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2014  Advantages and Challenges of Research Programs with Extensive Industry Involvement

2014  Critical Review of Labor Productivity Research in Construction Journals

2014  Improving Data Quality in Construction Engineering Projects: An Action Design Research Approach

2014  Integration of Major Research Instrumentation in Geotechnical Engineering Education at Remote Campuses

2014  Research of Highway Transportation Path Planning Based on a Fast Traveler Demand Clustering Algorithm

2014  Research on phosphatis by Kang and Noguera

2014  Research on Thermal Cracking of a Rectangular RC Tank Wall under Construction. II: Comparison with Numerical Model

2014  Successful University Research Programs with Extensive Industry Involvement

2014  Validation Methodologies and Their Impact in Construction Productivity Research

2013  Advancing Earthquake Engineering Research through Cyberinfrastructure

2013  Aircraft Icing Research at NASA Glenn Research Center

2013  Analysis of Iron Sea Multimodal Transport in Export Business Processes

2013  The Application Research of RFID in Container Terminal Security

2013  A Century of Environmental Research in Cincinnati

2013  Chemical Propulsion: Greater than 60 Years of Leadership and Innovation at NASA Glenn Research Center

2013  Communications Research and Development at NASA Glenn Research Center

2013  A Comprehensive Review of Scholarly Research on Value Methodology in Construction

2013  Contingency-Based Approach to Firm Performance in Construction: Critical Review of Empirical Research

2013  Does Science Need a Global Language? English and the Future of Research ByScott L. Montgomery. Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 2013

