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2015  Achievable Privacy in Aggregate Residential Energy Management Systems

2015  LEED-Certified Residential Brownfield Development as a Travel and Greenhouse Gas Emission Reduction Strategy

2015  Low-Cost Earthquake Solutions for Nonengineered Residential Construction in Developing Regions

2014  Analysis of Disruptions Caused by Construction Field Rework on Productivity in Residential Projects

2014  Design and Implementation of an Internet-Based Household Activity Scheduling Survey in Cairo, Egypt

2014  Heterogeneous Residential Water and Energy Linkages and Implications for Conservation and Management

2014  Identifying Residential Water End Uses Underpinning Peak Day and Peak Hour Demand

2014  Irrigation of Residential Landscapes Using the Toro Intelli-Sense Controller in Southwest Florida

2014  Optimization of Speed Hump Geometric Design: Case Study on Residential Streets in Malaysia

2014  Subdivision Infrastructure Affecting Storm Water Runoff and Residential Property Values

2014  Technoeconomic Assessment of the Impact of Window Improvements on the Heating and Cooling Energy Requirement and Greenhouse Gas Emissions of the Canadian Housing Stock

2013  Construction of Ocean Reef Islands Residential Community

2013  Contested Factors for Sustainability: Construction and Management of Household On-Site Wastewater Treatment Systems

2013  Quantifying the Domestic Water Demand Projection Related with Climate Projection

2013  Rain Barrel-Urban Garden Stormwater Management Performance

2013  Residential Water Demand Analysis Due to Water Meter Installation in California

2013  Water Saving in Domestic Car Washing

2012  Comparative Analysis of Safety Culture Perceptions among HomeSafe Managers and Workers in Residential Construction

2012  Effects of Pressure Equalization on the Performance of Residential Wall Systems under Extreme Wind Loads

2012  Engineering-Based Hurricane Risk Estimates and Comparison to Perceived Risks in Storm-Prone Areas

2012  Estimating and Verifying United States Households’ Potential to Conserve Water

2012  Evaluation of Feeder Bus in Residential Area

2012  Expanding-Disk Rain Sensor Dry-Out and Potential Irrigation Savings

2012  Gases and Grasses: Sampling Nitrous Oxide Emissions from Urban and Suburban Lawns

2012  Historical Review of U.S. Residential Water Demand

2012  Impact of Targeted Redevelopment of Central Business District on Housing Prices in the Surrounding Neighborhoods: Evidence from Oakland, California

2012  LID Demonstration Project for Seaside Village in Bridgeport, Connecticut

2012  Long Term Expanding-Disk Rain Sensor Accuracy

2012  Neighborhood Change in Semiurbanized Villages: Case Study of Shanghai

2012  Performance of Rain Delay Features on Signal-Based Evapotranspiration Irrigation Controllers

2012  Quantifying the Self-Selection Effect in Residential Location and Vehicle Use Choices with a Structural Equation Model

2012  Roof Runoff Harvesting Benefits for Regional Conditions in Low Density and Medium Density Residential Areas

2012  Study on Optimal Design of a Box-Culvert under Road

2012  Study on the Integrated Evaluation Indicator System for Development Quality of Urban Settlement

2012  Sustainable Futures for Linden Village: A Model for Rehabilitation and Sustainable Development of Urban Neighborhoods

2012  Travel Characteristics of Different Social Groups in Large Scale Residential Areas in the Periphery of Shanghai: A Case Study of Jinhexincheng

2012  Urban Village Reconstruction in a Transformation Period: An Empirical Study on Residential Choice of the Migrant Worker

2012  Water Budget Calculator Created for Residential Urban Landscapes in Albuquerque, New Mexico

2011  Addressing the Housing Challenges of an Aging Population: Initiatives by Blueroof Technologies in McKeesport, Pennsylvania

