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2014  Collapse Limit State Fragilities of Wood-Framed Residences from Storm Surge and Waves during Hurricane Ike

2014  Cost Comparative Analysis of a New Green Building Code for Residential Project Development

2014  Detecting the Characteristics of the Spatial Patterns of Trees Adjacent to Buildings within Changed Settlements of Farmers in Shanghai, China

2014  Development of Residential Building Stock and Population Databases and Modeling the Residential Occupancy Rate for Iran

2014  Estimation and Analysis of Irrigation in Single-Family Homes in Central Florida

2014  Exergy Management between a Building and Its Environment for Residential HVAC

2014  Exploratory Study to Identify Perceptions of Safety and Risk among Residential Latino Construction Workers as Distinct from Commercial and Heavy Civil Construction Workers

2014  In Situ Nail Withdrawal Strengths in Wood Roof Structures

2014  Information Framework for Intelligent Decision Support System for Home Energy Retrofits

2014  Inspection of I-Joists in Residential Construction

2014  Inspection of Metal Plate-Connected Wood Trusses in Residential Construction

2014  Long Term Field Measurement of Micro Meter Crack Response to Climatological and Blast Vibration Induced Effects

2014  Network Ecoinformatics: Development of a Social Ecofeedback System to Drive Energy Efficiency in Residential Buildings

2014  Prediction Model of CO2 Emission for Residential Buildings in South Korea

2014  Quantitative Insight into Rational Tornado Design Wind Speeds for Residential Wood-Frame Structures Using Fragility Approach

2014  Repair of a Tilted Building Resting on a Deep Soft Clay Using Micropiles and Raft

2014  State of the Art: Seismic Behavior of Wood-Frame Residential Structures

2014  Vapor Intrusion Investigation at a Site in New Jersey: A Field Study

2014  Wind-Induced Pressures on Solar Panels Mounted on Residential Homes

2013  Analysis and Characterization of Hurricane Winds

2013  Analysis of Residential Energy Consumption Characteristics: A Comparative Study Between Two Cities in China and the U.S.

2013  Application of the Post-Evaluation of Residential Real Estate Projects Based on Fuzzy Comprehensive Evaluation

2013  Combined Loss due to Hurricanes and Storm Surge

2013  Commercial Housing Price Index Forecast Based on the Gray Model

2013  Comparative Study of Energy Efficiency of Glazing Systems for Residential and Commercial Buildings

2013  Confirmatory Factor Analysis of Neighbourhood Features amongst South African Low-Income Housing Occupants

2013  Construction of Ocean Reef Islands Residential Community

2013  Dual-Objective-Based Tornado Design Philosophy

2013  Effect of Wind Directionality on the Vulnerability of Rural Houses due to Cyclonic Wind

2013  Efficacy of Gross Floor Area Concession Policy: Empirical Study in Hong Kong

2013  Factors Influencing Energy Consumption of Energy Star and Non-Energy Star Homes

2013  Factors Influencing Households’ Transition to Home Ownership: A Review of Literature

2013  Fire Safety Design and Construction Considerations for Sustainable Residential Structures

2013  Germany’s Experience and the Reform Direction of China’s Housing Market

2013  Housing and Society: Need for Progressive Sustainability Indicators for Societal Sustainability

2013  Method to Implement Delayed Product Differentiation in Construction of High-Rise Apartment Building Projects

2013  Mitigation Methods of Climate Change Impact on the Cooling Load of Public Residential Buildings in Singapore

2013  Modelling the Roof-to-Wall Connections and Roof Failures in Residential, Wood-Frame Buildings under Realistic Wind Loads

2013  Off-Site Construction of Apartment Buildings

2013  Performance Measurement to Aid Decision Making in the Budgeting Process for Apartment-Building Construction: Case Study Using MCDA-C

2013  Prioritizing Method for Retrofitting Toronto’s Single-Family Housing Stock to Reduce Heating and Cooling Loads

2013  Raising the Height Limit of Wood-Framed Apartment Buildings

2013  Research on a Comprehensive Evaluation Model of New Residential Building: Energy-Saving Design

2013  Research Review on the Spillover Effect of Housing Price Fluctuations

2013  Shake Test Gauges Seismic Vulnerability of NYC’s Row Houses

2013  Simulation-Based Fragility Relationships for Unreinforced Masonry Buildings

2013  A Study of Influencing Factors and Spatial Distribution in High-Rise Residential Prices

2013  Sudden Complete Collapse of Zumrut Apartment Building and the Causes

2013  Sustainable Performance Indicators for Australian Residential Buildings

2013  Wind-Loading Effects on Roof-to-Wall Connections of Timber Residential Buildings

2012  Analysis of Hurricane Andrew Insurance Claim Data for Residential Buildings

2012  Analysis of Wood-Framed Roof Failures under Realistic Hurricane Wind Loads

2012  Application of Modular Construction in High-Rise Buildings

2012  Assessing IECC Energy Saving Potential for Residential Construction in Florida

2012  Assessment of Damage Risks to Residential Buildings and Cost–Benefit of Mitigation Strategies Considering Hurricane and Earthquake Hazards

