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2014  Elastic Wave Behaviors of Beta-Glucan Biopolymer-Treated Residual Soil

2014  Factors Affecting Improvement in Engineering Properties of Residual Soil through Microbial-Induced Calcite Precipitation

2014  Testing Cement Improved Residual Soil Layers

2013  Arsenic Entrapment in Reactive Columns of Residual Soils

2013  Surface Subsidence Induced by Groundwater Drainage Tunneling in Granite Residual Soils (Burata Railway Tunnel, Spain)

2012  Performance of an Instrumented Slope Covered by a Capillary Barrier System

2012  Relationship between the Soil-Water Characteristic Curve and the Suction Stress Characteristic Curve: Experimental Evidence from Residual Soils

2010  Assess the Stress-Strain and Interfacial Frictional Behavior of Nonwoven Geotextile Reinforced Residual Soils

2010  Combination of O-Cell Test and Conventional Head-Down Test

2010  Effects of Groundwater Table Position and Soil Properties on Stability of Slope during Rainfall

2010  Laboratory-Prepared Iron Oxide Coatings on Coarse-Grained Soils as Residual Soil Simulants

2010  Load Deformation Behavior of Drilled Shafts in Residual Soil

2010  One North Station Excavation in 30m of Jurong Residual Soils in Singapore

2010  Sequential Analysis of Ground Movements at Three Deep Excavation Sites with Mixed Ground Profiles

2010  Stiffness Response of Residual and Saprolitic Soils Using Resonant Column and Bender Element Testing Techniques

2010  Suction-Monitored Direct Shear Testing of Residual Soils from Landslide-Prone Areas

2009  Design, Testing, and Automated Monitoring of ACIP Piles in Residual Soils

2009  Insight Learning from the Results of ISC2 Pile Prediction Event in Residual Soil

2009  Results of Consolidated Drained Triaxial Tests on Granitic Residual Soil

2009  Stability Charts for the Collapse of Residual Soil in Karst

2008  Characterization and Geotechnical Properties of Piedmont Residual Soils

2008  Metal Transport Parameters of a Gneiss Saprolitic Silty Soil for Liner Design

2008  Undrained Stability of Residual Soil in Karst

2007  Micaceous Sands: Microscale Mechanisms and Macroscale Response

2006  Characterization of Stiff Residual Soils with Dynamically Push-in DMT

2006  Elasto-Plastic Modeling of a Young Gneiss Residual Soil in Saturated and Non-Saturated Conditions

2006  Laboratory Studies of Two Common Saprolitic Soils in Hong Kong

2006  Residual Soil Hydraulic Conductivity Determination Using Field and Laboratory Tests

2006  Stiffness of a Compacted Residual Soil

2006  Termination Criteria for Jacked Pile Construction and Load Transfer in Weathered Soils

2005  Behaviour of Capillary Barrier System Constructed using Residual Soil

2005  Experiments and Finite Element Analysis of Geosynthetics Reinforced Residual Soil

2005  Liquefaction of Completely Decomposed Granite

2004  Preliminary Study on Treatment of Soil Enriched in Chromite Ore Processing Residue by Electrokinetics

2004  Shear Strength of Compacted Soil under Infiltration Condition

2002  Effect of Construction on Axial Capacity of Drilled Foundations in Piedmont Soils

2002  Numerical Analysis of a Tunnel in Residual Soils

2002  Radionuclide Leaching from Residual Soils: Screening Study

2002  Transport of Cr(VI) in Soils Contaminated with Chromite Ore Processing Residue (COPR)

2001  Load Tests on Residual Soil and Settlement Prediction on Shallow Foundation

2000  Axial Capacity of Augered Displacement Piles at Auburn University

2000  Design Strength Parameters of a Slope on Unsaturated Gneissic Residual Soil

2000  Effect of Suction on the Strength of Unsaturated Soil

2000  Evaluation of a Moisture Probe for Monitoring Soil Suction in Residual Soils

2000  The Influence of the Compaction Energy on the SWCC of a Residual Soil

2000  Municipal Solid Waste Slope Failure. II: Stability Analyses

2000  Utilization of SPT-T, CPT and DMT Tests to Predict the Ultimate Bearing Capacity of Precast Concrete Pile in Brazilian Unsaturated Residual Soil

