claystones from Front Range, Colorado

2005  Importance of Residual Strengths in Factors of Safety and Reliability

2005  A New Method for the Correlation of Residual Shear Strength of the Soil with Mineralogical Composition

2005  Protocol to Measure Network Strength of Sludges and Its Implications for Dewatering

2005  Variation in Residual Shear Strength of the Soil with the Salinity of Pore Fluid

2004  Creep of Geotextiles using Time–Temperature Superposition Methods

2004  Fiber-Cement Extrudates with Perlite Subjected to High Temperatures

2004  The Influence of Hypervelocity Particle Impacts on Shuttle Orbiter Window Residual Strength

2004  Objective-Oriented Multistage Ring Shear Test for Shear Strength of Landslide Soil

2004  Strength Loss and Localization at Silt Interlayers in Slopes of Liquefied Sand

2004  Tests on Cyclic Behavior of Concrete-Filled Hollow Structural Steel Columns after Exposure to the ISO-834 Standard Fire

2003  Residual Life of Corroding Reinforced Concrete Structures in Marine Environment

2003  Residual Shear Strength Mobilized in First-Time Slope Failures

2000  Flow Failure of Saturated Sand under Simultaneous Monotonic and Cyclic Stresses

2000  Post-Liquefaction Flow Deformations

2000  Residual Shear Strengths of Bentonites on Palos Verdes Peninsula, California

2000  Residual Strength and Fracture Energy of Soft Rock from Plane-Strain Testing

1999  Strength of Glued-In Bolts after Full-Scale Loading

1998  Design of Pile Foundations in Liquefied Soils

1998  Estimating Seismic Displacements of Marginally Stable Landslides Using Newmark Approach

1998  Laboratory Assessment of Residual Strength of Gravelly Fill of an Earth Dam

1998  Lateral Spread Earth Pressures on Drilled Shafts

1998  Pre-Instrumented Riverbank Slide

1998  Seismic Safety of Embankment Dams: Developments in Research and Practice 1988-1998

1997  Liquefaction and Residual Strength of Sands from Drained Triaxial Tests

1996  Determination of Post-Liquefaction Strength: Steady State vs Residual Strength

1996  Grout Repair of Dent-Damaged Steel Marine Tubulars

1995  Design and Assessment of Shear Connectors in Composite Bridge Beams

1995  Erosion and Overtopping of a Grass Dike Large Scale Model Tests

1995  Evaluation of Timber Bridges Using Stress Wave Technology

1995  Residual Strength and Large-Deformation Potential of Loose Silty Sands

1995  Residual Strength Approach to Fatigue Design and Analysis

1994  Drained Residual Strength of Cohesive Soils

1994  Liquefaction and Embankment Failure Case Histories, 1988 Armenia Earthquake

1994  A Study of Alkalinity Leaching and Residual Strength of Alkaline Stabilized Sludge

1993  Centrifuge Study on Volume Changes and Dynamic Stability of Earth Dams

1993  Design of Shear Connectors in Composite Bridge Beams

1992  Comparison of Field and Laboratory Residual Strengths

1992  Investigation of Mackay Dam Following the 1983 Borah Peak Earthquake

1992  Modeling of Lateral Spreads in Silty Sands by Sliding Soil Blocks

1992  Pelton Landslide: An Unusual Double-Wedge Failure

1992  Residual Strength of Structural Components Subjected to Cyclic Loads

1992  Seismic Retrofit Analysis of a Homogeneous Earthfill Dam

1992  Seismic Stability and Permanent Deformation Analyses: the Last Twenty Five Years

1992  Steady-State Strength Analysis of Lower San Fernando Dam Slide

1991  Crack Arrest and Residual Strength of Composite Panels with Softening Strips

1991  Use of a Tie-Back Retaining Wall to Stabilize a Moving Landslide

1990  Durability and Damage Tolerance Evaluations of Jet Transport Structures

1990  Kettleman Hills Waste Landfill Slope Failure. I: Liner-System Properties

1990  Kettleman Hills Waste Landfill Slope Failure. II: Stability Analyses

1990  Probabilistic Concepts of Redundancy and Damage Tolerability for Structural Systems

1990  Reliability Study of Ferrocement Slabs Under Cyclic Loading

1989  Nonlinear Failure Envelope for Soils

1988  Analyses of Dam Failures in 1985 Chilean Earthquake

1988  Simple and Generalized Residual Strength Model for Damaged Composites

1987  Design Problems in Soil Liquefaction

1983  Residual Strength of Impacted SMC Composites

1981  The Steady State of Deformation

1979  Landslide in Claystone Derived Soil

1978  Post-Cyclic Strength of Marine Limestone Soils

1970  Residual Shear Strength