2011  Commuting from U.S. Brownfield and Greenfield Residential Development Neighborhoods

2011  Design Method of Residential Community Microcirculation Transport Services System Based on Behavior

2011  Effects of Hydraulic Loading Rate and Filter Length on the Performance of Lateral Flow Sand Filters for On-Site Wastewater Treatment

2011  Hypochlorite Solution Expiration and Stability in Household Water Treatment in Developing Countries

2011  Region-Specific Estimates of the Determinants of Residential Investment

2011  Residential Water Use Reduction during Drought: Relative Effects of Various Water Agency Interventions, Collier County, Florida, 2008

2011  Residential Water Use Trend Shifts by Implementation of Best Management Practices for Water Conservation

2011  Selecting a Domestic Water Demand Prediction Model for Climate Change Studies

2011  Special Issue on Residential Construction

2011  Worldwide Residential Soil Regulatory Guidance Values for Chlorinated Ethanes

2010  An Analysis of Household Rainwater Harvesting Systems in Falelima, Samoa

2010  Application of Microgravity Survey to Detect Underground Cavities in a Desert Karst Terrain

2010  Bayesian Temporal Modeling of Water Demands at Household Level

2010  Creating a Sustainable Neighborhood: Mercer Corridor Project

2010  Design of a Green Infrastructure "Retrofit" as an Alternative to Conventional Stormwater Management for a Residential Subdivision

2010  Estimating and Verifying Household Potential to Conserve Water

2010  I-78 and PA-33 Sinkhole Mitigation Measures

2010  Life-Cycle Perspective on Residential Water Conservation Strategies

2010  Pinning Force during Closure Process at Blocked Pipe Entrance

2010  Residential Water Demand under Alternative Rate Structures: Simulation Approach

2010  Rural Residential Seismic Resistance Practical Technology

2010  Seasonal Residential Water Demand Forecasting for Census Tracts

2010  Simulating Residential Water Demand with a Stochastic End-Use Model

2010  Spatial and Temporal Distribution of Highway-Generated Air Pollution in a Residential Urban Neighborhood: Comparison of Monitoring and Dispersion Modeling Results

2010  Tricosan in Greywater: Implications for Reuse

2010  Water Quality Analysis in a Residential Area of Kuwait

2009  The Application of Environmental Site Design Processes to Design a Residential Subdivision

2009  Method for Evaluation of Depth of Wetting in Residential Areas

2009  Neighborhood Channel is Redefined with Boulder Armoring

2009  Unabsorbed Overhead: Eichleay and Other Methods

2008  Appendices to Chapter 13

2008  Appendices to Chapter 14

2008  Appendices to Chapter 15

2008  Appendices to Chapter 16

2008  Appendices to Chapter 3

2008  Appendices to Chapter 4

2008  Appendices to Chapter 5

2008  Appendices to Chapter 7

2008  Appendices to Chapter 8

2008  Appendices to Chapter 9

2008  Back Matter

2008  Basics of Residential Marketing

2008  Building the Marketplace for LID: A New Habitat-Based Approach

2008  Cavities Detection and Treatment at a Residential Area under Development in the State of Kuwait

2008  Conceptual Design Planning

2008  Consultants

2008  Cost Recovery and Conservation of Residential Water Use by Optimized Block Pricing

2008  Cross Correlation Analysis of Residential Demand in the City of Milford, Ohio

2008  Effect of Time Step and Data Aggregation on Cross Correlation of Residential Demands

2008  An Evaluation of Domestic and Non-Domestic Water Consumption in South Africa

2008  Factors Influencing Variations in Stormwater Runoff Quality from Single-Family Residential Land Uses

2008  Financing

2008  Floods of People: New Residential Development into Flood-Prone Areas in San Joaquin County, California

2008  Front Matter

2008  Improvements in Infiltration Rates of Compacted Soil with Tillage and Compost

2008  Index

2008  Land Development Basics

2008  Land Development Bid Process

2008  The Land Development Business

2008  Land Development Field Operations

2008  Land Development Project Management