2012  Balanced Framework for Measuring Performance of Supply Chains in House Building

2012  Case Study on Selective Demolition Method for Refurbishing Deteriorated Residential Apartments

2012  Common Perils of Ceramic Floor Tile Systems

2012  Comparative Study of Multi-Hazard Performance of Different Wall Systems Used in Single-Family Dwelling Construction

2012  Comparing Predicted to Actual Energy Consumption of LEED-Certified Dormitory Buildings: An Aggregate Analysis

2012  Cost-Effectiveness of Wind Retrofit Measures

2012  Damage to Residential Construction from the Tornadoes in Vaughan, Ontario, on August 20, 2009

2012  Decision Support System for Housing Developers in Developing Countries under Uncertain Buyer Behavior

2012  Differences in Cabinet Damage Exposed to Water and Water with Detergent

2012  Effect of Plan Configuration on Seismic Performance of Single-Story Wood-Frame Dwellings

2012  Effectiveness of Green-Roof on Reducing Energy Consumption through Simulation Program for a Residential Building: Cairo, Egypt

2012  Effects of Lean Construction on Sustainability of Modular Homebuilding

2012  Empowerment Model for Sustainable Residential Reconstruction in Léogâne, Haiti, after the January 2010 Earthquake

2012  Environmental Profiling As an Approach for Quantifying the Environmental Sustainability of Residential Buildings in Nigeria

2012  Establishing and Weighting Decision Criteria for Building System Selection in Housing Construction

2012  Evaluating Energy Savings Potential in United States Residential Buildings

2012  Evaluation of the Thermal Performance of Radiant Barrier in Heating and Cooling Load Reduction of Residential Buildings

2012  Evolution of Insurance Incentives for Wind-Resistant Construction since Hurricane Andrew

2012  Failure vs. Flight: An Experimental Study of Wind Speeds Associated with Roof Failures of Houses

2012  Feasibility of Zero Energy Homes

2012  FEMA’s Coastal Construction Manual Update—Flood-Resistant Design

2012  FEMA’s Coastal Construction Manual Update—Wind Resistant Design

2012  Fire Damage Evaluation for Residential and Commercial Buildings

2012  Flood Damage Evaluation for Residential Structures

2012  Full Scale and Wind Tunnel Testing of a Photovoltaic Panel Mounted on Residential Roofs

2012  The Hamptons at MetroWest: A Case Study of an Investigation into the Causes for Structural Rot Damage

2012  House-Building Business Models and Off-Site Construction Take-Up

2012  Housing Design and Long-Term Recovery Processes in the Aftermath of the 2004 Indian Ocean Tsunami

2012  IBHS FORTIFIED Homes Hurricane: Bronze, Silver, and Gold; An Incremental Holistic Approach to Reducing Residential Property Losses in Hurricane Prone Areas

2012  In Situ Nail Withdrawal Strengths in Wood Residential Roofs

2012  The Incorporation of LID on Affordable Housing Projects

2012  Informing a Retrofit Ordinance: A Soft-Story Case Study

2012  In-Plane Monotonic and Cyclic Racking Load Testing of Structural Insulated Panels

2012  Interactions among Wind Mitigation Features in Benefit/Cost Analysis

2012  Investigation of Hurricane Damage to a Condominium Building in Florida

2012  Life Cycle Analysis of a St. Louis Flat Roof Residential Retrofit for Improved Energy Efficiency

2012  Life-Cycle Assessment of Personal Residential Roof Decking and Cover under Hurricane Threats

2012  Loss Analysis for Combined Wind and Surge in Hurricanes

2012  Loss Analysis for Wood Frame Buildings during Hurricanes. I: Structure and Hazard Modeling

2012  Loss Analysis for Wood Frame Buildings during Hurricanes. II: Loss Estimation

2012  Low-Carbon Materials Management: A Case Study for a Net-Zero Energy House with Minimized Carbon Footprint

2012  Low-Energy House in Arctic Climate: Five Years of Experience

2012  Making the Case for Improved Structural Design: Tornado Outbreaks of 2011

2012  Measurements and Analysis of Day Lighting Conditions in the Iranian Traditional House: Case Study in Kerman

2012  Multicriteria Decision Making for Homeowners’ Participation in Building Maintenance