2000  Volume Change Behavior of Collapsible Compacted Gneiss Soil

1999  Behavioral Characteristics of Residual Soils

1999  Characteristic Piezocone Response in Piedmont Residual Soils

1999  Enhanced Site Characterization in Residual Soils Using the SPT–T and Drive Cone Tests

1999  Field and Laboratory Measurements of Dynamic Shear Modulus of Piedmont Residual Soils

1999  Flat Dilatometer Modulus Applied to Drilled Shaft Foundations in Piedmont Residuum

1999  Grouting to Reinforce Limestone Residual Soil in East Tennessee

1999  Influence of In Situ Factors on Dynamic Response of Piedmont Residual Soils

1999  Minipiles Support High Rise Hospital Through Boulders in Residual Soils

1999  Residual Soil Characterization for a Power Plant

1999  SPT?—A Better Approach to Site Characterization of Residual Soils Using Other In-Situ Tests

1999  Tension Tests on Bored Piles in Residual Soil

1999  Vibro-Replacement in Residual Soils for Grain Storage Silos

1998  Interpretation of Plate Load Tests on Residual Soil Site

1998  Soil Nail Walls in Residual Soils

1997  Field Performance of Nailed Soil Wall in Residual Soil

1997  Soil-Water Characteristic Curves and Flux Boundary Problems

1996  Appalachian Piedmont Regolith: Relations of Saprolite and Residual Soils to Rock-Type

1996  Applications of Soil Nailing in Residual Soil

1996  Deformation Characteristics of Piedmont Residual Soils

1996  Design with Residual Materials, Geotechnical and Construction Considerations

1996  Dynamic Properties of Piedmont Residual Soils

1996  Effect of Degree of Weathering on Dynamic Properties of Residual Soils

1996  Estimation of In Situ Hydraulic Properties of Saprolite

1996  Rethinking Foundation Design in Karst Residuum

1994  Residual Soil Settlment Related to the Weathering Profile

1993  Tropical Clays. II: Engineering Behavior

1992  Strength Correlation Factor for Residual Soils

1990  Design and Construction of a Deep Basement in Soft Residual Soils

1990  Influence of Structure and Composition on Residual Soils

1990  Lateral Analysis of Piers Constructed on Slopes

1989  Determination of Prestress of In Situ Soils Using Acoustic Emissions

1989  Investigation of Crushed Rock Filters for Dam Embankment

1987  Analysis of Plastic Soil in Contact with Cavitose Bedrock

1987  Foundations and Excavations in Decomposed Rock of the Piedmont Province

1987  Pressure Injected Footings in Piedmont Profiles

1987  Settlement of Residual Soils

1986  Residual Soil Settlement From Pressuremeter Moduli

1985  Geotechnical Characteristics of Residual Soils

1983  Characteristics of Guri Soils

1983  Geological Factors Affecting Laterite Gravels

1983  Geotechnical Properties of Residual Tropical Soils

1982  Air Foam Sampling of Residual Soils in Hong Kong

1982  Aliamanu Military Family Housing Project

1982  Analyses of Hong Kong Residual Soil Slopes

1982  Analysis and Design in Residual Soils

1982  Characteristics of Tropical Red Residual Soils

1982  Composition Effect on Suction of a Residual Soil

1982  Design of Drilled Shafts in South Florida Limestone

1982  Engineering and Construction in Tropical and Residual Soils

1982  Engineering Problems in Tropical and Residual Soils in Hawaii

1982  Engineering Properties of Tropical Residual Soils

1982  Excavation Design in Residual Soil Slopes