2013  Empirical Research on the Impact of Dividend Policy to Enterprise Value in Chinese Real Estate Listed Companies

2013  Evaluation Research of High-Speed Train Diagrams

2013  Experiment Research of the Influence of Water on Ship Collision

2013  Experimental, Numerical, and Theoretical Research on Impeller Diameter Influencing Centrifugal Pump-as-Turbine

2013  HIL Research of Vehicle Stability Control Algorithm Based on veDYNA

2013  History of Electric Propulsion at NASA Glenn Research Center: 1956 to Present

2013  Israel-Chicago Research Partnership to Explore Water Resource Improvements

2013  Land Reserve Operating Mechanism Research of Hefei

2013  Low-Income Groups’ Housing Issues Research

2013  Mastering Cryogenic Propellants

2013  Microgravity Fluids and Combustion Research at NASA Glenn Research Center

2013  NASA Glenn’s Contributions to Aircraft Engine Noise Research

2013  Navigating the Academic Job Search for Environmental Engineers: Guidance for Job Seekers and Mentors

2013  Need for Alternative Research Approaches in Construction Management: Case of Delay Studies

2013  Outline of Research on High-Speed Railway Dispatching Command System

2013  Research about the Promotion Strategy of Green Building Concepts in China Based on the Information Transfer

2013  The Research and Design of Network IT Service Management System Based on the ITIL

2013  Research and Realization of the Control Strategy for Pure Electric Mini-Bus

2013  Research of Dynamic Lighting Management in China and Japan

2013  Research of Kalman Filtering in Ship Track

2013  The Research of Ship Diesel Generating Set with Coordinated Control

2013  Research of the Sulfate-Reducing Bacteria Corrosion in Aviation Kerosene Pipeline

2013  Research Of Unmanned Surface Vessel (USV) Path-Planning Algorithm Based on ArcGIS

2013  Research on Collision Probability Model Based on Ship Domain

2013  Research on Connectivity Reliability of Main Corridors Based on Theory of Complex Network

2013  Research on Contribution Evaluation of Coupling Elements in Air Traffic Safety Risks

2013  Research on Dangerous Driving Behaviors of Female Drivers with Road Blindness at Intersections

2013  The Research on Determination Method of Rock Mechanics Parameters

2013  Research on Ground Subsidence in Shield Tunneling Construction in Advanced Model

2013  Research on High-Temperature Aerospace Materials at NASA Glenn Research Center

2013  Research on Influence of Dam Seal Structure on Performance of Marine Mechanical Seal

2013  Research on In-Vehicle Secondary Task Analysis Model Based on Preview Theory

2013  Research on Method of Job Risk Analysis

2013  Research on Model-Based Testing of Lane Departure Warning System

2013  Research on Natural Gas Pipeline Medium Leakage Rate Calculation Model

2013  Research on Pedestrian Movement Mechanism during Pedestrian-Vehicle Crashes Based on MADYMO

2013  Research on QR-Tree Index Method for Urban Underground Pipeline

2013  Research on Road Adhesion Conditions Recognition in Automotive ABS Control Process

2013  Research on SOC Estimation for Power Lithium Battery Based on Kalman Filter

2013  A Research on Tension Determination and Morphological Simulation Model of Mooring Lines

2013  Research on the Control System of Green Construction

2013  Research on the Energy Efficiency Improvement for Existing Ships

2013  Research on the Evaluation of Investment Benefits in Ecological Infrastructure Project

2013  Research on the Follow-Up Audit of a Government Investment Project Based on the Concept of Synergy Audit

2013  Research on the Impact of Shield Tunneling on Adjacent Pile Foundation Using FEM

2013  The Research on the Key Section Emergency Decision Support System in Changjiang Waterway

2013  Research on the Lateral Load Capacity of Offshore Platform Piles under Scour Conditions

2013  Research on the Project Design Change Management of General Construction Contractors

2013  Research on the Quick Coupler Mechanism of Near-Pig Receiver and Launcher

2013  Research on the Real-Time Queue Length Estimation of Signalized Intersections Based on RFID Detector Data

2013  Research on the Reasons and Countermeasures of Accidents in Road Transport of Dangerous Chemicals

2013  Research on the Requirement Engineering Analysis of the Village and Town Construction Standard System

2013  Research on the Stability of Real Estate Corporate Earnings Influenced by Assets Structure

2013  Research on the Strategic Goal of China’s Housing Development against the Background of Rapid Urbanization

2013  Research on Traffic Accident Morphological Analysis Based on the Improved Grey Relational Method

2013  Research on Transmission Quality of the Internet of Inland Ships with Heterogeneous Network Structure

2013  Research on Urban Slow-Traffic Spatial Environment’s Detail Optimization

2013  Research on Value of Cloud Strategy Implementation for China Traffic Management Information System

2013  Research on Vehicle Dedicated Short Range Communication Protocol

2013  Research on Vehicle Turning Dynamic Simulation and Stability Analysis

2013  Research on Xiangjiang Water Traffic Safety Forewarning Evaluation

2013  Researchers Validate Alternative Seismic Simulation Method

2013  The Research-Triangle-Practice (RTP) Triad - Something for All of Us

2013  Risk Analysis Research on Coal Marine Transportation

2013  Seventy Years of Aeropropulsion Research at NASA Glenn Research Center

2013  Soundness Research of Listed Real Estate Company Based on Model of Gains and Stock Returns Relationship

2013  Special Issue on Interdisciplinary and Multimodal Nature of Evacuations: Nexus of Research and Practice

2013  Tracking Secondary and Temporary Concrete Construction Objects Using 3D Imaging Technologies

2013  Trend-Analysis and Research Direction in Construction Management Literature

2013  Using the Concept-Mapping Method for Empirical Studies in Construction Research

2012  Advanced LID Experimental Array: Shenzhen University, Guangdong Province, China

2012  Applied Research on Field Joint Technology of 3LPP Coating

2012  Comparison of Field and Full-Scale Laboratory Peak Pressures at the IBHS Research Center

2012  Convoy Movement: Consideration of Turning Geometrics for Selected Vehicle Shapes

2012  Critical Analysis of Partnering Research Trend in Construction Journals

2012  Cross-Fertilization of Engineering Education Research and Development

2012  Development and Research of the Simulator for Cooperative Vehicle Infrastructure System

2012  Energy Consumption, Carbon Emissions, and Transport Economical Growth in China—An Empirical Analysis Based on Decoupling Theory

2012  Ethical Issues in Multiple-Authored and Mentor-Supervised Publications

2012  Generalized FEA Framework for Education and Research

2012  Infrastructure Research and Multi-Resolution Modeling of Cooperative Vehicle-Infrastructure System